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Camo Wedding Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: How did it all start Never come back Coming back New 1800's and Still used in military comfy looks good used for hunting and for outside activities In the US in the 1960s, military clothing became increasingly common mostly olive drab rather than patterned camouflage; it was often found worn by anti-war protestors, initially within groups such as Vietnam Veterans Against the War but then increasingly widely as a symbol of political protest. It became popular with all the designers designing with camouflage pattern. They are mostly popular with the guys, but it did become slowly popular to girls with the help of TV shows, such as Duck Dynasty. It was first practiced in simple form in the mid 18th century by jager or rifle units. They were given green and other colours to make a uniform. Their task was to make inconspicuous uniform. Than it was used throughout all army. tight roll jeans Why is it so popular? 2014 Used for fashion wear to standout On more clothing Detailed and more colour on camouflage Jooeun Kim I don't think there is anything to improve upon, because so much designers and company already has made so much out of camouflage pattern. They made it into so all sort of different designs and forms that I don't think there is anything to improve. 1800 Old 2014 Now people wear it all the time. You can find camouflage pattern on anything now. On shoes, hats, jackets, shirt, pants, and even on dog clothes. Camouflage was something that was made to hide, but people now wear it to stand out, which is ironic. 1900's 1960 something i would improve UGGS Camouflage Military wore to respect pattern was more like olive It was mostly worn by man, and they used it for camping, hunting, and it was great in comfort.


Transcript: Key Ideas * Where was the heat-resistant makeup discovered? * How hot can the heat resistant makeup get? *What did they do to make the camouflage makeup inflammable? This project is science because science is about studying and observing to help an environment. Finding the Camouflage makeup could help save lives. Where was this discovered? The University of Southern Mississippi discovered a way to make this happen. They withdrew any chemicals that were fire proof and added large clumps of pigment. How Hot Can The Heat -Resistant Makeup Limit? The limit of heat the Camouflage makeup can take is 600 degree Celsius. This is as hot as when you burn a cigarette. This video compares the heat pressure against the camouflage makeup before and after the experimentation. the Camouflage makeup covering is on the left of the screen. Any Questions? Thank You For Your Time!! This Article helps you visualize the idea or concept. Camouflage Makeup that protects from bomb explosions. The makeup comes in army colors. The colors are light brown,dark brown,green,and white. The light brown is for sand,dark brown is for soil and mud,green is for the grass,and white is for the snow. Camouflage makeup This video gives an example of the temperature the camouflage makeup can reach up to. By Dyamonesse Q. Campbell The makeup protects hands and feet for fifteen seconds. Although it may not seem like a long time it is enough time to shield yourself or run away. Template by Missing Link Images from What Colors Do the Camouflage Makeup it come in?

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