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Transcript: Free Read PowerPoint Project Judith Rumelt, better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare, is an American author of young adult fiction. Main Characters Summary Prominent literary item Will Herondale-Will has dark hair and ocean blue eyes. Will is rude and cruel because he believes everyone that loves him will die. He believes this because a demon put a 'curse' on him. Tessa Gray- Tessa has blonde hair and grey eyes. She is very witty and enjoys literature. Recommendation of book Setting Jem Carstairs-Jem has silver hair and eyes, due to the drug he was tortured with before his family was killed. He plays the violin and is very kind, caring, and lovable. The most unique thing in Clockwork Angel is that there are supernatural occurrences such as demons, shape shifters, witches, vampires, and werewolves, etc. I definitely recommend Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I recommend this book because it uses great figurative language, such as "The machine walked like a man." Also, "There was a boy standing in front of her. He couldn´t have been much older than she was-seventeen or possibly eighteen. He was dressed in what looked like workman´s clothes-a frayed black jacket, trousers, and tough-looking boots. He wore no waistcoat, and thick leather straps crisscrossed his waist and chest. Attached to the straps were weapons-daggers and folding knives and things that looked like blades of ice. In His left hand-slim and long fingered-was bleeding where she had gashed the back of it with her pitcher. But that wasn´t what made her stare. He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones,and long, thick lashes. He looked like every fictional hero she´d ever conjured up in her head. Tessa Gray goes to London to live with her brother. When she arrives Tessa is captured by twin sisters dubbed 'the Dark Sisters'. She was tortured and forced to use her gift of shape shifting for evil until Will Herondale rescues her. He then takes her to the institute, a place for shadowhunters to be cared for. Tessa meets the residents of the institute, Charlotte Branwell, the head of the institute, Henry Branwell, Charlotte's husband and inventor of a many great inventions, Jessamine Lovelace, girly and against all things shadowhunter, Jem Carstairs, a kind but very ill shadowhunter. Presentation Themes Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Most unique thing in the book Presentation by Canaan Hall Clockwork Angel takes place in the institute, and the Dark Sister's home. The institute is an old church with very many rooms for passing visitors. The Dark Sister's house is large but sparsly furnished, in Tessa's room there is a bed with restraints, a mirror, and a nightstand with a few books. The themes for Clockwork angel are; you always need friends that you can trust, don't judge someone by their looks you don't know what they are going through, and even someone you wouldn't expect could be the hero. Cassandra Clare One prominent literary item in the book is personification. Personification is used throughout Clockwork Angel, such as "The machine walked like a man." Another example is, "The door creaked with a noise that sounded like a scream."

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Transcript: Noninvertible transform 2 Advantages Direct key generation from biometrics is an appealing template protection approach which can also be very useful in cryptographic applications. 7 Biometrics — the automated recognition of people via distinctive anatomical and behavioral traits. a feature transformation approach 5 Enrollment-Template-Algorithm-Verification TEMPLATE PROTECTION SCHEMES 9 Key-binding biometric cryptosystem Advantages Introduction of key results in low false accept rates. Since the key is user-specific, multiple templates for the same user biometric can be generated by using different keys (allowing diversity). Also in case a template is compromised, it is easy to revoke the compromised template and replace it with a new one generated by using a different user-specific key (allowing revocability). Key generating biometric cryptosystem Advantages (1) Since it is hard to recover the original biometric template even when the key is compromised, this scheme provides better security than the salting approach. (2) Diversity and revocability can be achieved by using application-specific and user-specific transformation functions, respectively. 1 18 3 4 Information Systems Security Advantages This approach is tolerant to intrauser variations in biometric data and this tolerance is determined by the error correcting capability of the associated codeword. Biometric Template Security Salting 16 Limitations The main drawback of this approach is the trade off between discriminability and noninvertibility of the transformation function. BIOMETRIC SYSTEM VULNERABILITY Ratha et al proposed and analyzed three noninvertible transforms for generating cancelable fingerprint emplates. The three transformation functions are cartesian, polar and functional. Limitations It is difficult to generate key with high stability and entropy. one-way function Limitations Matching has to be done using error correction schemes and this precludes the use of sophisticated matchers developed specifically for matching the original biometric template. This can possibly lead to a reduction in the matching accuracy. In general, biometric cryptosystems are not designed to provide diversity and revocability. However, attempts are being made to introduce these two properties into biometric cryptosystems mainly by using them in conjunction with other approaches such as salting. The helper data needs to be carefully designed; it is based on the specific biometric features to be used and the nature of associated intrauser variations. Enrollment-Template-Algorithm-Verification 12 use key to increases the entropy of the biometric template helper data = key + biometric template Tài liệu tham khảo : 2008-Biometric Template Security 6 Categorization of template protection schemes. Problem with encrypted form (using standard encryption techniques like RSA, AES, etc.) 15 INTRODUCTION. BIOMETRIC SYSTEM VULNERABILITY. TEMPLATE PROTECTION SCHEMES. IMPLEMENTATION OF TEMPLATE SECURITY APPROACHES. INTRODUCTION 11 Các yêu cầu chính : Diversity (đa dạng) Revocability ( có thể huỷ bỏ) Security (bảo mật) Performance (hiệu suất) 3 14 19 secure sketch and fuzzy extractor Outline 2 17 The End ! 13 10 Limitations If the user-specific key is compromised, the template is no longer secure, because the transformation is usually invertible, that is, if an adversary gains access to the key and the transformed template, she can recover the original biometric template. Sincematching takes place in the transformed domain, the salting mechanism needs to be designed in such a way that the recognition performance does not degrade, especially in the presence of large intrauser variations. INTRODUCTION 4 Biometrics — the automated recognition of people via distinctive anatomical and behavioral traits. 8 GVHD : Nguyễn Thị Ái Thảo Sinh viên : Trương Huỳnh Tiến 51103617 Nguyễn Huy Khánh 51201637 Thank you !

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Transcript: MOST POPULAR PASSWORDS COMPUTER FIREWALL INTERNET SECURITY SECURITY OR ELSE YOUR DEVICE COULD TURN INTO A: Having your identity stolen.... It might just happen with 1 wrong click! A computer firewall controls access between networks. It generally consists of gateways and filters which vary from one firewall to another. Firewalls also screen network traffic and are able to block traffic that is dangerous. is a branch of computer security specifically related to the Internet, often involving browser security but also network security on a more general level as it applies to other applications or operating systems on a whole. Its objective is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet. Cloud storage is a model of data storage where the digital data is stored in logical pools, the physical storage spans multiple servers and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company PREZI TEMPLATE ZOOM IN FOR MORE DETAILS ALL SEPARATED DESIGN ELEMENTS: Get this Prezi Template from: EMAIL SECURITY CLOUD STORAGE Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen remained the most popular malicious program spread by email in 2014. This malicious program is designed to look like an HTML page used as a registration form for online banking services. It is used by phishers to steal financial information. Zoom in to show the details INSERT IMAGES OR VIDEOS CHANGE THE LAYOUT AND ADD COLORS BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL THE INTERNET SAFETY RULES! "password" 9% 1 5% "qwerty" "monkey" 4% 8% "123456" BRAINS...

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Transcript: So many choices! What are all of these rates? MSRP Invoice/Dealer Cost Gas Options to consider: Create a budget Does the rate really make a difference? Step 2 – Now that you know your budget, it’s time to consider what car fits into it! First time Auto Buyer Principal – The price of the car you are purchasing. Interest – The percentage of the loan that you pay for being provided a loan. Term – The amount of time you have to pay back your loan. I’m buying my first car! Where do I start? Current gas prices- $4.02 per gallon Average gas mileage is 25 mpg. A trip to Seattle and back will cost you $48.25 just in gas! Often one year old cars are 20%-30% cheaper Higher insurance fees, higher DMV fees Some may still be under the factory warranty- More reliable than they’ve ever been Certified used cars History of a car can be easily traced sometimes, but not always. Negotiate First, see what you can afford Be sure to consider all expenses Pick the right car for you Preapprove and prequalify before you buy Explore your financing options Buy the car at the right price How does the term affect my payments? Invoice- Includes dealer cost, and will often include the same information as the MSRP. Budget Example Prequalify and Preapprove I’m preapproved! Step 3 – How are you going to pay for it? Pay Cash Finance Buying a New Car Prime- The lowest rate that money can be borrowed commercially Fixed- An amount that will not change, no matter if prime goes up or down Variable-The interest amount can change, depending on what prime is Step 4 – know what your car is worth Buying a Used Car Average price for car insurance for teenagers is $1200.00 per year Financed Vehicles must have full coverage Possible discounts What makes up my payment? Financing or paying cash? Include all of your expenses Be realistic Consider additional costs Car maintenance averages $65 a month Some months you may pay nothing, and others you may pay hundreds What is the car’s value? “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” -Benjamin Franklin Are you able to make the monthly payments? Have you been employed for 6 months or more? Do you have credit history? How many other loans do you have? Payment history, available credit, credit history, mix of credit Level of debt- 35% Cosigner? Down payment? Key points to remember: Step 1 – See what you can afford Have never purchased a car before Often have little to no credit Are often considered a “risky” lender What kind of car should I get? I found a great car for me, now what? MSRP-Manufacturers suggested retail price; the suggested price of the car. Remember, it is a SUGGESTED retailers price, you should not expect to pay it GAP Insurance -When your car is totaled, and the value of your car is less than the insurance covers Extended Warranty For example, if you find a car for $15,000 and finance it with an interest rate of 6% fixed.... Insurance Why does the term matter so much? Maintenance Watch out for rebates and incentives Look on KBB for fair market value Negotiate for the lowest price Read everything before you buy Inspect your car before you drive it off the lot How does the term affect my total cost? I know what I can afford, now what? How many passengers? How often and how far will you be driving? What fits into my budget? Used or New? Can help you find the value of your car Have your own mechanic check it out

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