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CAP Presentation

Transcript: Romanian Both parents are from Romania Came to US 22 years ago First generation American 3/4 child, only girl Unctuous "Smooth talker", "sarcastic" Interested in 'wittiness' Auditory and Visual Learner Talented Honest Wrote some essay prompts for scholarships Won $6,000 for writing a 500 word essay about wanting Samwise Gamgee as a college roommate apparently, paper was "most honest about reality of the positions of people in society" Had to write a 3 page essay about what it means "To Be Daring" Submitted: It was for $20,000 Unfortunately, only got second place and an honorable mention for being "straight forward and honest" In all seriousness, parents saved up some money received a few great scholarships (some earned from artwork, which is nice) Planning on getting part time job in college, since career choice is time demanding Move to Europe! Leeds, a possible Grad School Travel for work? How did I get interested in ophthalmology? Whole family has glasses, dating back to 5 generations Been around eye doctors all my life Fun Fact: had pink eye at least 27 times Fun Fact #2: currently can brag about having the best eye sight in the family I like exploring art and I probably won't ever stop making some form of art CAP PRESENTION Road to Graduation Considering Life How Will I Get there? Summing it Up Skills and Recognitions Won the 'Native Son' poster-making contest in IB English Junior Year (rewarded with squirt guns) All forms of art- dance, music, writing, video Started own business for selling art (and donated enough to buy a goat and chickens through the Heifer organization) Decent success with YouTube Channel Romanian Culture really influenced personality * very family oriented * influenced my values (church life, family expectations, work ethic) Thank you for watching! Where am I going? It was on April 20, 2013 An Open Mic at Sandy Baptist Church in Sandy, OR, for a friend that passed away, Sydney The money went to CHARITY: Water, an organization that tries to bring water to those countries without clean water IB has taught me the value of a higher level education and forced upon me time management and flexibility Full IB candidate 3 Years at George Fox for Masters in Biology Future med school for up to 6 years Interning all the while at hospitals George Fox University Get 1 year off with IB credits Studying to be an ophthalmologist Thinking of driving there, since it's in Newberg, OR CAP Project! RUTH MURAR Plans Holding the event taught me about my ability to set up such a huge event (I'm not very good at it) People can make a difference even when they aren't there (the idea of transient time) thinking about how life is short and how I could be potentially wasting it because I'm doing something 'rational' and not something I love Bit of a struggle for me this year- deciding if I wanted to go into something steady or pursue my artist side Who am I? Family life has taught me the value of having a support system, and created foundations in my life that shape my personality and my future New Perspectives VOLUNTEERING Preparation 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

CAP Presentation

Transcript: Our public policy issue is Criminal Justice • Teaches students to be aware of signs of risky behavior • Parents and schools can opt out of the program by their choosing • Investigative units would have an increase in funding for missing persons cases searches From 2013-2014 186 children, 18 and younger have gone missing in Virginia and have not been found Cons • The subcommittee believed that this bill was telling them how to spend the state’s money CAP Presentation Chairman Lingamfelter (House of Delegates) OPPOSES James, Chelsea , Robert, Alexandra HB965, "Governors child safety test" Permits each local school board to include in part of the physical fitness program, a program consisting of at least 8 hours of instruction per year. 10,000 computers of infants and young children are being watched of them being raped online. She found out that Lingamfelter was taking tax dollars from the government and giving it to his friends in the district. Got the state to give money to the police to upgrade their technology for investigating missing persons cases. Raising money has to be done through donations. The best way to get the community involved is by joining her email list. • Also interfered with the appropriations process, public funds set aside for a specific purpose Pros Camille Cooper from the organization Protect along with The National Association to Protect Children proposed the HB965 Concluding support Camille Cooper (Protect) IN FAVOR Who and what? Adding talking about predators into relationships and communications in the 6-8th grades Awareness lesson in health stops after third grade. Adding into Internet Safety in 3-5 about online predators (What's the difference b/w internet friends and in-person friends?) Research with Camille Cooper What was the bill? • House subcommittee chose not to advance the bill because of funding concerns Yes, schools should be required to offer safety awareness programs into their health curriculum Research Question? Public Policy? Not just another statistic Two sides: Should schools be required to offer safety awareness programs into their physical education curriculum? • More course work for schools and teachers (Chairman Lingamfelter’s wife is a teacher) Research with Edman LeClere and Jamie Foreman Our proposed program Answering our question Digital Learning and Internet Safety Program Internet Safety, Privacy and Security, Relationships and Communication, Cyber Bullying, Digital Footprint and Reputation, Self-Image and Identity, Information Literacy, Creative Credit and Copyright Makes students aware on how to recognize, avoid, resist, and escape physical, sexual, and online threats. Schools as of now are legally obligated to have informational classes that encourage safety awareness

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Transcript: Fortitude Oct-2020 Chp Briggs Introduction Introduction Fear gets a bad rap. But fear can improve our performance, reveal dangers, and show us what we value most. By engaging and reflecting on our fears, we can develop the virtue of FORTITUDE. Small Group Discussion Discussion Led by Cadet NCO Lesson and Discussion Lesson Fortitude = The ability to face our fears effectively What are some things that we should be afraid of? Which fears might motivate us to live according to the Core Values? Fortitude = NOT the absence of fear (“recklessness”), but also not an excess of fear (“cowardice”) Risk Management (ORM) = anticipating harm ("fear!") Fortitude is about fearing the right things in the right way at the right time. Fear arises from love: we fear what is harmful to things we love, value, or cherish. If you want to know what you love or value, as yourself, “Of what am I afraid?” Small Group Discussion Topic 4 Some common fears: Fear of driving Fear of public speaking Fear of taking tests “Fear of missing out” (FOMO) Summary Summary Fear is not the enemy. In moments of great danger, fear can be your friend. It can help you fight harder, run faster, and react more quickly. Fear can save your life. Even when danger is not immediate, fear can help you avoid unnecessary risks and even reveal what is most important to you. Quote You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, “I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” You must do the thing you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt Quote One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do. - Henry Ford Quote Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back - Babe Ruth

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