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Capital One

Transcript: Geographic: Canadians Demographic: Banks typically offered credit cards only to prime or superprime customers. However, Capital One wants everyone. Behavioral: Psychographic: 76% Visa, 54% MasterCard, 10% American Express in Canada. How do we come up with an advertising strategy that speaks directly to our target segment, is distinctive from our competitors, and is a position we can immediately deliver on? How do you compete with the 6 domestic banks? How can Capital One change Canadian consumers’ negative attitude towards credit cards through our advertising campaign? Can Capital One build one campaign for all consumer segments or do we need to differentiate our ads? Which customer should Capital One focus on? How can Capital One deliver these messages to the customers? Founded in Richmond, Virginia and was incorporated in 1994 Member of the Fortune 500 Does business in United States, United Kingdom and Canada (where it is trying to compete with other banks) Conducting Consumer Research Launching television ads to promote consumer interest Inform the consumer Helped bring credit cards into popularity in the 90s Acquired HSBC credit card business Entered Canada in 1996, offered specific marketable products to consumers such as low interest rates and higher lines of credit “Put trust in the consumer, Consumers trust you” Creating a Reward System Incentive "Free" items Special deals for customers Discounts Segmentation Competitor Analysis Company Analysis Competitor Analysis "What's in Your Wallet?" "Great Value Without The Hassle" Awareness: United States: 98% United Kingdom: 95% Canadians aware of "Great Value Without The Hassle" Weaknesses Capital One The issuance of Credit Cards From 1996 to 2004 the number of Visa and MasterCard issuers increased from 15 to 23, as a result the circulation of cards in Canada grew from 30.2 million to 53.4 million. Capital One offered other financial products and services, such as auto loans, home equity loans, small business loans, installment loans, consumer financing for elective medical and dental procedures and savings products Threats Case Study Questions Promotion Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank and National Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, 1st Century **Other banks in Canada accounted for more than 90 per cent of the assets held by the banking industry in Canada, meaning that Capital One held on to roughly 10% Price 1. Problem Definition: What is the problem or situation leading to the creation of a new advertisement or campaign? (ex: Market or consumer changes? Competition? Environmental factors? A change in strategy? Competition - 6 domestic banks had 90% of market share Consumer changes Change in Strategy 2. Marketing Objectives: Is the advertising designed to drive sales, share, profit or something else? Improving marketing to new accounts Retaining existing accounts Minimizing credit loses Minimizing cost Capital One Positioning of Product Kaled Ali Samantha Liu Scarlett Panepinto Randy Casarrubias Security funds required $50 or $200, for people who want to establish credit or strengthen their credit Refundable based on your credit worthiness No physical branches, no connection to consumers (face to face interaction) “banking human” -> TD Bank No rewards system What's in Your Wallet? Opportunities Strengths 3. Target Audience: Who is the target consumer? How do they make decisions? Everybody in Canada Includes Prime, Subprime and Superprime Within these segments - revolvers and transactors 4. Communication Objectives: How does the communication affect behavior? Is it through brand awareness? Information gathering? Changing brand perceptions? Information Gathering 5. Creative Strategy: What is the key consumer benefit? How can we support the benefit? What should be the ad's tone and manner? Lower interest rate SubPrimers are capable of building their credit, tailored products towards individuals. The advertisements should be based on a common and global theme Using a mass media marketing campaign in Canada Capital One's value proposition had been centered on the tag line "What's in your wallet" positioning them as offering "great value without the hassle" This sparked up the idea to create a locally made advertisement with a proven success rate in the U.S and U.K Use the same advertisement but tailor them to each location Focus on fraud which is seen as general, but will reach out to all target markets (super prime/prime/sub prime) Credit Cards Low interest rates Low price offerings Gain market share with attractive product offerings Enter more markets easily with lack of retail locations tying them down Other leading banking companies that exist in the markets Capital One is entering Companies that offer retail locations Bank holding means they are heavily affected during times of economic downturn/ interest rate changes In order to draw customers and beat competition: Make clear

Capital One

Transcript: Develop and design a working junior banking system that allows young people to manage their finances. This is in order for people to become good future customers. Capital One Junior banking The most wanted item will go at the top. This is usually the most expensive item that the child believes they can't live without. If it's an older teenager, it may be a house or car. What is really unique about this system, is that it will calculate an average monthly spend, 5 times smaller than the most wanted item costs, this is providing they have enough money in their bank account, that they can afford to spend the amount calculated by the computer. The money they didn't spend from last time will be brought over from the last months spending adding up until they can afford to buy an item they really want. Feedback of Account Wish List Tree. What will make Capital One junior banking different to any other junior financial company, is the wish list tree. Ultimately I added a read .me folder, so that everything I had done with Andy didn't go over my head. -To start with, I changed form method to post and set up stubby to receive. I then installed minimum Jquery, and changed the form id, so that Jquery can select the log in form's content and submit it to my localhost 8882/8080 servers. I originally used bower as my package installer, to fetch and install packages, needed to start my local server. However Bower was being a super Mario Bros bowser and was giving us very limited control. I then swithced to Npm and Npm and it gave me full control instantly. 1 nil to Npm. Feedback of account balance/review. Now that npm was installed and running, I used jquery and js to submit the log in form. But this wasn't working. I couldn't log on. Andy and Myself discovered that my stubby request/response, didn't have the permissions needed to check if the log in information is correct.Our login in form was complete and running. -The program promotes young people to manage their finances well, so they can succeed in life. Young people love simplicity, so this log on form is effective. I plan to have this log on form written in html,css and javascript. To start with I plan to have junior banking as a tab off the Capital One website. If the system is successful, I will branch out in to android and ios. First Ideas. Pros 'Goal driven appeals to more customers' 'Appeals to customer aspirations.' 'Gives positive reinforcement.' It may sound daft, but this tree will help young people save up, and manage their money. The interface will be a drop down menu linked to an amazon products database. Being a young person, I had a clear vision of what young people need and want. Young people love to know how much money they have on their debit cards. Several students at Catmose College, said that they had lost 5,10,20 pound notes in the past, clearly this is a problem which needs addressing with this new system. Children don't like to save up, the phrase 'your money is burning a hole in your pocket' depicts this very well. We need to encourage saving, on items the child really want. Children love positive reinforcement, so our banking system, must give them this reinforcement, so the kid feels like they are doing something right. Cons 'Add a tick box, so people are able to update their tree(self satisfaction).' 'make the monthly amount 10 times smaller.' Give the more wanted items more superiority, through different shapes and colours. Show how much money has been brought forward from the last month and congratulate accordingly. Wish List Tree. 3. Add an email server, for password recovery emails. These new passwords should then be linked to stubby. 4. Make the wish list tree, a usable product, not just a picture. Automate the transaction table based on purchases and automate the monthly spend limit based on the transaction table. 5.Make the web application more of a responsive website, with better usability for people with disabilities. Review/Feedback of Log On Page. Account Balance/Review Earlier today I started work on my googlemaps embed api. This is how I got the iframe window to display the location of the transaction. On Thursday, I started work on a tabbed menu,which enabled the user to cycle through the wish list tree, account balance and the monthly spending information. I then started work on the monthly spending html page. This gave the user the information I will show you in a bit.I also started work on the wish list tree, making the glossy display on sketch.I changed a lot of the css styles at this point and my project began to look professional. Final Product Cons 'Change the table heading to out.' 'Underline and change the colour of the transactions, so users are able to recognize the element, ready for user interaction.' Steps needed to make this product a reality. Many banks and financial companies use long words like deposit and withdrawal and we teenagers understand the terms. However, if capital one is going to make the biggest

Capital One

Transcript: Your name TOPIC 1 Table of Contents Capital One About My Company Capital One Financial Corporation is a bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts, headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Capital One is ranked 10th on the list of largest banks in the United States by assets. Capital Ones Ceo is Richard Fairbank and has been since July 26th 1994 and is currently still the Ceo. The bank has 755 branches including 30 café style locations and 2,000 ATMs. PICTURES Software Engineer Career and Info As a Capital One Software Engineer, you’ll work on everything from customer-facing web apps and backed services to mobile applications using cutting-edge tools and frameworks. Join Capital One in an engineering role and shape the next phase of innovation for fintech. Responsibilities +Write, design, code, test, implement, debug, and validate applications; document design decisions and develop modular software components; monitor system performance metrics, and identify potential risks/issues. +Collaborate in agile scrum team with product owners and fellow software engineers to deliver upon most important business and technical priorities. +Provide active mentorship/guidance to fellow members of the agile tech team and participate in internal and external technology conference & communities. ​​ Qualifications +Bachelor’s degree or Military experience +At least 3 years of experience in software development +At least 3 Years of experience in Java, JavaScript, Spring, Java tools and technologies +At least 1 year of experience in Cloud Technologies Changing Banking For Good Mission Statement Positives and Negatives

Capital One

Transcript: E- Banking JOIN Long Term Care Insurance Planning (LTCP) is an essential piece to any financial plan. LTCP is about evaluating your financial situation and determining what solution would be the best for you should you ever require Long Term Care (LTC). Online banking Mobile banking Capital One has nearly 1,000 Capital One Bank branches and over 2,000 ATMs in Connecticut, District of Columbia (DC), Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Virginia. doodles Auto Loans Get pre-approved before you buy Easy online auto loan process Shop like a cash buyer Refinance to a lower APR Rates as low as 2.99% APR Aside from the credit card account, Capital One gives you control of your checking, savings, CDS, and Loans by allowing you too: View check images and recent transactions Check your balance Transfer Funds Pay bills online Change your address/profile Order checks Set up Alerts Make stop payments ATM'S Mrs. Eskander San Francisco Home Refinance Lower your interest rates and payments Lock in a fixed interest rate No closing fee options available Even options for loans that exceed home value Mortgage Refinance Loans APR2 30 Year Fixed3 4.083% 15 Year Fixed3 3.412% Whole Life Insurance (WL) is often referred to as permanent Life Insurance, since it offers coverage for your entire life. A Whole Life policy typically has guaranteed premiums. WL also builds guaranteed cash value on a tax-deferred basis that can be accessed during your life. Stockholm (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr ● Money market Capital One's Rights You choose. In the past, some banks automatically enrolled you in their standard overdraft services for all types of transactions when you opened an account. Under the new rules, your bank must first get your permission to apply these services to everyday debit card and ATM transactions before you can be charged overdraft fees. To grant this permission, you will need to respond to the notice and “opt-in” (agree) to the service. Existing accounts. If you do not opt-in (agree), beginning August 15, 2010, your bank's standard overdraft services won't apply to your everyday debit card and ATM transactions. These transactions typically will be declined when you don't have enough money in your account, but you will not be charged overdraft fees. New accounts. If you open a new account on or after July 1, 2010, your bank cannot charge you overdraft fees for everyday debit card and ATM transactions unless you opt-in to have overdraft protection on your account. If you open a new account before July 1, 2010, your bank will treat you as an existing account holder: you will receive a notice about your bank's overdraft services and will need to opt-in if you’d like overdraft protection for your everyday debit card and ATM transactions. Capital One is aware that retirement means different things for different people— a trip to Egypt,a new career, or even a return to school. But no matter what, being prepared is most important. We'll work with you to develop the retirement income strategy that's best for you. Fixed and Variable Annuities—These options may provide a guaranteed source of income throughout your retirement. Traditional IRAs—Introduced in 1974, the Traditional IRA has long been a popular choice for tax-deferred retirement savings. Roth IRA—This IRA has become popular because of its potential for tax-free withdrawals of contributions and earnings. Rollover IRA—For those individuals in transition—changing jobs or retiring—IRA Rollovers can be ideal. SEP & SIMPLE Plans—These plans provide business owners with the options they need to help their employees save for retirement. Dillon Mohamed & Henderson Charles Research Saving .60% SO photo frame Capital One is on of the banks that protect you against overdraft fines and actually presents "overdraft rights" to its customers. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Assets Canceled check A check that has been cashed by the bank on which the check was drawn. Important Details Loans & Mortgages Brainstorm Capital One covers many important aspects when it comes to insuring that their customers stay with their bank including Auto Insurance, Healthcare Savings, Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, and Renters Insurance in certain locations. Checking Accounts Capital One offers a variety of annuity products. A Capital One Financial Consultant can help you to choose the right income solution. Annuities offer: Guaranteed lifetime income with pension-like steady payments Tax-deferred compounding interest Choice of payment options - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually Mutual Fund Solutions Strategically allocated portfolios designed to align with risk tolerance Tactically managed portfolios designed to align with risk tolerance with deviating equity and fixed income allocations dependent on market conditions Checks (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Checking .60% Direct Deposit Term Life Insurance offers you coverage on your life

Template One

Transcript: FUNCTIONAL LEVEL BUSINESS PURPOSE AND GOALS COMMERCIAL STRATEGY & ACTIVITY PLANNING ALIGNMENT & EXECUTION SITUATION ANALYSIS VENTURE LEVEL MARKET SEGMENT ASSESSMENT & PARTICIPATION ENTERPRISE LEVEL MARKET GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES This is the reason a client seeks help. They have defined the what and the why of the tasks they’re looking to undertake. AMBITIONS 1. AMBITIIONS PURPOSE PURPOSE To understand and align the company's goals and help form a direction. DESCRIPTION OF WORK DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS/RESOURCES TOOLS/RESOURCES Double click to edit DIGITISATION DIGITISATION APPRAISE These are the areas that a company wishes to compete and equally as important not to compete. These battlegrounds are formed by the forces and ambitions of the company. THEATERS 3. THEARTERS PURPOSE To provide a clearly defined areas to/not work in so the entire organisation is moving in the same direction. This helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work and campaigns. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS/RESOURCES DIGITISATION The internal and external components that could potentially affect business outcomes. FORCES 2. FORCES PURPOSE to have a clear understanding of the macro ( demographic, economic, political, ecological, socio-cultural, and technological) and micro (such as competitors, customers, distribution channels, suppliers, and the general public) environmental factors that could come to have an impact on the success of a project. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS / RESOURCES TOOLS/RESOURCES DIGITISATION DIGITISATION A repeatable way of creating and collecting ideas in order to display them from inception to initiation ORIGINATE ORIGINATE PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS / RESOURCES DIGITISATION INITIATE A system that resources projects based on success/disruption metrics and ranking systems. RESOURCE ALLOCATION 2. RESOURCE ALLOCATION PURPOSE To have non-bias ways of ranking the validity of projects. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS / RESOURCE DIGITISATION The mechanisms (MAKE IT, LET OTHERS MAKE IT, PARTNERSHIPS, BUY IT, INVEST IN IT) that organization have or need in order to compete at the optimal level. GROWTH VEHICLES 1. GROWTH VEHICLES PURPOSE To have structures in place to best utilize and choose what mechanisms is right for each idea/problem solution. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS/RESOURCES DIGITISATION DIGITISATION A systematic way to decide what path the project should follow so that the organisation is working at its optimal level to launch the best version of the project. Example SG for high market/channel certainty and technical/operational certainty and as a governance model for low market/channel certainty and technical/operational certainty where a lean system would be best used. VENTURE ROUTING 4. VENTURE ROUTING PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS / RESOURCES DIGITISATION A systematic way to rate and select ventures. A project plan is developed and proposed. SELECT AND CHARTER 3. SELECT AND CHARTER PURPOSE To ensure the projects with the biggest chance of disruption/success are chosen. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS/RESOURCES DIGITISATION INORGANIC LED ORGANIC LED The testing and experimentation that are undertaken to identify the core user problem being solved, and the optimal solution. PROBLEM SOLUTION VALIDATION PROBLEM SOLUTION PURPOSE To prove the problem solution fit or iterate until this has been achieved or killed. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS/RESOURCES DIGITISATION The process of ensuring the correct infrastructure is utilized or put in place. To prove where and how do we make, prove feasibility, channel, price customer segment, value proposition. This process will also highlight the key activities that need to take place and if any strategic partnership need to be made. BUSINESS MODEL VALIDATION BUSINESS MODEL PURPOSE Test to ensure the correct operating systems are being used to reduce risk risk, cost and uncertainty of these ventures. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS/RESOURCES DIGITISATION VALIDATE To ensure the project fits within the business strategies, goals, principles and guidelines does it make sense for the business to compete in this area. CORPORATE VALIDATION CORPORATE PURPOSE To ensure the company are working on projects in line with the companies overlaying objectives and ethics. It helps ensure all resources are being used to move in the same direction. PURPOSE DESCRIPTION OF WORK TOOLS / RESOURCES DIGITISATION STAGE GATE LED Validation perspective where risk is more tolerated and expected. Generally financial validation in organisationS are made based on market data or previous launches/performance, highly disruptive innovation don't generally have this type of data so it needs to be evaluated differently. INVESTOR VALIDATION INVESTOR PURPOSE To have a framework in place where projects can be evaluated without the presence of historical data. To allows organisations to jude a project based on their potential to

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