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Candle Flame Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: fire the wick in dragon's mouth! zahra aalinezhad we keep it AND IN THE END! selection kimia jokar we keep it NOW! the candle shows the time we keep it as package we used talc for: it helps the costumers to decide better that's not expensive represents the candle as a gift it will be off! like a drop of water quite impossible the whole candle could be like the drips of parrafin writing on a piece of candle(every thing you want)then fire no one knows those secrets if it is like an hourglass we can use it twice soheila pouresma'ilian heart candle may be! :) not as interesting repetetive what did we do to build our main idea? Candle Design we keep it repetetive again! evil impossible for us to make it repetitive won't be neat how to make it? it's so difficult also it couldn't be used! we keep it repetetive fun like a pizza so when we salt it ,emits the orange light introducing the members you can even write in the dark with pen candle! we used Brain Storm tech. our design should be innovative and it should not go furthur than the given amount The final candle is ready to use for 9500 tooman impossible to join them we keep it . difficult for a couple of days disgusting one! salty pizza like cigarret or matches structured burning of all direction coal, money wick, shape the wick dragon,plural wicks it can be like the sun and burn in every direction we had chosen shaping wick, which is fun but our discussions ended to a symbolic sample timing candle writing on that driped parrafin hourglass candle flower like frame and photo disgusting we can shape it like a sideview face! BRANDING we can add some substances as: essence, color, stand,... but under this condition that, they do not raise the price more than20% also they should not take attention more than the main design. we keep it symbolic have a colored light and some others: wick around a frame containing the photo of whom you hate cndle lampe is cute:) structure like burning of different direction it fires with sparks repetetive our final work is based on wick shaping(face like) (we had chosen a word which is Persian) gunpowder it could be we used also dripping parrafine method which helped us achive the ideal form flower candle is appropriate for gift This is the time of grouping the ideas we can use this tech. that will be off THIS is a special occasion ! Don't lose it we keep it we can't present it well and burn of different directions first our group joined another group to share and expand the ideas then we seperated our own thoughts: our brand(BARZIN) has the meaning of FIRE in it we considered all the ideas in three groups: wow colored lights paradoxic candle with water wick around sparking candle difficult to make it burning, but not with fire! containing a paradox(like water) coal candles in a fireplace money or paper wick

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