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Transcript: The evolution of drones Block 1/2 Aerospace 1800 - 1950 Unit 2 Discovering Design Evolution of imaging: 1800's - 1950's Our Group We are "JA" the 1800 - 1950 Aerospace engineering group Introduction A visual representation of who we are Group photo Jonathan - Photographer Aaron - Hard at work Timeline 1837 1942 Timeline for the development of imaging (1800 - 1950) 1913 1885 / 1888 1825 1931/1933 Louis Daguerre Was the partner of Nicéphore Niépce Developed first practical photographic process then named the camera the Daguerreotype camera Nicéphore Niépce How did it work? He used a silver-plated sheet of copper with iodine vapor to give it a coating of light-sensitive silver iodide. Then he would develop the image with mercury vapor and salt. French inventor credited for the development of the imaging technique called heliography How it works: He would coat a piece of paper with silver chloride and then his small camera would let in light and the chloride would darken where it was exposed to light, however this was ineffective. He then experimented with Charles and Vincent Chevalier to use a sliding box camera to eventually show an image that needed to be traced. William David Coolidge Was an American physicist and engineer, who made major contributions to X-ray machines. What did he do? invents the hot cathode x-ray tube, using a thermionic tube with a heated cathode electron emitter to replace the cold, or gas, tube. This is was an important development because all modern x-ray tubes are of the thermionic type. George Eastman Credited for the manufacturing of paper film in 1855 What else? His first camera was called the "Kodak" camera and was a simple box camera priced very low and had a fixed-focus lens and single shutter speed. (1888) Ernest Ruska Was a German Electrical Engineer who worked with Max Kroll took part in constructing an electron microscope. Why is this important? The electron microscope first instrument to provide better definition than a light microscope and view objects as small as the diameter of an atom and can magnify objects one million times The U.S. Weather Radar Laboratory conducts research in the 1950s on Doppler radar. What is Doppler Radar? A type or radar system that uses the change in frequency that occurs as a moving object nears or passes (an effect discovered for sound waves in 1842 by Austrian scientist Christian Doppler). Developments over the years: 1825 - early development of photo using chemicals 1837 - easier to get clearer image than last model, but came with health problems due to ( mercury vapor poisoning ) 1885 / 1888 - First camera with single shutter, faster to get image out. furthermore use of paper film reduced use of chemicals 1913 - First development in X-ray technology. Major impact on medical field 1931 - Using imaging to go and be able to see electrons. ( big advancements in science) 1942 - developments in tracking weather. Developments Societal Impact: Click to edit text Societal Impact Then vs Now Camera Obscura vs Phone Camera Impact on future Clucker Enterprises 1950 - 2000 TIMELINE 1950-1980 1980-2010 2040-2070 2010-2040 2070-2100 Drone Sputnik Sat Infinite Distance Jet Suit Human DNA SOCIETAL IMPACT Drones - Improved Military Nimbus 7 - Improved Satellites Galileo Pro - In Depth Knowledge of Solar System Satellite - Google Maps Gamma Ray - More Knowledge on Waves Impact On Society J&E Enterprise 2000 - 2100 Evolution in space photography between 1940 - Present Timeline Timeline 1946 The white Sands Rocket was a modified V-2 rocket that became the first man-made object to take a photograph of the Earth from outer space. Launched on 24 October 1946 1976 First panoramic photo of Mars 2003 DEEPEST VISIBLE-LIGHT PHOTO OF COSMOS FIRST COLOR PHOTO FROM VENUS 1982 When Apollo 8 was deployed in 1968, its sole photographic mission was to capture high-resolution images of the moon’s surface, FIRST PHOTO OF EXOPLANET 2004

Camera Presentation

Transcript: Camera Project Yousef Al Sadi Agenda 1. Firstly we will be covering the different types of camera 2. Agenda Secondly we will be covering the companies selected 3. Thirdly I will compare the products and we will come to a conclusion as to which one is the best product Executive summary Executive summary Projected Result Solution Problem / Opportunity Finding best products Research and evaluation Buying and selling products The different types of Cameras Types of Camera For us to chose the best product we first must understand the different types of cameras. Types of cameras Types of Cameras Covert Camera Day/Night Camera Dome Camera Bullet Camera Types of Cameras 2 High Definition Camera Infrared/Night Vision Camera Network/IP Camera PTZ Camera Types of Cameras 3 Varifocal Camera Wireless Camera Companies invloved Potential Manufacturers The supplier will be Alibaba Bestech/OEM DALI ALLTOP Products 1 Product 1 The first product is a a prestigious and high quality camera with features that will make other cameras pail in compassion. Even though the camera is pricy its physiognomy backs it up. Quick Details Details Name of product: Bestech CCTV Security Smart Human Tracking 4x Ptz Wireless Camera Link: Current Status: Inquiries sent, waiting for answer. Specs Specs Place of Origin:Guangdong, China Brand Name:Bestech/OEM Model Number:BT-HD48F-WF-4X-2MP Sensor:CMOS Special Features:NIGHT VISION, Two-way Audio, Human Motion Tracking, Motion Detection Video Compression Format:H.265 Product name:Bestech CCTV Security Smart Human Tracking 4x Ptz Wireless Camera Resolution:1920*1080 Style:Smart Camera Wifi Home Technology:TWO-way Audio Color:White Lens:2.8-12mm Function:Sd Card Function Warranty:6 months IR LED:4pcs LEDs APP:P6SLite Specifications Specifications Product 2 Product 2 The second product is a high quality camera that is very expensive. However, the quality of the camera is not worth the price. The camera contains many qualities such as being bulletproof. Deliverable 1 Basic Details 1 Name of product: Network bullet single len CCTV security camera military thermal imager Link: Current Status: No contact made with the company Details 2 Details 2 Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China Brand Name:DALI Model Number:DLD-J Type:IP Camera Style:Bullet Camera Sensor:Uncooled FPA microbolometer Special Features:Waterproof / Weatherproof Product name:military thermal imager Resolution:384*288/640*480 Pixel pitch:17um NETD:<100mK Spectral range:8-14μm Frame rate:50Hz F number:F 1.1 Protection level:IP66 Weight:1.24 Kg Technology:Infrared Product 3 This Camera has a futuristic desighn that is very suitable for family homes. It contains many usefull qualities and even rins on solar energy. Product 3 Timeline Basic Details Name: ALLTOP Outdoor 1080P Waterproof Wireless Security Surveillance Solar Panel Battery Powered WiFi IP Solar CCTV Camera Link: Current Status: inquries sent waiting for response Details Deatailes Guangdong, China Brand Name:ALLTOP Model Number:0975A02-01 Special Features:Built-in Siren, NIGHT VISION, Two-way Audio, Human Motion Tracking, Waterproof / Weatherproof Video Compression Format:H.265, H.264 Name:Solar Camera Power:4W Solar Panel:5.5V 7.8W, Mono-Crystalline Battery Type:Lithium-Ion 3.7V 6400mAH Networking methodI:Wifi Detection Mode:PIR+Radar dual induction detection Detection Distance:0-12M Detection Angle:120° Cloud Storage:Cloud Storage (Alarm Recording) Local Storage:TF card(maximum 128G) Specifications More `details

camera presentation

Transcript: Monique Lopez Period: 4 The Camera The camera was invented as an easier way to capture moments rather than having to draw or paint them as they used to do. The Camera The Camera The first person to create a camera and take a photo with it was Joseph Niepce. It took Niepce eight hours to develop the photograph. Methodology Who Invented the Camera? Video Video Timeline The history of the camera the first camera is invented by Joseph Niepce George Eastman began selling his first camera called kodak in 1888 Kodak releases a new SLR camera, this was also known as "the death of film" Steven Sasson invents the first digital camera in 1975 Evolution The Evolution of the Camera Impacts Impacts Photography and cameras have made many impacts on how the world is today and how we as people interact with eachother. Political Political Photography has had a big impact on the last presidential election. Economic Economic Cameras have gotten much more expensive, a film camera at a thirft store costs $15 while a nice digital camera can cost 700$ Social Social Photography has made many impacts on people socially. photography has brought many people together. Conclusion Conclusion The camera has made many impacts in the word, whether its advancing technology, allowing others to connect with eachother through photography, or the start of a new career, the camera has made many significant impacts on humanity. Cited Sources Cited Sources

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