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Canada Map Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: LONDON Population of Clyde:503. Clyde is colder and drier than Vancouver.Sometimes the degree is -32 in winter. “The excellent hunting, fishing and whaling in this region has drawn indigenous peoples to this area since ancient times.”2 There is not much place to see in Clyde. Maybe we can visit Clyde River and do special things there. There are 2 languages speaking. They are Inuktitut and English.”Summers are cool yet beautiful in Clyde River with 24 hours of sunshine from May 13 to August 1. The region is known for high winds, which are constant most of the year. Winter temperatures hover around -30°C and can sometimes drop to -40°C. The winter sun sits low on the horizon from mid-November to the end of January. “ ( HALIFAX TORONTO LONDON the population of london: 366,150. popular places to visit Springbank park, Eldon house, Fanshawe Pioneer Village. the climate in london. the monthly weather is mostly rain falls and snow falls. people prefer to visit in april when it's warm. the latitude 42.9837 the longitude 81.2497. cultural: they do some special proms from mid july- to mid september it is a annual festival of classical music takes over. london was first settled by colonists from europe in 1826 and officially became a city in january 1855. the city of london contains many parks and preserves that are open all around some examples are, Westminster ponds, Warbler woods, Medway valley, Heritage forest, Killay meadows. these parks contain meadows, wetlands, valleylands, forests, and areas that are still in their natural state. VANCOUVER Population of Toronto: 2,615 million. Climate of Toronto is moist because of the lakes near the city.We can go to Toronto Island Park or High Park to get fresh air. Then go to CW Tower to see the view of the city. After that we can go to the Royal Ontario Museum to see history of Toronto. “Toronto's rich multicultural diversity is expressed by the more than 200 distinct ethnic origins residents identified in their response to the 2006 Census.” (. CLYDE Population of Vancouver: 603,500. “ Vancouver has relatively mild winters with little snow.The cold air from the Arctic that sweeps over the rest of Canada in winter is unable to reach Vancouver. The Rocky Mountains block it.” ( . In morning we can go to Vancouver Aquarium. After that we can go to VanDusen Botanical Park. Then we can visit Vancouver Convention Centre and do some shopping. You have to see this city before die. It is gorgeous. the population of halifax: 390,095. The popular places to visit Citadel Hill, Halifax Public Gardens, Maritime Museum, Point Pleasant Park, Art Gallery. The climate in halifax, winter temperatures are higher, and summer temperatures are lower, the best summer weather is usually encountered in mid- summer and late summer when compared with earlier in the seasons, fogs are rare. The latitude 44.6478, the longitude 63.5714.

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