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MBA - Casino Presentation

Transcript: Legalized Gambling In Nebraska Lauren Kingston Mohammed Alshady Jacob Midtlyng Brandon Koenigstein Why are people opposed? Legal and Justice Economics & Finance Health & Wellness Community LEGAL AND JUSTICE Legal and Justice Perception: 1.Increased legal fees Legal and Justice Perception: 2. Increased Security Costs Legal and Justice Perception: 3. Increased Gambling Economics and Finance Casinos & Local Communities Perception: Casinos steal money from the locals Will take money away from local business Consumer Discretionary Spending Location of casino patrons "Buy Iowa First" program Emphasizes importance of buying local In 2012, 89% of the expenditures by IGA member casinos were on supplies & services provided Iowa vendors Casinos & Unemployment Perception: Casinos have no impact on local unemployment Do casinos help or hurt? Several factors can alter its impact: Type of gambling (EGMs, Poker, etc.) Type of casino Number of out of town employees Casinos & Bankruptcy Perception: Personal bankruptcy rates skyrocket in the areas surrounding a casino. Casinos cannot be directly linked to personal bankruptcy Dozens of factors attribute to bankruptcy rates Drug & alcohol abuse, marital problems, credit issues, etc. Certain people have a "predisposition" Casinos & The Government Perception: Casinos do not generate enough taxable revenue for the state, and take all the revenue for themselves. Casinos will cost the government more than they will make due treatment and prevention of gambling addiction Substance abuse disorders are EIGHT times more likely and 674 times more expensive than gambling disorders Casino revenue stays with the casino, and it is not put back into the state or local community Casinos & The Government Perception: Casinos do not generate enough taxable revenue for the state, and take all the revenue for themselves. In 2010, Iowa casinos generated $339 million in payroll taxes for the state 17 casinos in Iowa Since 1991, $4 BILLION in tax revenue has been generated by Iowa casinos Does not include charitable donations Health and Wellness Perceptions Gambling is an increasing problem Resources for problem gamblers are poor Problem Gamblers are a burden on society "We found little difference in the prevalence of at-risk gambling in the combined survey, and differences in prevalence were not statistically significant in the RDD" - NORC Initiation Prevention through advertising and eduction Gambling & gambling related activities Signage Employee training Alcohol service Loss limits Consequences Self-exclusion Helpline Treatment Emotional cost for immediate family of severe problem gamblers: $5,000 - $15,000 Emotional cost for the parents of severe problem gamblers: $0-$5,000 Depression "often to always": $5,000-$15,000 Serious thoughts of suicide: $15,000-$30,000 Attempted suicide for the: - Gambler: $30,000-$50,000 - Immediate Family: $15,000-$30,000 - Parents: $0-$5,000 Limited literature on this subject: Improved social interaction Escape from routine Hope for financial gain Impact on the Community Positive Impact create 1,700 jobs Above minimum wage salaries crime rate very low around casinos attract 7 million visitors every year Negative Impact (Those Against the Casino's Perspective) Divorce Rate Increase Crime Rate Increase What's In it For the Community? Casinos’ license owned by non-for-profit Vote every 7 years (with or against) Non-for-profit take certain percentage of the casinos profit every year Programs at the casinos to educate people with gambling problem Casinos finance the surrounding local businesses Facts (Casinos In the Community) 65-70% of the casinos customers are Nebraska residents No organized crime groups exist nowadays Recommendation for Implementation: 1. West Omaha A. Reach of Western Iowa Casions B. I-80 Travelers 2. Iowa's Model A. Health and Wellness B. Community C. Legal and Justice D. Economics and Finance Sources Health Costs - NCRG study found 57.4% of

Casino Presentation

Transcript: Strengths house favored game ran smoothly tracking sheets easy grade 9's liked the simplicity -Loose the game 2 slices 2/12 2/12=0.16 .16*100=16% chance of loss on the spin -Win twice the amount to play 1 slice 2/12 2/12=0.16 .16*100=16% chance of winning instantly clubs slice 2/12 2/12=0.16 .16*100=16% chance of moving on to the second stage Theoretical Probability Stage Two Hearts: 13 cards 5/13*2/12=0.06 0.06*100=6% chance that the player will win with a heart Clubs: 13 cards 5/13*2/12=0.06 0.06*100=6% chance that the player will win with a club Diamonds; 13 cards 5/13*2/12=0.06 0.06*100=6% chance that the player will win with a diamond Spades;13 cards 5/13*2/12=0.06 0.06*100=6% chance that the player will win with a spade 6+6+6+6+16=40% There for the chance that the player will win is approximately 40% and 60% chance that the house will win We both enjoyed Casino Day. Our game was an overall success as being a house favored game and we had a great time preparing and showing off our game. Overall a good experience! spades slice 2/12 2/12=0.16 .16*100=16% chance of moving on to the second stage diamonds slice 2/12 2/12=0.16 .16*100=16% chance of moving on to the second stage hearts slice 2/12 2/12=0.16 .16*100=16% chance of moving on to the second stage By: Jacob Houle & Jordan Ashley Gone Fishin' How to Play Stage 2: The player then chooses one card from the suit they chose in the previous stage, each suit has all 13 cards for the for the player to win the player must choose any card except any face card or ace. Stage 1: Spin the spinner and if a suit is chosen the player move on to the second stage. There are 2 instant win slices of $20, 2 instant lose slices, and 2 of each suit. (12 slices on spinner) Total People Played: 70 -Total wins:50% -Total Loses:50% -Win $20: 30% -Win $15: 24% -Starting money: $150 -Ending money: $285 -Earnings:$135 Empirical Probability Overall Experience and Comments Weaknesses amount to play sign falling better display of rules louder more rounds to keep interest uo Casino Presentation Strengths & Weaknesses Theoretical Probability Stage One

Casino Presentation

Transcript: RHM 345 Gaming Operations Courtyard by Marriott of Middletown 24 Crystal Run Crossing Middletown, NY 10941 845-695-0606 It's April at Monticello Casino and Raceway! Honor's Haven Resort & Spa 1195 Arrowhead Road Ellenville, NY 12428 845-210-3114 Board of Directors Nancy A. Palumbo Direcor of Racing Track Operations James Simon Lead Director Skills Monticello: Lodging Customer Relationship Supervisor Past experience Betting: American betting on horse racing is sanctioned and regulated by the state the racetrack is located in. A takeout, or "take", is removed from each betting pool and distributed according to state law, among the state, race track and competing horsemen. On average, 17 percent is withheld from win, place and show pools, with 83 percent being returned to the winning betting players. What and Where: Job Description Ensure guests are receiving optimal levels of service and coach team members as needed. Assist with conflict resolution for guests. Assist as needed on the front line to expedite service. Duties: Maintain an optimal level of guest service in all operational areas. Keep assigned areas orderly, neat and stocked. Assist with the management of guest inquiries to ensure timely responses. Work with other departments to ensure guest issues are resolved. Assist in monitoring of guest communications to ensure accuracy in content and message delivery. Attend periodic meetings and training sessions. Work/Educational Experience: Must have at least three 2 years of experience in customer/guest oriented role. Strong communication and organizational skills. Be a team player. Minimum 18 years old All lower leverl guest service employees (bartenders, floor managers, etc.) answer to this position. Future Experience within casino management Name: Monticello Casino and Raceway Address: 204 Route 17B Monticello, NY Phone Number: 845-794-4100 Monticello: The Raceway Charles Degliomini Shannon McSweeney-LeMay On-Site Dining Colin Au Monticello: The Casino Team player Days Inn of Liberty N.Y. 52 Sullivan Avenue Liberty, NY 12754 845-292-7600 OVER 40,000 SQUARE FEET OF AIR CONDITIONED CASINO AND ENTERTAINMENT SPACE Emanuel R. Pearlman Chairman of the Board Jackie Pinner Public Relations Directors: Monticello: Amenities Want to contribute to Monticello growth OVER 1,000 SLOT MACHINES. PENNY GAMES TO HIGH LIMIT DENOMINATIONS AND VIDEO POKER Nick Schneider Director of Human Resources Head of Casino Security Villa Roma 356 Villa Roma Road Callicoon, NY 12723 845-887-4880 Hours: Full Time 40+ Director of Marketing Tom Arro Joseph D’Amato Investigated Position I would like this position because....... Gregg Polle Monticello: Staff Mark Marsco By: Shelby Brunson

Ameristar Casino Presentation

Transcript: Quality Do the Right Thing Care & Compassion Inclusion & Diversity Collaboration Respect and Candor Hands-on Management Continuous Improvement Need for expansion Only 8 casinos in continuous U.S East Coast? Jersey City? -Capital Intensive -High Competitive -City Officials/ Residents Potential New Entrants Major Hotel companies High barriers keep companies staying in the market even though they have low or negative returns. Few gamblers move into the casino industry Key Strategic Issue Substitutes Major Competitors: Simple and inexpensive Lots of suppliers Mission Hotel The prices of standard room is around : $120_$200 Ballrooms The Power of Suppliers Individual customers Buyers' switching costs are low Customers and End users Amenities Large investment Gaming license Gambling The Maximum Bet: You can now bet up to $5,000 on select Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Pai Gow Poker games. (Except VIP) The Minimum Bet $1 for table games and slot machine start from 1 penny Products Penn National Gaming Inc. Price Structure Rivalry among Existing Competitors MGM Resorts International Table Games Blackjack Poker Roulette Slot Machines Video Poker Porter's Five Forces Hotel Supplies can be betting chips, cards, game tables, slot machines, furniture and other general supplies for hotels and restaurants. Questions Spa Black Hawk, CO (Metro Denver) Council Bluffs, IA (Metro Omaha) East Chicago, IN (Metro Chicago) Jackpot, NV Kansas City, MO Lake Charles, LA St. Charles, MO (Metro St. Louis) Vicksburg, MS The Power of Buyers Shopping Charitable Giving Ameristar Casinos strive to help improve the quality of life in the communities in which our properties are located. We generously support charitable giving opportunities. Social Responsibility At Ameristar Casinos we are dedicated to generating economic development in the cities in which we operate. We offer our Team Members, not just rewarding careers, but the chance to be good corporate citizens through charitable giving and volunteerism. Threat of New Entrants Exit barriers are high Values they can easily switch from one casino to another whenever they want. Backward integration is not usual in casino industry In the United States, about 46 percent of legal-aged adults gamble in casinos Restaurant -Online poker -Sports Betting -Horse and dog tracks -Everyday Betting -Lottery/Scratch Tickets -Stock Market Huge number of customers Our Properties More than 1500 casinos in the United States Nick Schroeder Michael Gloss Jianbin Gao Suqi Zhao Fitness Center Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Casino Presentation

Transcript: Ways to Win! Theoretical Probabilities 0 got pair & prime 0.0035 0.1110 0.0492 Prime (3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23) 7 got straight & prime How to play! Pair & Prime Straight Pair Straight 4 got pair 60 (0.06) 0 Simulation $500 Nothing $10 Straight 0.0964 Comparison 1110 (0.111) $20 Pair 0.0369 12 got prime 118 (0.118) Straight & Prime Prime a deck of 26 cards 0.0370 = 5(40/325) + 10(36/325) + 15(16/325) + 20(12/325) + 500(1/325) = (200/325) + (360/325) + (240/325) + (240/325) + (500/325) Straight Pair & Prime Straight & Prime 0.1231 Double Ace 4 (0.004) 98 (0.098) Pair & Prime Expected Value Straight & Prime Theoretical 648 (0.648) Expected Winnings Experimental Pair draw 2 cards from the deck 0.0482 493 (0.0493) 0.1446 $5 Prime $15 0.1228 1228 (0.1228) Simulations Thank You! Expected Winnings Leo Su Prime Pair 52 got nothing 35 (0.0035) was played 83 times Straight & Prime 0.6265 0.1108 10000 cases 1000 cases = 4.62 72 (0.072) Experimental = 5 - 4.62 = 0.38 Pair & Prime (double ace) 0.6769 sum determines the prize Nothing 6764 (0.6764) 2 [1,1] 3 [1,2] [2,1] 5 [1,4] [4,1] [2,3] [3,2] 7 [1,6] [6,1] [2,5] [5,2] [3,4] [4,3] 11 [1,10] [10,1] [2,9] [9,2] [3,8] [8,3] [4,7] [7,4] [5,6] [6,5] 13 [1,12] [12,1] [2,11] [11,2] [3,10] [10,3] [4,9] [9,4] [5,8] [8,5] [6,7] [7,6] 17 [4,13] [13,4] [5,12] [12,5] [6,11] [11,6] [7,10] [10,7] [8,9] [9,8] 19 [6,13] [13,6] [7,12] [12,7] [8,11] [11,8] [9,10] [10,9] 23 [10,13] [13,10] [11,12] [12,11] 0.0843 0.0493 8 got straight $5 370 (0.037) 0.0031 0.6764

Casino Presentation

Transcript: Problem: Owners are often given disconnected documents, specifications, equipment manuals, and semi-accurate construction documents and/or electronic models to which they pertain. Solution: BET has created and streamlined methods through which proper documentation is gathered, verified, and processed. Architectural / Engineering Design BIM Integration Services BIM Modeling, Collaborative Model Management & As-Built Development 3D Model Coordination, Fabrication and BIM to FAB Translation BIM/Fabrication Implementation, Mentoring & Support BIM Content Creation, Management & Distribution BIM to FM Manufacturer Specific Data-Rich Content For more than two decades BET has maintained a dual focus; as architects/engineers on building design, and as technologists constantly reviewing the new means which impact the AECO community. Bates Engineering Technologies has continuously developed new processes, tools and services for architects, engineers, and the industry at large. Quantity Take-Off (QTO) Virtual Reality Visualization Bates Engineering Technologies leverages the newest technology that is available to collaborate and coordinate with all project stakeholders. Bates is currently successfully utilizing Autodesk A360 and Collaboration for Revit. As an early adopter Bates has been recognized by Autodesk as a thought leader. Building Information Modeling to Facilities Management Lifecycle The use of augmented reality provides the opportunity to interact with a building or space without spending the money to build the prototype. A BIM Execution Plan (BEP) defines the necessary flow of information and explains the tools that shall be utilized. Complex site logistics and installation phasing are some of many potential applications for visualization. These animated models represent the planned construction sequence set against time. Cost Trending & Estimation BIM is a theory of holistic design, construction, and operations. It allows multiple stakeholders to provide input into the design and construction processes. Accurate quantification of building components is a constant necessity during design and construction phases of any project. Introduction Building Information Modeling Building models utilize intelligent parametric 3D content to analyze engineering systems. Having a realistic 3D representation facilitates coordination between disciplines. What We Do Who We Are As future trends progress it is important for manufacturers to create custom content configurators for the automated creation of one off products. Construction Sequencing Value Proposition Oculus Rift BET has developed a single login portal that aggregates data and products. For example, Tekware can host building content, a FM application, specification, and any legacy data that is available. Building Information Modeling in Design BIM software, such as Autodesk Revit, is based on database driven models which in turn create a linked environment between geometry, calculations, and schedules. Data is linked between the floor plans and schedules; therefore a parametric update on either will propagate to both through the database. Content refers to the building products that are needed to create a useful building model. Content in construction is a highly detailed geometric model of the product that is being installed. BET advises owners, design professionals, and contracting companies about expanding market share within the construction industry. We focus on the future of the industry and the future of the firms we serve. Bates Engineering Technologies is a group of technology enthusiasts and futurists aiming to develop new and cost effective solutions The traditional design and building phases leave 3D geometry disconnected. BET provides the assistance and guidance to bring these dislocated models together. Model Federation Conclusion BIM Execution Plan for Design Bates Engineering Technologies is here to provide a bespoke solution for any number of eclectic obstacles. Building Information Modeling HVAC Maintenance – High volume of lights often taxing substandard chillers. Eventually stops due to overheating, overuse and lack of maintenance. Inventory of lights and constant inspections – WOW factor must be maintained Using staff for trivial maintenance for janitorial issues as a result of crossover management. This significantly impact the ability to perform regular scheduled preventative maintenance and inspections. HVAC and furniture maintenance as a result of smoking Safety, liability and compliance. This area covers all preventive maintenance, inspections and work order history of items that could result in liability issues. Education management and staff on the importance of planned maintenance activities and energy conservation. BIM Execution Plan for Construction Facilitation of value engineering scenarios with ease. This allows selecting the best combination of up-front costs and future economies. Process & Standard Discovery Pilot on Project

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