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Canada 150

Transcript: Casey The ​​ What is Canada 150? What is Canada 150 A celebration for Canada turning 150 years old on July 1st 2017 Many events around the country celebrating Canada 150 Fireworks in Ottawa MOSAÏCANADA 150 Impacts Impacts More tourists coming to Canada for events like Giant Rubber Duck Great for local buisness like hotels getting buisness from travelers Helped Economy because more tourists coming Gives an oppritunity to get involved in community and meet more people Positive Positive Cost Spent over $500 million $200 million on events $300 million on infrastructure $2 million for social media Some events are a lot of money Giant Rubber Duck cost $200 000 Some people thinks waste of money Could be better spent on other things like healthcare, education, public transit Negatives Negatives Importance Importance Get to share our achivements with each other Brings communites together Bibliography Bibliography Staff, “Canada 150 Celebrations Building on Strong Tourism Trends - Article.” BNN, 24 Mar. 2017, Scotti, Monique. “Most Canadians Feel $500M for Canada 150 Is Too Much.” Global News, 26 June 2017, Justin. “How Travellers & Visitors to Canada 150th Anniversary.” TuGo Travel Blog, TuGo, 13 June 2017, Government of Canada, Global Affairs Canada, Embassy of Canada to France - Paris. “Government of Canada.” Canada 150, 26 Oct. 2017, THANKS FOR WATCHING THANKS FOR WATCHING I know it's short.

Canada 150

Transcript: Canada 150 by: Katherine Pelayo The Constitution Act reinforced the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms in Canada. It gave Canadians the independence from Britain. Constitution Act Constitution Act British North America Act The signing of the British North America Act was an event that happened because Canada wanted to claim themselves as their own country. Canada then became a new, self governing foundation, that included New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec on July 1, 1867. British North America Act Canadian Flag In 1964, the Canadian Prime Minister Lester B Pearson made a proposal for the design of the national flag. He made a proposal for three designs including; a red ensign with the fleur-de-lis and the Union Jack, a design that had three maple leaves and lastly a red flag with one red flag on a white square. One day the design with the red leaf and white square was approved by Jacques St-Cyr. In the late 1964 the final design was approved by Queen Elizabeth II. The flag came in effect on February 15th 1965. Canadian Flag Quebec Sovereignty Was an act to bring independence to Quebec. Quebec wanted to be on their own rather then being apart of the Canadian nation. For years they were apart of Canada's history but they wanted to become their own country. Due to the discrimination acts and racism they suffered throughout the last couple years. Quebec Sovereignty The FLQ Crisis was a national liberation movement that was created to bring independence to Quebec. The members were so determined to achieve this goal that they went as far as kidnapping Canadian representatives, bombing attempts and using propaganda to reveal their message to everyone. FLQ Crisis FLQ Crisis The Bill 101 as known as Charte de la Langue Francaise was introduced by a woman named Camilla Laurin in 1977. It was created to claim French the official language in Quebec. Bill 101 Bill 101 The Official Language Act was a Canadian law that came into effect on September 9, 1969 which stated that English and French were equal and the official languages of Canada. Official Language Act Official Language Act The Last Spike was a celebration of the fact that the railway spike was driven through the Canadian Pacific Railway. The railway was at the time the main way of transportation. The final spike railway that was installed in Canada had meant that the railway was complete and went through all of Canada. The Last Spike The Last Spike Battle of Vimy Ridge The Battle of Vimy Ridge was an order from Canadian forces to take over Vimy Ridge, even though they knew it was guarded by Britain forces. Before Canadian soliders took a shot at taking it over, the French tried many times before. Even when the multiple attempts France was never successful, however Canada was. To Canadians today it is a symbolic piece of land that expresses what the victory meant for each soldier. Battle of Vimy Ridge On April 1, 1999 Canada's national map was about to be changed. The Northwest Territories was divided into two, and ended up creating a new territory known as Nunavut. In the Inuit language the word Nunavut means "our land." Creation of Nunavut Creation of Nunavut The National Evergy Program (NEP) was an energy policy created by the Canadian government. Not long after it was founded it created a war between the west and the east, where they fought for theh energy resources revenues. Due to nationalism the NEP guaranteed the supply and price of Canadian oil and gas. National Energy Program National Energy Program Was a five month period filled with violence. The rebels were mainly apart of the Metis nation, that opposed the Canadian government. These people caused acts of violence because they did not like the changes happening in Canada, considering many of their people were being affected by it. North West Rebellion North West Rebellion Nisga'a Treaty The Nisga'a Treaty was a negotiated agreement between the Nisga nation, the Government of British Columbia and the Government of Canada. It was effective on May 11, 2000. It was the fourteenth treaty that was negotiated in Canada since 1976. Nisga'a Treaty The Treaty of Paris put an end to the seven year war between France and Great Britain. However the war put a major depression throughout France. Their military was compromised in Europe, their navy became weak and their economy crashed. Much of their colonial empire was passed to Great Britain. Treaty of Paris Treaty of Paris

Canada 150

Transcript: How big is this? What shape our identity There are many things that shape our Canadian identity. Our Canadian identity is shaped by our peacekeeping in war, our allies with the U.S, language we speak, how nice we are as people, the type of food that is around us, what kind of government we had, has or will have change people views of our nation identity. By Peter Thorley Whats shapes my Canadian identity Most people thinks of us as nice, English French speaking people, we love maple syrup, we are peacekeepers and don't start wars, we are british, everyone plays hockey, we have mountain police who lives in the mountains, we have the Rockies, we live in igloo, there no crime, every one has healthcare. There lots of factors that go into shaping my canadian identity. Like being full canadian and british. I say sorry a lot. I am a nice person. What my opinion is on the government. My religion. All of these and more going in shaping my canadian identity. What is Canada 150 Canada 150 birthday is a celebration when Canada became an independent nation. July 1 1867 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada were claimed the Dominion of Canada, with John A. Macdonald as the first prime minister in Canada. Now Upper Canada was called Ontario and Lower Canada was called Quebec. We celebrate this day every year for the last 149 years. Because this year is special because its Canada 150 and number is divisible by 50 which only happens every 50 years. Canada 150 What is our identity This event is huge people all around the world are coming, all national parks are free for the year, Ottawa itself is spending around a half a billion dollars on this, there is a five thousands dollar prize for the creator of the 150 logo.

canada 150

Transcript: Canada 150 craze Marwa Eljerbi TOPIC 1 How did it start? On Canada's 150th birthday many popular Canadian brands such as KFC and Boston Pizza changed their marketing to support Canada and at the same time popularize their brands. For example, Tim Hortons made a limited time doughnut only available on Canada day, it was poutine flavored. I shiver just thinking about it. Or KFC that changed their whole restaurant sign to "K'eh FC" here is some examples in video form. Tims Canadian Tire Mcdonalds PC How did social media play a role Social Media played a big role in helping advertise Canadas 150th birthday because most of the videos and posts were shared all over social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Without the help of social media many of these ideas would have been known locally rather than nationally. Here are some examples that aren’t videos but thanks to the help of social media they gained just as much attention. TEXT The following are pictures of Canadian starbucks customers writing their wishes for the new year on their cups and posting it to social media. This became a trent in canada (even though it was only a day) and gained lots of attention. PICTURES Was this strategy successful? In short, the answer is yes. It wasn't planned though like other marketing Ideas. This one just flowed together, one after another the events played out in everyone’s benefit. It was the sort of traction that each of the companies needed, KFC for example spiked in popularity after changing their logo to "K'ehFC". and Boston Pizza had a rise as well after changing their name to "Canada Pizza" for the day. TIMELINE TIMELINE Began as an Idea Became popular on social media Companies like KFC and Tims joined in All the companies that joined in profited from it. Pictures The globalization of the media Industry Like I've said before, social media is taking over. It has it's good and it's bad but there's no doubt that the future will have something to do with technology and its evolution. Still, not everyone today knows what social media is or has access to the Internet at all so I think in the near future the whole world will have access to the Internet and two social media this means that we will be able to connect with people in third world countries better and help them grow and adapt through technology and innovation. It's certainly impacted our world greatly and it's up to our generation to make sure that impact is positive no matter what. Citation Willinger, Boaz. “15 Canada 150 Campaigns - Best of Emotional Marketing.” Bloomtools, 29 June 2017, Thank You!

Canada 150

Transcript: Canada has become 150. The fact that we have improved and changed this far is something worth celebrating. Our population has increased, and we are known as those nice people from the north. The Environment Our Country Canada is now 150! When you step outside the door, everyone in your neighborhood is not the same race or same religion you. Just by going to school, everyone is different, from the staff to the students. We do not have to be raised a gender. You can express however you feel and have the right to marry who you like. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi < Our History Canada has come along way. 150 years since this country was born. We have gone through industrialization and without it will the outcome of this country. Everyone has their own heroes, someone they look to. From family to soldiers that protect our country. When I was small, I was always told about Terry Fox, and how he help raise money for children with cancer by running a huge marathon. Even Rick Hansen himself did what Terry did. Our Status This gives the people the chance to have a great and healthy life. From the cold snowy mountains to boreal forest. The wildlife is beautiful. But the climate is getting more hot making it harder to grow crops and increasing the amount of wildfires. This is due to global warming caused by pollution. Diversity When people think of Canadians, we think of the nice people from the north. We give, help, and protect people as a country. As a bilingual country we speak french and english. We take 250,000 immigrants a year and open our border to anyone. As a canadian citizen, we have the right to vote for the leaders we want. Our relationship first nations people aren't the best but it can improve by treating them as one of us. As Wab Kinew said, " When you set aside a group of people from the rest, that never seems to work." From free education, to free healthcare, changes lives. We have the rural areas of the country and the urban cities of this country. Without rura Canada 150

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