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Carrier Template Powerpoint

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Transcript: No, this job does not require physical work. I hoped you enjoyed this Prezi. I may change my mind about what carrier I will have. Sources Youtube Google tarrier By the time I get into college there will be 1,590 job opportunities for this job available in Michigan . 5 Things I Would Do In This Job Colleges To Go To Art directors usually usually work long hours. ( 40 hours minimum per week) They may be under pressure to meet budgeting and scheduling demands. Education needed Job Availability To get this job I will need at least a bachelors degree or a masters degree in communications subjects, such as graphic design, visual arts, new media, buesinness or photography. Working Conditions Earnings The eduction that I need will cost about $40,000 total. Per year Video Art Director Classes in High school Similar jobs Where will I work? Cost of Education I will work in design and art studios in office buildings. Pictures include... •Advertising Account Executive •Advertising Copywriter •Artist •Costume Designer •Desktop Publisher •Exhibit Designer •Fashion Designer •Film Editor •Graphic Designer •Illustrator •Industrial Designer •Set Designer •Sign Maker •Website Designer Conclusion The high school classes I would need to take are English, Math, Social studies, science, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, Law and Government, economics, and drafting and design The earnings for this job are $27.71 per hour for an entry wage,$28.96 for a medium wage, and $38.47 for an experienced wage Create the "look for magazines, advertisements, and theatrical productions. satisfy clients while staying on budget carefully read the script, article, product description, or text before designing the image or visuals. Assemble a creative team of photographers, designers, and other artists for each project. Keep up with design trends Will You be required to do something physical My hope is to go to college overseas. I know some one that did and it was much cheaper. However I will go to any college that offers me the best classes, all of my classes, and is cheep. Some colleges that I could go to are... Western Michigan College for creative studies Ferris State University


Transcript: Admission Ellis, Blake. "Average Student Loan Debt: $29,400." CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 04 Dec. 2013. Web. 12 May 2014. Post Secondary Options Mapping Your Future NOW! Total billed and unbilled costs $62,250 - $68,050 yes because it will cost money but it will make my life better and i will get money Post Secondary Requirements Do you think the price of this college debt is worth the education and training you will receive for your desired career 50-60 hours a week depending on the staff they work College Debt 1998-2014 Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. 1998-2014. CAREER A Master's degree I think I have to do another job then become a manager then go and become the owner I want to be the owner of a restaurant. a restaurant manager they work about 50-60 hours a week. they make about 75,000 dollars a year. they have lots of control over the workers. workers work about 50-60 hours a week. they serve the food and water. they have to make the food and they don’t take long... you need a bachelor's degree to become a owner of a restaurant i think you have to be good with food and stuff like that but there is no web search that i could find for this Specific Jobs Room and Board $14,669 Professional Examinations be a servant and to be that you need to be i think at least 16 or 17 or older being an astronomer they study space. being an astronaut they go into space and get stuff to study from it. harvard the average chef/owner earns $85,685 per year Estimated personal expenses (including $800-$1,200 for books) $3,643 "Harvard University." Harvard University. Ed. The President and Fellows of Harvard College. The President and Fellows of Harvard College, n.d. Web. 12 May 2014. Estimated travel costs $0 - $5,800 Hours Worked BIBLIOGRAPHY High School Jobs Salary Subtotal - billed costs $58,607 Tuition and Fees $43,938


Transcript: DCB (carrier) POTT ( tone) Directional comparison blocking Checks fault direction sends blocking signal for reverse faults Blocking signal stopped if fault is in forward direction If blocking signal is not recieved and fault is seen in the forward direction the the relay will trip If blocking signal is recieved and the fault is seen in the forward dirction, then the relay will continue timing and eventually trip on zone 2 time or ground time-overcurrent. CCVT Coupling capacitor voltage transformer- A coupling capacitor is a capacitor which is used to couple or link together only the AC signal from one circuit element to another. The capacitor blocks the DC signal from entering the second element and, thus, only passes the AC signal. The coupling capacitor is the device which provides a low impedence path for the carrier energy to the high voltage line, and at the same time blocks the power frequency current by being a high impedence path at those frequencies. It can only perform its function of dropping line voltage across its capacitance if the low voltage end is at ground potential. Since it is desirable to connect the line tuner output to this low voltage point a device must be used to provide a high impedence path to ground for the carrier signal and low impedence path for the power frequency current. This device is an inductor and is called a drain coil. Line tuners are used in conjunction with the coupling capacitor to provide a low impedance path for the carrier signal to travel to the transmission line and a high impedence path for the power frequency. It also is used to tune the carrier frequency. DCB CCVT Wave (Line) tuner Wave (Line) trap 421 SEL 311c SEL Trans line Line traps cancel out the carrier frequency so it does not affect the power frequency via parellel resonant circuit. The coil of the line trap is a low impedence path for the flow of the power frequency energy so power can travel through the line trap freely. POTT Fiber or phone line SEL relays Permissive Overreaching Transfer Trip (POTT) Checks fault direction seen at local breaker and transmits permissive signal to remote end for forward faults. Otherwise, guard signal is sent. Remote end checks for permissive signal If permissive signal is recieved and the fault is seen in the forward direction then the relay will trip. If permissive signal is not recieved and the fault is seen in the forward direction, then the relay will continue timing and eventually trip on zone 2 time or ground time-overcurrent.

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