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Career Path Presentation Template

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Career Path Presentation

Transcript: Housing Law: Candace Carponter "For those planning a career in the public sector, you'll likely take on a variety of tasks outside of your planned scope of work. There is often a lack of resources but the reward of knowing you're serving the public good can make it worth it." Key Takeaway: Recognize Opportunity! Neither of the interviewees had planned on being in their current career paths when leaving undergrad They both were inspired by specific experiences which then shaped the career decisions to follow Chose not to ignore the signs, even though it called for a redesign of their paths Qualities for Success and Future Aspirations Private vs. Public Sector Law Entry level salary for attorneys in Public Interest Organizations: $45,000 (NALP) Median Salary for 1st year associates in Private Practice: $105,000 (NALP) "I was troubled by the fact that a rich developer could make bad decisions about our neighborhood and told us that we were powerless to do anything about it." Methods Qualities to Succeed as a Lawyer Ability to problem solve Attention to detail Ability to break down complex matters into components understood by client Qualities to Succeed in Non-Profit Consulting Ability to work with a variety of personalities Attention to detail Patience Non-Profit Management Consulting: Sonya Glazer Community Resource Exchange Provides strategic advice and technical services to over 300+ community based organizations in NYC Clients work in a variety of arenas: HIV prevention Aging Youth development Policy/Advocacy Services to immigrants Average Salary for Non-Profit Consultant: $61,000 (Simply Hired) Advanced Education Sonya received her Masters in Urban Policy from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs Interviewees Candace Carponter Founded Candace Carponter Law Office Headed legal team of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Sonya Glazer Community Resource Exchange Non-Profit Consulting Email exchange followed by phone calls Key Themes: How interviewees chose to enter their fields Qualities for Success Mentors? Future career aspirations Questions? Comments? Transitioned to private practice following five years working at the Legal Aid Society Head of the Legal Team for Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Barclay Center was pushed though under the promise that it would create jobs Less than 1/10 of the jobs promised have been created No affordable housing units built to replace the 16 acres of housing destroyed Career Path Presentation How to (hopefully) use a Public Health B.A. in Law/Consulting

Career Path Presentation

Transcript: Name: Otto Vilcatoma Title: Operations Manager at Procter & Gamble Location: Peru By: Valeria Rosales Career Advancement? How do you do that and what does it look like? In the end I discovered that I picked a great major and that I am on my way to accomplishing great things with my degree. Career advancement can come in a lot of different ways. It can come from a different company offering job a better position than the one you currently have. Another opportunity can arise when you go to networking events and present your resume and yourself to potential employers. Business in general is competitive so you have to be prepared to go the extra mile and show employers your abilities. How do I get this job? GOAL! What do you do with a Business degree? What do you like about this occupation? Works Cited 0 Person Interviewed: Career Path Presentation Getting this job is based on a number of variables but the most important variable is demonstrating you abilities and passion for the job you hope to obtain. A lot of it is putting yourself out there and doing things that you might not be comfortable doing. A good tip to keep in mind is to always be prepare to market yourself and to practice what you might want to say to potential employers. This occupation has given me the opportunity to travel the world, meet and make new friends/connections, and experience what business is like in other countries. It has helped broaden my horizons and has been useful when it comes to dealing with costumers from other countries. With business you always have to keep in mind that things are not the same everywhere and that in order to market your product you must first learn how to market it to the public in that specific country. Knowing your consumers and their preferences helps make this job more enjoyable in the long run. Thank you!

Career Path Presentation

Transcript: - Applicants must obtain academic course work in each of the following areas: normal human growth and development; abnormal human behavior; appraisal or assessment techniques; counseling theories; counseling methods or techniques (individual and group); research; lifestyle and career development; social, cultural and family issues; and professional orientation - As part of the graduate program, a supervised practicum experience that is primarily counseling in nature. The practicum should be at least 300 clock-hours with at least 100 clock-hours of direct client contact. Academic credit for the practicum must appear on the applicant's transcript. - After completion of the graduate degree and before application, an applicant must take and pass the National Counselor Exam and the Texas Jurisprudence Exam. After receiving a temporary LPC license from the board, the applicant may begin the supervised post-graduate counseling experience (internship). 3000 clock-hours with at least 1,500 being direct client contact of internship under the supervision of a board-approved supervisor is required. The 3000 clock-hours may not be completed in a time period of less than 18 month. Education Percentage of Respondents Education Level Required 62 Master's degree 34 Bachelor's degree 1 Associate's degree 1. Stats Professional Counseling as a Career Choice Timeframe Requirements, cont. Took an assessment ( Reference List My code: Social, Artistic, Conventional Study and take national exam 6 months 2. Apply for a New License - Requirements - A master's or doctoral degree in counseling or a counseling-related field from an accredited college or university. - A planned graduate program in counseling or a counseling-related field of at least 48 graduate semester hours. - A graduate degree and graduate coursework that was awarded or earned more than 10 years prior to the application date may not be used to fulfill the requirements for licensure unless the applicant has held a license issued by another state or has been counseling in Texas in an exempt setting for at least five years prior to the application date. How I decided... Obtain Bachelor's Degree 4 years My Career Path Licensed Professional Counselor By: Jenna Powell LPCI (Intern) 18 months Knew I wanted to help others... What is professional counseling? Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. 4. Wages & Employment Trends Median wages (2015) $20.13 hourly, $41,880 annual State wages Local Salary Info Employment (2014) 135,000 employees Projected growth (2014-2024) Much faster than average (14% or higher) Projected job openings (2014-2024) 54,500 Requirements... Did some research about counseling vs. psychiatry vs. psychology ( Obtain Master's Degree 2. 5 years 3.

career presentation template

Transcript: 2/24/2021 career project Katherine Sura registered Nurse about this carrier about this career the eduction you need to be a Registered Nurse is a bachelors degree or a associate degree or a diploma from a program your in. How do you get the education? to earn a bachelors degree it will take you 4 years.To earn a associate degree it will take you 2 years and for a diploma it will take you 2-3 years. registered Nurse salary salary Illinois:73,510 per year 35.34 per hour Mississippi:59,750 per year 28.73 per hour Kansas:62,450 per year 30.02 per hour New Mexico:73,300 per year 35.34 per hour California:113,240 per year 54.44 per hour New York:87,840 per year 42.23 per hour New Jersey:84,280 per year 40.52 per hour What they do what they do Registered nurses most work as physicians(physicians is a person Qualified to practice medicine) and other healthcare specialist.Registered nurses responsibility are different in each department and position.some of them work at office ,physicians,home healthcare service, And nursing care facilities others work outpatient clinic and schools. Assess patients’ conditions Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms Observe patients and record the observations Administer patients’ medicines and treatments Set up plans for patients’ care or contribute information to existing plans Consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals Operate and monitor medical equipment Help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results Teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries Explain what to do at home after treatment what strength/skill they need what strength/skill they need to be a Registered Nurse you need to have communication whit the people in the building and patients. you need to have empathy for the patients and families that are go in for a lot you. need to have attention to detail Endurance. you need to have attention to detail so you can your patients and help doctors.Registered Nurse need to to understand o how biology and chemistry works in the human body. why me why me I want to become a Registered Nurse because i want to help save people's life .I want to help with the knowledge i learn and help my patients because whit my knowledge i can help doct save people's life. I also wanted to become a nurse because i wanted a challenge on life and nursing its a challenge because you have to deal aspect and take care of patients and do your duties and it's different from people's daily life Facts facts did you know... Florence nightingale was the first nurse in the world Walt Whitman was a nurse(he was a famous poet and essayist he work as a volunteer nurse during the civil war) first Nursing school was established in India in 250 B.C(only men were allowed to attend school at that time) there are 84,200 RN working in schools in 1862 the new England hospital for women and children was the first nursing school in the U.S

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