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Canada Flag Powerpoint Template

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Canada Flag

Transcript: English Poutine Food fact by all of us The Mackenzie River is the longest river in Canada Victoria Canada is right ontop of the U.S.A Justin Bieber The white means the symbol of peace, and red is the symbol of Canadian sacrifice during world wars. Kelowna The Canadian Anthem Fun facts yo:) Maple syrup MAP OF CANADA Calgary The length is 2,635. English This is a famous book that Margaret atwood wrote Canadians government use Democrocy. In Canada parlament has two houses the Senate and the house of commons.In Canada a person called a prime minister leads both excustive and leasive branches. A free alaction is one in with citizents can vote as long as they meet requirents.Sir. John A. Macdonald was the first presedent of Canada on May 24, 1864. those is ice skating races that only shows in Canada St.John English Quebec city Canada Geese are big water birds with a long neck, large body,large webbed feet and wide,flat bill. Vancouver The national food of Canada is Poutine and Maple syrup. And national drink is Beer.poutine is similar to pizza it is with french fries,curds,and gravy it is also with dough cheese,garlic,and sometimes meat on top. They also have butter tarts snuggled into Phyllo shells. Animals Toronto Until the red and white "Maple Leaf flag" we all know was adopted, Canada used the Canadian Red Ensign, which features a Union Flag and the Coat of Arms of Canada. But most Canadians weren't happy flying the Red Ensign.Apr 11, 2013 Sport The goose get smaller as you move northward and darker as you go westward. This was the old flag of Canada The Meaning of the Flag Colors O Canada Rivers and Geographical Features Kitchener London Eva,Yasha, and Emma The Forest English French The wildlife normally found along the river's marshy delta include snow geese and tundra swans. victoria Drake Roles of citizens Quebec city Thanks For Listening!!!!!!!!!! Canadian Goose Canada flag Canadian geese live in many habitats near water,grassy fields,and grain fields. this boy named Mike Roobertson he won 12 golden olimpic medals By:Sagnika,Alisa,Sonia, this sport is very dangerous because the speed can get up to 195kilometers the Guinness world record is 209 kilometers Waterloo The provinses are Nunavat,Yukon territory, Northwest territories, British Colombia, Aiberta, Mainitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchevan,Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward island. Those are some of the famous celebrities that are canadian An Onario man invented Hawaiin pizza French Canadian provinces and territories THE CANADIAN GEESE ARE NATIONAL SYMBOL BIRDS People also make lollipops from maple syrup London French GOVERNMENT OF CANADA National Canadian food Winnipeg Carly Rae Jepsen The major languages authors from Canada A source is The Great Slave Lake French About 1 million rivers and lakes lie within Canada. The Meckenzie river is the longest river in the nothwest.The land can be divided in 7 physical regions.The largest Canadian shield is huge rocky.The country has rugged mountains,dense forests,rolling hills,and lakes,beautiful lands and much more. Montreal Barrie A citizen in Democracy should have a duty to vote. The citizen must have a duty to obey a law. A citizen should be willing to pay taxes to provide a democratic government, there would be no Democracy. avril lavigne those are some crazy skills that people used in hockey These are canadian singers Avril and Carly, Justin are pop singers, Drake is a singer and rapper. Regina Canada is made out of 10 provinces and 3 territories Oshawa Kingston this is some ski people who won the golden medal French Mackenzie river Basketball was invented by a canadian. Canada has approximetly 55,00 different species of insects. This is a book that alice murno wrote Hello The national sport of Canada is ice hokey.It is also the most popular due to the cold in Canada. Bonjour Saskatoon Habitats English Around 30% of canada's total landmass is occupied by forest. Hamilton Cities in Canada James Naismith

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