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Cash Flow

Transcript: What do you want or expect from your investments? Income or Growth? Where does that fit into the economy we are facing? Even if inflation wins the battle "growth" won’t matter as much because the value of everything becomes inflated. So you will need additional cash flow to keep up or get ahead. Cash is KING.....Well, Cash FLOW is KING! Any one hear of the book 'Multiple Streams of Income?" Let's take a quick look at some successful models and notice any commanalities. The most glaring commonalities are... The have multiple streams of cash flow - Work With Tenants - Communicate - Don't Assume They Know Certain Things - Make Exceptions (with up front contracts) - Think About the Long Term Reduce Vacancies - Why we wait for repairs - Track Individually - Get Rid of Poor Performers Microsoft has moved from desktop to mobile computing, online advertising, video games, etc. all streams of cash flow Disney has continued to grow, morph, and produce all sorts of income streams: theme parks, movies, licensing, retail chain, cruises, etc... Disney - Inner Circle - Brokerage - Property Management - Products - Consulting Disney Balls For "Only $200" CASH FLOW STRATEGIES Trump didn't even stick to real estate "A computer on every desk in every home all running Microsoft software"......but not in 6 months. Create An Income Suite Information Marketing Treat Each Property Like A Business Offer Value Why Cash Flow? Start A Business or Another One - Tons of cheap or free advertising today - $200/hour photographer They have long term outlooks Lead Generation or Referrals for Other Businesses Bill Gates Variable vs. Fixed Change It's Use & Increase It's Value Moved to licensing, merchandising, television, fashion, fragrance, etc... - How to pass firefighting exams - How to dress your dog for the seasons - How to take care of a newborn without losing any sleep - Almost anything you can think of Renovate a Property Review Mortgages - No better value than free stuff - Be yourself Affiliate Marketing

Cash flow

Transcript: What do you have to spend money on? Where do you get it from? Do you save it for special occasions? Are you sometimes stuck for money? Is it hard to keep money organised? ... the same is true for businesses! Can you guess what we are going to look at today? Learning objectives What cash flow is Why it is important for a business What inflows of money are What outflows of money are What have we looked at so far? Costs Revenue Profit Why is it important for businesses to know about these? Cash flow Parents Job Gifts What are a businesses inflows of money? Cash outflows What are yours? Presents Food Clothes What are a businesses? Purchases (stock/equipment/cleaning materials) Loan repayments (Interest on loans) Wages (Payment of staff) Sales Equipment Loan Loan repayment Grant (loan from government) Tax Stock Capital Is the business doing good or bad? More money coming in through inflows than out through outflows! The business is doing good. What is cash flow? What are inflows? Give an example. What are outflows? Give an example. Why is it important? Why is money important to you? in What is cash flow? P.6 Preparing a cash flow forecast Sales Customers buy either goods or services Capital Large amounts of money brought into a business at certain times Loans Banks often invest into businesses by providing them with loans out What are your inflows of money? ... describes the movements of cash into and out of a business Unit 3 Inflow or Outflow Even small businesses have several amounts of money going into their bank accounts each day (inflows) They normally also have a number of payments going out of their account (outflows) This movement in and out is called cash flow.

Cash Flow

Transcript: This is where you will sell a valuable fixed asset to a leasing firm and then you will lease it off them. This will allow you to have a big source of finance upfront and pay a low fixed cost. On the other hand that asset no longer belongs to the business and therefore must abide by the leasing companies terms and conditions. Delay payments Sell assets and leasing how to manage your Cash Flow To sell a debt you must confront a debt factory. They will offer the supplier a decent amount of money so they will forget the debt. However the debt is then owned to the debt factory but on their terms they will increase the debt but allow you more time to pay it off. Inflow Extended overdraft To keep a balanced cash flow you must try and bring in Inflow as fast as possible. Delaying payments is holding on to your your revenue before paying off your costs at the last minute. This enables your revenue to build up interest in your bank account therefore more money will store up in your bank account after taking int out last minute to pay off your costs. This is where you have fixed or small assets that are not needed . Then sell them to bring in a quick amount of finance. However you no longer have or able to use that asset which might of come in handy and it might take time to sell Sell unused assets Out Flow This is where a business will sell a bundle of stock for a cheaper price. This is to bring in a source of finance quickly into the business. However the businesses revenue forecast will not meet its target because they have sold it cheaply and it will decrease their profit margin. Must pay off debts as slow as possible to increase the the interest of the revenue in your bank account. Sell debts An overdraft is a short term loan with high interest rates. It is used for small finance payments. However when extending the overdraft, it allows an increase in time to pay off the debt but also the the debt also increases Sell off stock

Cash Flow

Transcript: Introduction Working Capital INVENTORY Cash VS Profit Cash flow control Liquidity Bankruptcy Money coming into and leaving the business, relating to: Operations - day to day activities Investing - buying or selling property, plant or equipment Financing - issuing repaying debt, or issuing shares ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE The cash flow statement ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Introduction Cash flow statement Financial importance CASH CASH FLOW Thank you! This is a statement that lists all the likely receipts (CASH INFLOWS) and payments (CASH OUTFLOWS) over a future period of time. Insolvency problem Essential information for BANKS and INVESTORS The number of days it takes a business to convert its productions inputs into cash receipts. A measure of both a company's efficiency and its short-term financial health. Working Capital = Current Assets - Current Liabilities The working capital ratio (Current Assets/Current Liabilities) indicates whether a company has enough short term assets to cover its short term debt. Anything below 1 indicates negative W/C (working capital). While anything over 2 means that the company is not investing excess assets Valentín Perez Manuel Mescia Pablo Marotta To sum up... CASH FLOW CYCLE Example CCC = DIO + DSO - DPO DIO - days inventory outstanding DSO - days sales outstanding DPO - days payable outstanding Presentation structure Goods and services sold for cash Cash conversion cycle The cash flow statement shows how effectively a company generates and manages cash. Used to acquire resources Resources used to make goods and services Cash Flow forecast statement CASH

Cash Flow

Transcript: Cash Flow Cash flow is simply about money coming and going from the business. Cash flows into the business as receipts, eg from cash received from selling products or from loans Cash flows out of the business as payments, eg to pay wages, supplies and interest on loans. Positive Cash Flow Positive cash flow is where there is more money coming in than going out. Negative Cash Flow Negative cash flow is where there is more money going out than coming in. Insolvency If a business runs out of cash and cannot pay its suppliers or workers it is insolvent (unable to pay debts). A cash flow forecast is a prediction of what is going to flow into and out of a business. Reducing cash outflows, eg by delaying the payment of bills, securing better trade credit terms or factoring. Increasing cash inflows, eg by chasing debtors, selling assets or securing an overdraft. 1. Which of the following is true about cash flow? a) It is the same as profit b) It is different from profit c) It is the same as revenue 4. Where does the main cash inflow for most businesses come from? a) Customers paying for products b) Interest received on loans c) Interest payments on a bank overdraft b) is different from profit c) £6,000 3. How can cash outflows be improved? a) Buy extra equipment b) Lease out equipment c) Use a factoring service 2. What is a long term way to improve cash inflow? a) Take out a loan b) Take out an overdraft c) Use a factoring service a) Take out a loan Thank you for your attention! Cash Flow Forecast 5. Cash is the amount of money a business holds. Which of the following describes 'cash'? a) Notes b) Notes and coins c) Notes, coins and deposits in the bank c) The business is making a profit b) Lease out equipment a) Notes, coins and deposits in the bank a) Customers paying for products 7. What does a postive cash flow mean? a) The business is making a loss b) The business is making either a profit or a loss c) The business is making a profit 6. If the opening balance is £5,000, total receipts are £4,000 and the closing balance is £3,000 then total payments are: a) £4,000. b) £5,000. c) £6,000. Give two examples of how cash flows out of a business. Give two examples of how cash flows into a business.

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