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Campus Exploration PowerPoint

Transcript: Campus Exploration PowerPoint By: Irvin L. Miramontes Univ 104-B24 ASC Military Affairs Whether you are a first-time military student of Liberty University or a seasoned veteran at taking courses, our military homepage has information for everyone. Contact: (855) 355-4947 (Toll-Free) (434) 592-5990 (Direct) Website: Academic Success Center The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides a range of programs that will help meet your learning needs while at Liberty University. Contact: (434) 592-6387 DeMoss Hall 1100 Office of Equity & Inclusion Office of Equity & Inclusion Serve all students, faculty, staff, and leadership by making every effort to promote inclusiveness and impartiality throughout our institution and standing against all forms of unbiblical discrimination. Contact: (434) 592-4020 (434) 592-2853 (fax) Green Hall, Room 1569 Online Writing Center The Online Writing Center helps online students at all levels of English writing proficiency. Contact: email: Phone: N/A Location: N/A Online Wring Center Office of Disability Accomendation Support The Office of Disability Accommodation Support (ODAS) exists to coordinate support services for online students with a documented disability. Contact: Email: Phone: N/A Location: N/A LUO ODAS IT Help Desk Online Support For any question you have. Online link for all help desk info(location, phone, email): Veteran's Center Jonathan Norman is the supervisor of the Liberty University Veterans Center. In this role, he serves as a military student liaison and assists military and veteran students with issues relating to their military service. Contact: Email: Phone: (434) 592-5652 Fax: (434) 455-1287, Attn: Jon Norman Location: Veterans Center Veteran's Center Online Student Life The Office of Online Student Life is here to support you as you continue your education. Contact: Location: Green Hall, Room 1887 Phone:N/A Online Student life Student Advocate Office The Liberty University Online Student Advocate Office exists to assist online students with overcoming obstacles preventing the completion of their chosen degree. Academic Standing Consultants – Online Student Advocate Office – Phone:N/A Location:N/A Student Advocate Oficce Career Center Connects Liberty University students and alumni with career opportunities through impactful coaching, employer connections, and valuable work experiences. Contact (434) 592-4109 (434) 582-2791 (Fax) Career Services: Employer Relations: Montview Student Union, Room 2560 Career Center

2012-2013 Campus Recruitment Template

Transcript: If you have any questions, please contact: go to: What is it? go to: Tell me more! Program Objectives Keep it short and focused Summer Associates Program Where can I work? ~21 Hospitals ~400 Doctors' Offices/Outpatient Sites Health Insurance Division International Division ISD Rotation (ISDR) Program Financial Management Rotation (FMR) Program ~55,000 Employees Project Coordinator, Campus Recruitment Personalize it We strive to recruit and retain top talent. We aim to “recruit once, hire twice.” We hope you will be able to fill entry level positions after you finish the programs. Practice, practice, practice! FMR Program Growth Sammi Soriano How can I apply? Real Work Experience Ask about our company Make yourself stand out on campus! Six Eyes Your Resume Finance Information Technology Marketing and Communications Human Resources Quality and Process Improvement Supply Chain Management Real Estate Legal How can I apply? Tell US about our company 11 Week Paid Internship between May and August What is it? Questions? Interview Tips Two Years, Four 6-Month Rotations Through All Areas of UPMC Business Solutions Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Infrastructure If you have any questions, please contact: Networking and Executive Exposure Keep it professional Summer Associates Program Growth Why do you want the position? Sammi Soriano Pilot program with positions: Tips from the Experts 412-864-4257 Full-Time Rotation Programs Leadership Opportunities Know what you are looking for Qualifications and Information Take your time Know your elevator speech! How can you contribute? ...but we're more than just healthcare. Introduce yourself Why does UPMC have this program? ~$10 Billion Organization Be honest Project Coordinator, Campus Recruitment 412-864-4257

Campus Exploration PowerPoint

Transcript: International Student Center *The Office of Equity and Inclusion was locked when I tried to get in, so I took pictures of the signs leading to it *Many international students feel more at ease because of this office. *The Career Center helps graduating students and their future employers find each other *You can contact the Career Center at or call them at 434-592-4109 *The Graduate and Commuter Student helps students who commute to stay connected with other commuters and get involved more on campus *The University and this Office does everything in its power to prevent sexual harassment and this Office really helps enforce that. *The Help Desk actually has multiple locations, but the one I am standing in front of is in DeMoss Hall room 2412. *CASAS also helps students get jobs after graduation *This Office is located in Green Hall room 1845 Library Service Desk *The IT Help Desk offers students technical help with personal and university owned computers and laptops *The Curriculum Library is located on the terrace level of the JFL Library, near the Biblical History museum. Office of Equity & Inclusion (Center4Me) *You can reach them at or 434-592-2297 *The Curriculum Library helps Education Majors by housing many textbooks for K-12 learning, including teacher edition textbooks. *GCSLC has groups called "Commuter Tribes" that help students adjust to life at Liberty. *This Office promotes a life dedicated to Christ and encourages students in their walk of faith. *The International Student Center helps students from other countries adjust to life in America and at Liberty. Career Center *CASAS is located in DeMoss Hall room 1100 Curriculum Library *This Library partners alongside the School of Education to allow its students to enhance not only their learning, but their future students' as well. College of Applied Studies and Academic Success (CASAS) *The Jerry Falwell Library holds a service desk, which is available for students to ask for specific books, directions, or anything else they might need. *They can be found in Green Hall room 1875 *You can contact them at or (434) 592-3067 Graduate and Commuter Student Life Center *LU Send, or LU Send NOW, is a organization that consists of a team of students, faculty, and many others who volunteer to help communities where disaster strikes. *This Office can be reached at or at (434) 592-4020 *You can contact them at or 434-592-4118 *They are located in Green Hall room 2500 *This is located in DeMoss Hall room 2232 Elizabeth Lester UNIV 101-B48 IT Help Desk *Contact them at or 434-582-2220 *The Title IX Office prevents gender discrimination or sexual harassment on campus. *The process of looking for a job can vary from student to student, so the Career Center has broken it up into how long you have been in school. *They are located in Montview Student Union rooms 2300 &2560. The room I am standing in front of in this picture is their old location. *They can be contacted at (434) 592-6092 or you can go on their website to live chat with them! Campus Exploration PowerPoint *You can contact them at or (434) 592-3361 *The Help Desk uses technology to help students succeed in today's world. *CASAS offers all students academic success as they pursue their degree *Both undergrad and graduate students are allowed to travel, but must complete certain requirements. *Conviently located in the center of campus, students have no excuse to not do their homework! *The Office of Equity and Inclusion offers students an understanding of the Western, American culture that Liberty is a part of. *You can contact them at or (434) 592-4999 Title IX office LU Send *You can contact LU send at or 434-592-6455

powerpoint template

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Optimise your World CAMPUS - template

Transcript: We genuinely only use a very small percentage of our real group potential, when we don't act as unit Real-time Resilience is where with practice we develop an ability to intervene and take control of any situation, the split second it occurs; creating a buffer of time to form a measured response.  Without this buffer we are likely to engage in an unskilful thought pattern and the associated emotions; potentially leading to the unnecessary creation of a situation where there is no coming back from. The experts on achieving Masterclass, advise us to follow and commit ourselves to the following steps 1. Establish a number of suitable Masterclass role modules to aspire to & even surpass 2. Research their habits, their common values and beliefs; what worked for them and what did not 3. Find yourself a suitable worthy mentor 4. Create a road map to Masterclass, based on the finding of your research; and commit yourself to it. Remember to follow what resonates with your intuition 5. Monitor your progress against your road map; don’t be afraid to update your plan if it feels right to do so 6. Practice realistic optimism to maintain your natural buoyancy, and resilience to maintain your natural reservoir; for when required 7. Speak about your endeavour openly and positively; it will not only help to engrain it in your psyche; it will also increase your chances of making the right connections and open the right doors for you 8. Dig deep and find your true grit, when you require it. Recommit when you feel like giving up; this sometimes requires you to change your thoughts and perceptions, allowing you to see beyond and get around the obstacles (use Perceiving Directly / your intuition for this) 9. Based on extensive research of various masters by Anders Ericsson; it takes on average 10,000 hours of dedication, focus and exemplar practice to achieve a level of Masterclass. When others are at home watching TV; the Masterclass are busy refining their skills, so they are committed to muscle memory and become second nature  Quote from Robert Greene, the author of the book ‘Mastery’. Robert spent 12 years studying the greats of the past and interviewing the present time greats. This I feel sums Mastery up very well. “All of us have access to a higher form of intelligence, one that can allow us to see more of the world, to anticipate trends, to respond with speed and accuracy to any circumstances. This intelligence is cultivated by deeply immersing ourselves in a field of study and saying true to our inclinations, no matter how unconventional our approach might seem to others. This such intense immersion over many years, we come to internalize and gain an intuitive feel with the rational processes; we expand our minds to the outer limits of our potential and are able to see into the secret core of life itself ” “You can’t stop the waves; but you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat Zinn, Don't wait...... start now...... If not now......then when? Make the commitment to yourself & the team before you leave this room! BASE CAMP The Cornerstone of Performance PEAK 4 If you aren't getting 7-8 hours restful sleep (where your body & mind is calm & relaxed), you will struggle to operate at your optimum; the experts also say less than 6 or more than 8 is ill advised Why Optimise? The following can also trigger stress responses; 1. A Pessimistic general outlook – optimists have a 77% lower risk of heart disease than pessimists 2. Worry / Anxiety – makes the amygdala go ballistic 3. Working at job you hate - when your integrity & purpose is on the line; you are much more likely to wind up in a chronic repetitive stress response 4. Toxic relationships – you may be better off alone than being around people who stress out your nervous system; when you feel threatened in a relationship not just physically but emotionally, your nervous system interprets this as danger 5. Childhood traumas- places, scents, songs or other sounds, can remind and trigger the fight or flight response 6. Feelings of helplessness 7. Hunger – sends the danger message to the amygdala that there is a problem; even if you are on a diet the response can be triggered 8. Unforgiven resentments – it is not just the rage that will flip you into “fight or flight” mode, trivial unrelated events like trying to find a parking space can also trigger it Synchronicity Go the extra mile; you will be surprised how few travel along it 8. Keen– be eager to help each other out and remember it can only be a two way system PEAK 1 Scientists have proven that if we entertain positive thoughts; we create more and faster pathways in the brain to hard-wire in optimism, as a life skill or trait. What an incentive As our brains have the capacity to form new connections; there is always scope to transform our abilities Optimism helps us to see beyond the obstacles; we don’t need to always know what to do next but trust that with intuition and optimism: we will find a way When the old 'survival'

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