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Campaign Presentation Template

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Campaign Reporting Template

Transcript: E.g. Create eqity in women's health services access and outcomes in disadvantaged groups Actions E.g. We engaged with more than 50 intersectorial stakeholders such as a,b,c... which aligns to our core goal of: Engagement - Create strong engagement with our key stakeholders, including members, partners, the community and government What's the Campaign? What's the problem? In order to solve this problem, we... e.g. NWHS...A one day event with top 100 influencers that opens the conversation about this issues Outcomes vs. Objectives Building partnerships allows us to be seen as a figure of authority, which brings us closer to our vision: To be the leading authority in women’s health in Australia and New Zealand. If we are the leading authority in women's health, we can now solve the initial problem. E.g. If we want to increase awareness, we need more people to hear our message, so we'll track that with reach, followers, media presence.... Campaign Objectives Social media campaign Social media cross-promotion with partners Press room Press release Journo co-chairs What's the solution? Outcomes How does this relate to the College's goals? Insert tickbox table: Reach 1000 Followers +200 Media presence 5000 reach = Tick Raise Awareness goals. We reached 1000 people with our NWHS thanks to partnering re-tweets that augmented our reach. This is 500 more than our average, which means we doubled the reach of our message E.g. To increase awareness on women's health pressing challenges in different specialist streams How does this relate to our Mission and Vision? E.g. Inequity in women's health services access and outcomes in disadvantaged groups Marketing Metrics

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