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Transcript: Powerpoint Presentations Poster Editing The 'new' CLAN logo to be used for all marketing materials Brand Consistency - Services & Fundraising Adherence to style guide - ie, correct fonts, using approved photos where possible, correct Pantone colours for text and artwork Brand Identity Services Templates Fundraising Templates Powerpoint Presentations Third Party Posters Poster Editing Create a poster from scratch Questions Landscape & Portrait Posters Leaflets Service Advertisements Powerpoint Presentations The service template is predominantly blue with a secondary pink line below. Rockwell font - used for all text on service marketing materials Select the correct footer details for your area Services Templates - What can I make? 3rd Party Posters Services Templates - Key points CLAN Poster Training Fonts - header - Timitheos - Ticker Tape - F25 Executive - body - Rockwell Select correct footer details for your area CLAN Poster Training Landscape & Portrait Posters Leaflets Service Advertisements Powerpoint Presentations Fundraising Templates - Key Points Questions Please encourage 3rd party fundraisers to create their own posters. Send jpg of the fundraising for CLAN sticker to 3rd parties to add to their designs. This can be found in the template folder. Brand Identity Services Dark blue theme Rockwell font to be used throughout Fundraising Pink Theme Fonts - Master Title - Timitheos - White - Body - F25 Executive - Dark Blue This has all been preset in the templates so please use the style provided. Create a Poster from Scratch Fundraising Templates - What can I make?


Transcript: Fundraising Fundraising means involving & engaging others, i.e. „people & corporations“ in your mission in a way that makes it easy to support your work and the theme you care about. EU funds Corporate Donors Individuals Foundations Local gavernment State Exercise: Why the BG donate/not Vision First step Mission mission-driven NGO donor-driven NGO exercise: put on a list vision, mission Don't forget to THANKS properly!!! Tools and Technics What is available? ► advertising ► e-mail ► regular mail ► calling people ► personal meeting Corporate fundraising ► sponsoring ► employee volunteering ► product donations ► shared marketing ► grants ► pay-roll giving ► matching programs ► shared marketing Individual fundraising public collections events for public beneficial events direct mail direct dialogue Club of Friends on-line campaing one-to-one solicitation endowment campain Goals ► willingness to try ► time & capacity ► web pages ► database of contacts ► computer, phone, email printer, place to work ► planning calendar ► „dress“ code ► interest in people ► courage Year planning Financial plan Fundraising plan Portfolio DB companies Offers Meetings What do we need to begin Person Clear Evolution Fundraising Team Second step Person raise awareness! educate the public! Risks DB co Lose the spirit! Just try! There are no mistakes, only experince FR Cootdinator Donors We are the people! Just try! Image of phone line


Transcript: dividends must only be paid out of profits , yet the concept profit is not defined in the corporations act Summary share buy -back is set out in section 257A-257J THANKS FOR LISTENING 1: Depend on the size of the business, objective, the amount of the company lking for rais, and business planning. 2: Equity capital (short-term) but keep more than 51% shares 3: Debt capital (long-term) Director's liability Pros 1: Not required to pay investors back 2: No interest payments Numine Ltd are intending to commence mining for uranium in South Australia after a feasibility study stated the area should yield uranium. The auditors of Numine Ltd have provided a three-year forecast in which they have stated that development costs will be $2 million in year 1, $5 million in year 2 and $3 million in year 3. The auditor’s project that once operational the estimated profit will be a minimum of $2 million a year. Apply the law Cons 1: Loss of part ownership 2: Shareholder rights 3: Disclosure requirements Pros 1: Retain Control 2: Tax Advantage 3: Easier Planning Conclusion Payment of dividend The directors wants to buy-back shares because they have concerned about malicious purchase problems. 1.Minimum holding buy -back 2. Employee share scheme buy back 3. On -market buy -back 4. Equal access buy -back scheme 5. electibe buy -schemes Legal Problems 2 Legal Problem 1 Pros and Cons of Debt capital 3. the information stement offers secuties under a discloure document that contain misstatement section 728-729 , in accordance with section 731-733, a number of are defense are available for missttement including the exercise of the due dillgence Relevant law There are five types of share of back in the section 257A Issue HHA Textbook page 282 - 283 section 259A-259F restrcit a company from acquiring its own shares or the shares of anther company that controls it, there are a number of reasons why the corporation act prohibits such acquisition 1. company its own money to acquire its shares the company is not increasing its share capital buy the purchase transaction. 2.misleading the stock market regarding their value- voting right The directors would like their fund raising to be a combination of debt and equity if that is possible and will be swayed by your advice in this area. section 254u, which is a replaceable rule, the board of directors may determine the payment of a dividend . Sections Related TO THE Case company's consitution , section 254u- 254w of the corporations act set out rules with respect to the declaration and payment of dividends setion 254u and 254v identify different produces denpending on whether or not a company ha s constitution Company Capital Structures and Fund Raising 1. consider about the ration of debt capital compared with share capital Advise the directors of Numine Ltd regarding the requirements of raising funds from the public and the obligations they will have under the Corporations Act, and at general law, as part of the fundraising THE Numine company want to use the retained earning to buy back some of the shares Relevant law The differences between Debt & Equity Capital Presenter: Xingyu Li (11882166) aka: Jonathan Aden Meca (99212627) QiWen (12116428) Wendy Our Suggestions 2. section 256B-257J allow companies to buy back their own shares rules company's liabliy Numine LTD Dividend is a distribution or apportionment of the profits earned by a company to the shareholder Two cases that have explored the meaning of the word profit 1. Lee V Neuchatel Asphalte CO(1889 ) this case deal with deprciation of fixed assets 2. Dimbula V Vally (Ceylon) Tea Co Ltd Laurie(1961) this case deal with revaluation of fixed asset Relevant law Company Capital Structures and Fund Raising Section 700 & 761 (A): The coverage of the fund raising rules. Section 708: Offers that do not deed disclosure Section 711: Prospectus content--specific disclosures Section 739 & 741: ASIC stop orders and powers Section 256: Share capital reductions and share buy backs Section 588G: Director's duty to prevent insolvent trading by company Section254V & 254T: Dividends Legal Problem 3 Pros and Cons of Equity capital Rights Issue Exemption Requirements (a) the offer is made to all existing holders in the offer class. (b) the offer is pro rata to existing offeree's holdings; and (c) the terms of the offer are the same as the original offer Cons 1: Qualification Requirements 2: Discipline 3: Collateral Using the retained earning buy own share is illegal Case

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Transcript: COMPANY CAPITAL STRUCTURES FUNDRAISING ARE WE READY? GOOD... game on! How companies choose appropriate levels of debt and equity capital. And the relevant level of debt and equity capital a company has. If a company has a higher level of debt it is referred to as a highly geared company. Debenture holders are external to the company along with lenders and creditors. Debenture holders have a right of repayment in full on maturity of the loan while shareholders have no right to the return of their capital although returns of capital are possible during the life of the company and on winding up if the company is solvent. The claims of the debenture holders and creditors take priority over shareholders for the return of their investment during liquidation. AND FOR A RED TICK NAME TWO TYPES OF SECURITIES USED FOR FUNDRAISING. Securities are essential investment instruments such as shares and debentures. Securities can be and individual investment instrument. Or it may refer to a right against the debtor’s property given to a lender to secure the repayment of a loan. A mortgage is a type of security For fundraising purposes under section Ch6D of the act the securities are shares debentures a legal or equitable interest in shares or debentures options to acquire shares or debentures. AND FOR A RED TICK... What is choose in action? In March 2000, a debenture was defined as a document issues by a company to choose in action that includes an undertaking by the body to repay as a debt money deposited with or lent with a body. A CHOOSE IN ACTION IS: An intangible personal property right protected by law. are there any EXCEPTIONS? need a hint? Check Section 9 FOR A RED TICK... Are there any restrictions on who can become a trustee? The role of the trustee is to monitor the activities of the borrowing company and checks that the lending conditions set out in the trust deed are either not breached and if they are breached they must find appropriate remedial action to take place. Under s283DA. If the trustee undertakes remedial action. For the purposes of investor protection there are restrictions on who can be a trustee. The corporations act prescribes the roles for the appointment of a trustee which can often in practice are banks, life insurance companies and other qualified companies. Section 283AC of the Corporations Act requires the trustee to be any one of the following free of any conflict of interest or duty with the borrowing company: A state or territory public trustee A licensed trustee company CH5d A body corporate registered under the life insurance act 1995 An Australian ADI (such as a bank) or A body corporate approved by ASIC If the borrower becomes aware that the trustee cannot be a trustee the trustee must be replaced under s283BD. To ensure the continuous protection of debenture holders an existing trustee continues to act as trustee until a new trustee is appointed and has taken office s283AD. The trust deed is an important document that sets out the rules for the operations of the debentures the rights and duties of the trustee and borrower and it often imposes controls on the figure borrowing activities of the company as additional safeguard for the interests of the debenture holders. The Corporations Act prescribes the minimum content of the trust deed. Section 283AB requires the trustee to provide the following; • The right to enforce the borrowers duty to repay: • Any charge or security for repayment; and • The right to enforce any other duties that the borrower and any guarantor have under the terms of the debentures or the trust deed under CH 2L or the corporations act. Section 283HB allows ASIC or the trustee, not the borrower to apply to the court to make a range of orders to protect the debenture holders. The trustee must give the debenture holders a statement explaining the effects of any proposal that the borrower submits to them before any meeting that either the court calls in relation to a scheme of arrangement of any meeting that the trustee calls. The trustee has a duty to comply with directions given to it at a debenture holders meeting unless the trustee thinks it is objectionable and obtains a court order confirming the objection s283DA. Trustees may call a meeting of debenture holders to inform and submit proposals for their protection, if the borrower or guarantor fails to remedy any breach of CH2 L the terms of the debenture or provision of the trust deed when required by the trustee: s283EB (1) The trustees are liable for breach when they fail to exercise the degree of care and diligence required under the Corporations Act. This duty is breached when the trustee: allows the charged property to diminish value allows the borrower to undertake other loans which increases the risk to the original debenture holders. FOR A RED TICK... What are the advantages to creditors? A secured loan is where the company that borrows the money grants security over property to its lender this may be

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