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Powerpoint for 4201

Transcript: Question? Web Establishment The manager of Bon Vet Hospital: Problem Web Establishment RQ: What strategies should be applied to help Bon Vet hospital attract more customer and compete effectively in the market? Web design :the Bon’s website should have more online service such as booking online and the registration of members Internet advertising : *should include services : dog sister, vaccine for 1 month dog, freely introduce a number of basic tricks guiding how to make dogs and cats more obedient then provide customer with 2 one- hour training classes per week for dogs and cats and the fee should be 2.5 million VND per month Public relation: Should focus on online press release to get attention from publicity such as BonVet Hospital Face book, Bon Vet Clinic Pet Care. Content Reproduced by: Dogphoto 2010 besteofriendly (2009) oxfordveterinaryhospital (2010) Rationale: Literature Review ecoblog (2007) Public Relation Miss. Nguyen Bon(owner) would like to apply an Internet advertising strategy (interview on 15/3/2012) 80% of customers often see advertisement on the Internet ( See Appendix B). 25% of the interviewees know about Bon Vet hospital through the old simple website established by Mss. Bon Vietnam is a potential market and has the numerous opportunities to develop pet care industry in coming years (PetsinVietnam 2012) whether PR is suitable for the business area? Abrams R 2010, ‘Effective public relation’, USA Today, viewed day 18 April 2012, <> Huffingtonpost(2009), “The economy’s impact on pets”, Huffingtonpost, 22th April, viewed 19th March, 2012. <>Kumar, S & Petersen, P 2006, “Impact of e-commerce in lowering operational costs and raising customer satisfaction”, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, vol. 17, no. 3, p. 283-302, viewed 5th April 2012, ProQuest Central Database.< 2009, “What is e-commerce”,, 11th March, viewed 5th April 2012.>Larissa G, James G, David D 2002, ‘Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations: A Study of Communication Management in Three Countries’, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, viewed day 18 April 2012 Petras, B, Sarapovas, T and Cvilikas, A 2008, “The evaluation of e-commerce impact on business efficiency”, Business and Economics-Management, vol. 3, no. 1, p. 71-91, viewed 5th April 2012, ProQuest Central Database. <> Findings Conclusion RECOMMENDATIONS FINDINGS Web Establishment Public Relation Online Advertising What strategies should be applied to attract more customers for Bon Veterinary Hospital? Businessnetworkinglife (2009) Group 2_Team 1 Le Viet Ha (s3326146) Nguyen Thi Hien (s3325252) Tran Thi Bich Lien (s3230456) Reproduced from: Internationaldogshow 2010 Public Relation Pet health care market in Vietnam has increased significantly which was 3,4% (Businesswire 2006) Reproduced from: Vietnamnet (2011) Should have special events that corporate with Local Animal Health Organization. Should focus on online press release to get attention from publicity such as BonVet Hospital Face book, Bon Vet Clinic Pet Care. Making announcements about the event to attract the public by an awards and interesting chances when they come to the event: Talented Dog Show 2012 or Miss/Mr Dog of the year 2012. Should include services : dog sister, vaccine for 1 month dog, freely introduce a number of basic tricks guiding how to make dogs and cats more obedient Should follow , register and become its member Have a designer to design the interface of the web. Bon can go to Phic Phic company at 31 Le Thanh Tong district 1 to have their designers design an excited but professional web page. 5.Conclusion 6.Reference 7.Question oxfordveterinaryhospital (2010) Web Establishment Public Relation Online Advertising Online Advertising Online Advertising Attracting more customers to Bon Veterinary Hospital Problem: Ms. Bon: establishing new website. Findings: E-commerce brings to the vendor some benefits which are increasing the customer satisfaction and low usage cost. (Kumar and Petersen 2006) Research Question Reproduced by: tailwaggersguide n.d Research Subtopic educastmedia (2011) Public Relation Online Advertising 1/3 families keep pets in the urban area in particular in Vietnam ( reported by the expert) According to PR Newswire ( 2006) , is a reliable website that supports Internet advertising for pet heath firms Verdoan ( 2008) announces that pet care has been one of the fastest growing industries in Asia in general, and in Vietnam in particular in the recent years, pet care is

PowerPoint for English

Transcript: Commander of the city's poor, my head soldiers Have you equip the soldiers Yes, sir, is it a strong army is ready to attack, sir, why do not guard because we do not have the hardware sir commander stolen from other cities Chapter VI Commander of the neighboring city of ours Yes, the captain tells you that our leader Can you Taerna some war materiel, tell your captain I will be OK to request Enairh all the war materiel that we have Thanks for your generosity Chapter VII Power Point for English Hey I am the commander-rich city commander city poor Phil surrender before you spend will not surrender without a fight to let it go down we fight man to man, and that kills the other in order to win not Be not falsely usually all Chapter II The story of the attack on the village rich The commander of the city went down to the battlefield and was riding a horse and all the holds in his hands sword and shield, and they are progressing toward each smote the commander-rich city commander villain with his sword in his head, killing him, and fled soldiers and defeated the evil right and wrong lost The story of the attack on the village rich Commander of the city dwellers Yes, captain, sir, we are ready to attack the rich city has sent spies have returned spies sir has told us that they had on We teach our attack will control the battle between us. I've stolen from the nearby cities of some of the materiel of war, sir, well, my head Is the army for soldiers ready to attack Yes, sir. Commander of the village rich Are you ready to fight Yes Dear Leader Chapter One Chapter III The story of the attack on the village rich Yes sir, my captain has given us the commander of the nearby town every war materiel descent good thing permission Prepare soldiers to defend the city. Chapter IV There were two men were planning to attack the village is rich because their village is very poor and he went to the village poor Chapter VIII Chapter IX Where rivals square off right and wrong and good and evil Chapter V Chairman of the soldiers Yes sir Did the soldiers are ready to defend the village, why do not ya head of the soldiers do not need more war materiel O commander contact the leader of the neighboring city and tell them that we want to borrow some of the materiel of war.

Powerpoint for SE

Transcript: By: Moriah, Shelby, Jake, Aiden, Merrick, and Brady Questions? Motion Project Defining Success Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Continue Continue Item 1 Item 1 Item 2 Item 2 Item 3 Item 3 Stop Stop Start Start Click to edit text Can you build a car that will save an egg from breaking in a crash test? What is the question? What program did we use? We used prezi! Vocabulary The 10 vocabulary words are: Acceleration: When a vehicle can gain speed in a short period of time Balanced Forces: 2 forces in opposite directions Collision: The act of colliding Durability: Able to resist wear, decay Force: Strength or power exerted upon an object Friction: The rubbing of the surface of one body against another Impact: The action of one object coming forcibly into another object Mass: The majority of something Momentum: the quantity of motion of a moving body Momentum Formula: P=mv Engineering: First: I took one piece of cardboard and cut it into a car-like shape. Then we made a flap using the rest of the cardboard to protect the top so that the egg would not fall out. Then, we filled the rest of the car with bubble wrap. We made the wheels out of skewers and bottle caps. Engineering Researching: Me and my group looked up what would protect fragile items from breaking or in this case a egg. Then, on the website we found, it said that bubble wrap would keep items from breaking. So that's why we filled up the car with bubble wrap. Researcher Designing: Our design came from paint 3D. Our utensils on our 3D project were just copied and taped together. We all just put our own design together and I chose what looked best. Designer Who did what? Presentation Manager: Moriah Engineer: Jake Demonstrators: Brady and Shelby Researcher: Merrick Who did what? Click to edit text

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