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Case For Change Powerpoint Template

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Case for Change

Transcript: MOVING FORWARD "Until Change sinks deeply into a company's culture, a process that can take 5 - 10 years, new approaches are fragile and open to regression" (Kotter, 2007) 1. Change processes comprises phases that are enormously time consuming and can't be skipped 2. Critical mistakes in any phase can undermine the change, retard progress and circumvent hard-won gains. "Action is essential, both to empower others and to maintain the credibility of the change effort as a whole" (Kotter, 2007) To increase the likelihood of success and ensure that the project delivers the results and outcomes we need, we need to apply a structured approach for helping employees embrace and adopt the change. We need change management on [ insert name of project ]. "Guiding change may be the ultimate leadership test... No business survives over the long term if it can't reinvent itself" (HBR editor, 2007) "If you can't communicate your vision in 5 min or less & get a reaction that signifies understanding & interest, you are not done" (Kotter, 2007) "Change sticks when it becomes, "the way we do things around here"" (Kotter, 2007) Error 6: Not Systematically Planning For, and Creating, Short-Term wins 1. Transformation Realised: Change Management provides a tried and tested method facilitating and enabling required individual change to take place. 2. Increased Project Success: Prosci’s research concludes that projects with more effective change management are directly correlated to meeting their objectives on time and within budget. Projects with more effective change management met or exceeded objectives 96% of the time, while projects with poor change management met or exceeded their objectives 15% of the time 3. People Impacting Project ROI: Effective change management drives project ROI through enhanced individual speed of adoption, higher utilisation rate and greater proficiency. 4. Right First Time: Effective Change Management eliminates project costs such as redesign, revisit, redo, reevaluate, retrain, rescope & reschedule. 5. Cost saving at Organisational Level: Effective Change Management helps mitigate organisational level risks such as lowered productivity, talent flight, stress, lowered morale and fatigue "Without motivation people won't help" (Kotter, 2007) Need 75% of leadership to believe status quo is untenable "Use every possible channel, especially those that are wasted on non-essential information" "Nothing undermines change more than behaviour by leadership that is inconsistent with their words" (Kotter, 2007) Error 8: Not Anchoring Changes in the Corporate Culture Moving Forward "Why Transformation Efforts Fail" (Kotter, 1995) "Success requires powerful coalition ito: titles information and expertise reputations & relationships" ( Kotter, 2007) Kotter observed over 100 companies "make fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a new, more challenging market environment" (Kotter, HBR 2007) He identified 8 ERRORS that later formed his definitive work on Leading Change (8 Steps to Transforming your Organisation) Error 3: Lacking a Vision Change management: the process, tools and techniques to manage the people-side of change to achieve a required business outcome. (Tim Creasey, Prosci) Error 1: Not Establishing a Great Enough Urgency Case for Change Management: Kotter's research concludes organisational transformation is significantly more: profitable successful and sustainable with CHANGE MANAGMENT Error 5: Not Removing Obstacles to the New Vision In Closing ... Moving Forward "Commitment to produce short-term wins help keep the urgency level up & force detailed analytical thinking that can clarify or reverse thinking" (Kotter, 2007) Error 4: Under Communicating the Vision by a factor of 10 What is Change Management? Error 7: Declaring Victory Too Soon Error 2: Not Creating a Powerful Enough Coalition "The bottom line benefits of the Change can only be realised when individuals adopt and proficiently use the new way of working that impact them... The case for change management is inextricably connected to project and organizational success.” Tim Creasey, Prosci Chief Development Officer Kotter's 2 General Lessons: ... the Ultimate Test of a Leader? Prosci's Data Supporting the Value of Change Management

A Case for Change

Transcript: Personal visits to local businesses Dedicated website Social Media Networking events Volunteering & community involvement Trade Shows Synergy In Motion Three business objectives To be the authority on employee engagement, relations, and retention To establish a loyal customer base that returns and refers To be profitable A portable, mobile, and transient business model The Frontline Advantage Turnover Costs $3,300 $8,000 $213,000 Customer loyalty Bottom-line Shareholder ROI 5.0% Unemployment= A need to attract and retain employees! Synergy In Motion Low-cost to no-cost marketing strategy The Frontline Advantage 18 seminars averaging 35 attendees @ $99 each = $62,370 Expenses Meeting facilities and lodging, when applicable = $8,500 Travel including airfare and car rental = $2,400 Professional services = $3,000 Supplies = $2,750 Insurance = $1,200 Income before tax = $44,542 Initial investment from Vernon Smith = $5,000 Ending cash = $49,542 Basic equipment: laptop, smartphone, internet connection Capable of traveling and presenting anywhere in the world Capable and willing to relocate if business demand dictates B.S. - Human Resource Management - Regis University Over 20 years general management experience Many industries - construction, retail, health care, fitness Hired, trained, and retained thousands of employees Recognized for employee engagement & retention practices Synergy In Motion The Frontline Advantage Vernon Smith - Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, CEO Personal selling and one-to-one marketing "Great Employees Don't Sometimes Make a Difference, They Always Make a difference." Synergy In Motion Affordable and Profitable A 1-Day Human Resource Seminar Company (LLC) Mission: To eliminate unnecessary employee turnover Teaches leaders, managers, & supervisors how to manage and improve the employee life cycle process (from the cradle to the grave) Target market: Any company that understands the costs of replacing employees exceeds the costs of implementing strategies to retain them instead. large companies that outsource HR functions Medium companies experiencing rapid growth small companies that lack in-house programs

Business Case for Change

Transcript: Business Case for Change Global Technology Services > INTRO Enterprise Content Management “Companies that excel in Digital Employee Experience have overall higher profitability, better productivity, and happier employees. They’re also 28 times as likely to make the Fast Company Most Innovative Companies List..” -Fortune Oct 2020 > Problem Statement Inefficient Systems Spending Business Process Inefficiency "Today, our company's remote workforce lacks an effective tool set to manage content internally and externally." -Rob Stone, VP of Services Business Impact Risk of Data Loss Persists Content Challenges "In order to get a contract to a customer, I sometimes need as many as 10 approvals and this is all done via email today. This creates a lot of challenges for our group today." Data Silo's Inconsistent Data Protection Practices Process Inefficiency >Current State Challenges Jane Williams - Business Development Director > Business Benefits for Change Expected Business Benefits Employee Experience Based on data provided by Global Technology Services and interviews with key stakeholders Systems Rationalization Systems Rationalization 56% Possible Annual Software Savings Microsoft Office Expense Possible Annual Savings = $90,000 Contract Mgmt Software Possible Annual Savings = $15,000 CRM Software Possible Annual Savings = $10,000 Productivity and Efficiency Productivity and Efficiency 10% Efficiency Gains Key Projected Efficiency Gains SOW Creation/Approval Today - 48hrs Expected Improvement 10% or ~5hrs per contract 500 contracts per year Est Time Savings Annually,2500 hours Redline Legal iteration process Today - 24hrs Expected Improvement 10% or ~2.4hrs per contract 500 contracts per year Est Time Savings Annually,1200 hours Business Effectiveness Business Effectiveness Benefits Risk and Data Protection Employee Engagement and Collaboration Business Case > Cost Benefit Analysis > Annual Benefits vs Costs Projected Annual Benefits MS Office $90k Contract Mgmt SW $15k SFDC License Savings $10k Projected Annual Costs Annual Subscription $50k One Time Deployment & Employee Training $50k > Five Year Economic Impact Analysis >Summary Summary Why Now? Scale Remote Work Risk External Collaboration THANK YOU!

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