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Transcript: WHat? WHEn a visual assessment Di'Ovion Smith client information Gave verbal consent on 2.17.20 and 4.15.20. Important Dates Date of Birth (of client): 09/18/1998 Date of Examination: 2/17/2020 1:15:35 secs Duration PRESENTING PROBLEM/REASON FOR REPORT Why? More Information Available Here. More information.. Ms. S. Volunteered to do the interview to help the examiner complete their assignment. However,the client did express concerns about having depression symptoms and feelings of being overwhelmed with classes and certain aspects of her life. Family BACKGROUND family Born in St. Paul, MN and raised in Chicago, IL. Adopted by Aunt after mother's death. Their Relationship was less than perfect. Met biological father at 15 y.o. along with that side of family. Credits paternal siblings for "giving purpose" to her life. Counseling background history Previous history of counseling. Cause of counseling for her was feelings of depression and anger problems brought on by upbringing. Sent to facility after family incident. Counseling had a very positive outcome, loves therapist. medical history Ms. S claims to not have any major medical problems. however, she has taken medication for depression and anger. substance use and/or abuse Claims to be "social drinker". Has experienced with marijuana in lifetime. Denies any legal consequences due to alcohol use. Educational background Began in Catholic school then switched to public school once she began middle school. After high school, Ms. S. began her college career at a private institution in Jackson, MS. Her intended degree is in Mass Communications. vocational history vocational history Works at Chicago Park District. Job title is Recreational Leader. Job duties are to watch the kids, assist them when they need help, and basically be a mentor to the children that she works with. She has held that position since she was 14. She began as a member before becoming a leader nd claims to love job. behavioral observations Ms. S. overall behavior did not raise any concerns during the assessment process. she was very open and honest with the examiner. However, Ms. S. did get emotional an begin to cry when discussing a certain aspect of her life. test results results results for the mmse mmse Ms . S scored within the _24-30_ range on global cognitive measures achieving a _29_/30 on the Mini-Mental Status Exam results emotional screening Ms. S was administered a screening test for depression. She scored in the _0-5_ range, endorsing _7_/15 items results personality screening Received the ISFJ personality type. "The Nurturer" ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing. Feeling, and Judging. results vocational screening Ms. S score on the RIASEC Test came out with the highest numbers being for the letter R.A.S. R are often good at mechanical jobs. S are people who like to work with other people rather than with things. A type people are those who like to work in unstructured situations where they can use creativity. . An example of a good major for people who score high with S is communications. Coincidentally, Ms. S is currently studying to get her degree in communications. diagnostic impression Minor Depressive Disorder, Mild, Recurrent additional info Summary Ms. S is a 21 years old college student who presented with depressive symptoms and minor signs of anxiety. The results of today’s evaluation reveal Ms. S has mild symptoms indicative of depression summary recommendations recommendations 1) continue to see current counselor and participating in sessions as seen necessary. 2) Consult with a counselor for further evaluation. 3) Re-evaluation is suggested within a year if symptoms worsen. the end

Case Report

Transcript: Andro: a boy with Autism with Developmental delay Andro was a full-term baby delivered with no complications. He was born on May 18, 2002 via caesarian. At birth he weighed 6.3 lbs which is average for a newborn. His parents reported that as a baby and toddler, he was healthy but his motor development was poor within the normal limits for the milestones of sitting, standing and walking. Also, he is very quiet and he develops difficulties in sleeping and extreme tantrums. His communication development was also delayed. At the age of 1 they noticed that Andro couldn’t say a single word compared to his elder brother who could say “Mama” and “Papa” when he was 1. They thought Andro could be deaf and it appeared that Andro is” in his own little world” and his mother was blaming herself for that because she didn’t even communicate with Andro when he is still a baby. She let Andro have his own little world while she drowns herself in reading pocket books. At the time of his diagnosis, shortly after they thought he is deaf, Andro has no speech and was neither pointing nor gesturing to indicate his needs. His parents would hold things up for him to try and determine what he needed or what’s bothering him. Andro would not imitate actions of people around him nor did he engage in pretend play or play with other children. Play is very aspect of a child’s life that promotes language, social and cognitive skills. Andro responds when the doctor rings the bell that confirmed that he is not deaf. The doctor recommends them to place him in a therapy center. He began intervention right away to address speech, language, socio-emotional and cognitive delay. Andro Ray is a 12 year-old boy who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with developmental delay at the age of 1. He lives with his parents, an older brother and a younger brother. According to parental report, they have relatives with same case as Andro, 4 on father’s side and 2 on mother’s side. His other brothers were normal and no problems growing up. Case Report Andro improved a lot. When you greeted him he would respond to you immediately. He’s now on his 4th grade and his teachers reported that he’s a smart boy and he can easily pick up the lessons but he gets home whenever he likes. He’s now interacting with others. He draws beautifully and he learned how to read. He also learned to use computer and he got addicted to it. He’s communication is slightly poor because his family talks to him like his a 1 year old boy that’s why his speaking skill didn’t improved a lot. He can understand you but he can answer you properly because his chose of words were inappropriate especially in Tagalog. He has a sharp memory: what he reads retain to his head. He also has a mannerism where he will draw something in the air using his fingers. His parents reported that he stops going to his therapists when he starts going to school because they cannot financially support Ando and right now they don’t what level of Autism he is in now. Shortly after the diagnosis, he began participating in physical therapy to address his walking difficulty. It only takes him a moth to be able to walk alone. Together with it, he also participates in occupational therapy to address sensory issue to adaptive skills and decrease tantrums behavior. They also look for a Speech Therapist for him to speak and improve his communication skills. That time they couldn’t find one because the there are few of them here in our country and if there’s one it is fully booked. It takes them a year to find one. His OT requests them to help Andro by daily living skills like doing chores. It takes him 8 years to have a session with his therapist. Those 8 years were and off. At age of 9 he started going to a regular school as request by his OT. Attending to school will help him to improve his social and cognitive skills. Treatment Background Current Status

Case report

Transcript: Day 2 Had not used any alternative or complementary medicines DD - Abdominal Pain Extra - abdominal (4) Acute abdomen with ileus cholecystitis Diverticulitis Pancreatitis Acute hepatitis- viral? Alcohol?... Mesenteric event Thank you Lead Poisoning Temperature 37.3 BP 110/68 Weight 81.8, BMI 25.8. Pitting edema of ankles and varicosities Day 4 Pain worsens with eating Intermittent constant Constipation- 2 days Causes of Dysgeusia The following day, 2 days after presentation outpatient clinic His partner did not drink from that set of mugs or use the spoon. Our paitient worked from a home office Incomplete RNA degradation and abnormal ribosomal structure Reflects impaired hemoglobin synthesis or impaired iron incorporation into heme Causes: Sideroblastic anemia (MDS, alcohol-induced sideroblastic anemia…) lead poisoning Arsenic poisoning Some thalassemias TTP DD Source of lead poisoning? What's next ? 59 y Epigastric distress, no weight loss ,no use of NSAIDs Ankle edema Personal stress, difficulty sleeping, dysgeusia and nausea. Anemia , normocytic (Hb-9.9), RDW ALT, AST Examination… Treatment Day 2 Oxycodone and ondansetron were administered. Avoid acetaminophen and alcohol Acute porphyria Generally Inherited Deficiency in enzymes required for heme synthesis. Categorized according to clinical presentation - neurovisceral or cutaneous principal source of overproduction of porphyrins and porphyrin precursors (typically, the bone marrow or the liver) Can be triggered by starvation, drugs or alcohol, smoking, infections, and other forms of stress. Day 3 DD Causes of Bashophilic stippling Because of the inhibition of ALA dehydratase and the overproduction of ALA- patients with lead poisoning present with features that are similar to those of patients with acute porphyria. Indeed, plumboporphyria, a porphyria that is caused by a deficiency of ALA dehydratase, is named for “plumbum” (Latin for “lead”) because symptoms of the condition mimic those of lead poisoning, but plumboporphyria is rare and is generally reported in children. Confirmed by measuring the blood lead level: 10 μg per deciliter or higher is considered elevated in adults The level may be higher than 100 μg per deciliter in patients with acute lead poisoning, which is much less common than chronic lead poisoning Diagnosis of lead poisoning DD Abdominal Pain +Elevated LFT (3) Diagnosis : gastroenteritis, possible peptic-ulcer disease and a bleeding ulcer. Omeprazole and sucralfate Tests for : Blood in the stool Antibodies to Helicobacter pylori in the blood Upper endoscopy - scheduled Follow up in 3 days, or sooner if condition worsened. What's next ? The next day , 5 days after initial presentation outpatient clinic Abdominal pain (“lead colic”), nausea, dysgeusia, constipation, colonic pseudo-obstruction, joint and muscle pain, behavioral and cognitive changes, acute anemia, basophilic stippling, SIADH, and decline in level of phosphorus (renal phosphate wasting) Lead lines- are not a reliable indicator of acute lead poisoning; absent in this patient. Deposition of lead in bones may be seen with long-term exposure, as may hypertension and neuropsychiatric effects Lead poisoning vs. acute porphyria The next day…. Day 2 Diagnosis must explain: Colonic pseudo-obstruction Acute anemia without apparent GI bleeding Acute hyponatremia, m/p SIADH The next day…. At the same night… ER Lead poisoning vs. acute porphyria Drank wine frequently, but from standard wine glasses, not special leaded glasses He used antique Russian cloisonné spoon to stir his coffee each morning for the past year and drank his coffee from an Italian glazed mug . Back to work...:) Upper endoscopic examination : Hiatal hernia Nodularity in the duodenal bulb. Interior designer and stated that he was never in a building during the renovation process, making exposure to lead from paint dust unlikely. Day 4 Chemotherapeutic agents Other drugs, such as albuterol, histamine H1-receptor antagonists, penicillamine, metronidazole, pirbuterol Exposure to pesticides and other toxins, such as lead poisoning Zinc deficiency Calls his doc. Pain in both legs Stool became looser, with out hematochezia or melena. Radiography of the abdomen – dilated colon, with findings suggestive of stool in the right and transverse colon to a transition point in the proximal descending colon. CT of the abdomen and pelvis, after the administration of contrast material- large amount of stool in the cecum and no evidence of obstruction. He was admitted to this hospital. Day 5 Chelation treatment with calcium disodium EDTA for 4 days, followed by treatment with 2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid (succimer) for an additional 14 days. Abdominal pain, constipation, and mental-status changes all completely resolved within 2 days after the initiation of chelation treatment. After the patient completed the treatment, the liver-enzyme abnormalities and anemia resolved. Lead level has steadily declined but has not yet normalized (?)

Report template

Transcript: Boxes which need to be modified: -Professor/a: Depending on the gender modify it and just add your name. Watch out! There are two boxes!! -Nivell ( level) : Write down the level they are doing. -Participant: You have to write down name and surnames. -Terms: Fill in the correspondent term. It is really easy, you just have to follow certain steps. If you do not follow them, we will send back your student's reports for you to modify them. -There are two main parts: Term evaluation and comments. Every term you will have to fill in with their marks, leaving the previous ones. - Interacció ( interaction): if the participant interacts / participates . There are 4 possibilites: Ok, Good, Very Good or Excellent. -Writings: Pass or Not pass. -There is no average mark! Therefore, participants will see how they are doing in each skill. They are adults. In the comments section is where you have to write down your opinion. Report templates Acadèmia Formate -Reports have to be sent to the language school in advance. We have to check for spelling mistakes, appropiate comments and translation. - Send a whole group in a file. -Every year , we have to modify reports and Ferran and myself have to rush up because teachers do not pay attention. That is why, we will send back anything not been appropiately filled. - Translations have to be done for minors. So, their feedback must be in English and Catalan/ Spanish. -First / advanced students do not have reports! -Write down as well when we are coming back in the comment!!! At the bottom of the sheet, modify: Professor o professora (depending on the gender) and date. -Once we print the reports, you will have to sign them. -Exams have to be handed in in reception as well. Children's template: The format is different. -You grade your pupils according to their abilities and evolution throughout the term.

powerpoint template

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