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Transcript: Captured MF-chpt 11- I think when johhny gets to Camp Morton he is going to try to get let free by saying he wasn MF- This book is about a boy name.d johnny ables who lived in Kentukey. His dad had died and he had to had two little sisters and his mom to look after now. He went out and did what his mom needed him to do. One day though he went to get wood for his family and when he was chopping wood a group of conferderate soliders came by and took him as there prisoner. He was captured to cut wood for the soilders. He didn't do much to try and excaped but he did what the men wanted him to do. When Johnny was there war broke out between the sides. They were fighting in the cold rain and snow for this battle. The southern troops who took Johnny prisoner thought they won this battle; they were wrong though. the Northern troops came back and took many men as their prisoners. They were put on a boat which took them to a railroad station. They took a train to a place call Camp Morton. This would be where they would be living for a while. The soilders who where Johnnys friends wrote a note to the person who ran Camp Morton. This note said that Jonny ables should not be at this camp because he was taken by froce to work for them and chop would. When this guy read this note he got Jonny out there right away. Then the book ends when Johnny gets on a train heading home. MF-Some connection that I have from Socail Studies are that the book told us that the north had and easier way of transportation than the south. There where more rail roads which ment that the north would be able to move troops easier. The north also had more troops, and they had more people back at home making there weapons and bullets for war. So, from what i learned form the book and socail studies is that the north had a upper hand in the battle in my mind. JK Alot of the info from the book was similar to the stuff we learned in social studies, like how the southerners were greatly outnumbered and how the north took advantage of their recources like rail doars and and their booming economy to help build supplies and weapontry. the north aslo had greater numbers, they had two different view points of the war also. some northerners wanted the union back and others truely wanted slavery to end. jk chpt 4: i think that johnny and his infantry are going to finnaly meet up with the union and whoop them super bad the way the union did to the confederates the last battle the two sides met up. MF- There are a lot of simalir things that I learned in ss and the book. I learned that the north beat the south a lot in battle which happen in the book. The south didn't have as much men as the north did. In ss class though I learned that the south was more advance then the south. The north could trail faster because they could use the rail roads, which they had more of. The north had a lot of factories which they could make more weapons and bullets than the south could. Those are some of the same things that I learned from both of the book/class Jail is the picture that popped into my head when they said Camp Morton MF-chpt 2-I predict when johnny goes out across the river in his book he will run into some soilders who will bring him back to camp as there prisoner and he will be scared out of is mind. He would miss his mom and his sisters and would try to exscape s.s connections MF- This is a picture of the north fighting the south which this popped in my head right before johnny and his fellow troops got captured. jk chpt 7: I think that the letter that the troops sent to the head of the prison camp is going to work and Johnny will be aloud to go free because Johnny is not even supose to be a part of this war in the first place. upposed to make the confederates sign a paper saying that they would never fight against the union again and take an oath. and in the mexican american war the mexicans were soppose to keep the prisoners until the war is over but they killed the prisoners one by one. this picture reminds me of the two sides; the union and confederates when the met in a battle like the one where the confederates were overtook in the war that put Johnny and his unit in a prison camp JK stuning-breath taking constant-repeated rapid-high paced tremendous-great delighted-very happy and glad JK the book Captured is about a young 14 year old boy named Johnney who is taken prisoner by the Confederate soldiers while he is out cutting wood for his mother to cook and heat their house. the Confederates want Johnny to cut and gather wood for them as the go. but along the way this group of confederate soldiers is overtaken by the union and sent to a prison camp called camp Morton. The soldiers in the camp see that Johnny is getting seriously ill and write the man who runs the camp a letter saying that Johnny shouldn't even be here in the first place. hes a prisoner of thiers and hes not a soldier. after careful thought the manager of the camp lets Johnny go free and

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