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Transcript: PROJECT WORK Sport Injuries Celis Teodoro Heydy ACT 1 Engage your students in a variety of ways using PreziVideo. 2. Context: Talking about Victor's absence Rosales Solano Victor How to Use PreziVideo There are many different options to start from with PreziVideo. We’ve listed each here. Record & Post This is the fastest and easiest method for developing a Prezi Video. Record & Post This video shows you how. Save, post, and download 5 Import Your PowerPoint Import Your PowerPoint Get the PreziVideo desktop app Advanced Create Advanced Create This video covers how to use Advanced Create. Choose and modify a template Import a Prezi If you have a Prezi already and you want to make it into a presentation, it’s pretty easy. Select edit for your Prezi, and then click Create Video in the upper right hand corner. Import a Prezi Once you click Create Video, the right side rail appears. Finally, click record and you will appear in your Prezi ready to make your recording. Click Allow Camera. Next, you are able to adjust your content to make it presentable for your video. Import a Prezi: Create a Custom Template To create a frame like this, start by designing a Prezi with a plain white background. Craft the Prezi to suit your desired look and feel. Create a Custom Template for Your PreziVideo Sometime when you convert a Prezi presentation to a PreziVideo, the formatting of the presentation can be a challenge to format. Because of this, you may just want to start fresh and create a frame in Prezi that can be easily used in a PreziVideo. This means that you leave room in the presentation to fit your face so you can still be front and center in your PreziVideo. Here’s an example of the end result: Allow Camera Then, to further refine the template, click Create Video in the upper right hand corner which will open up the steps to create a video. Click Allow Camera. Allow Camera When you click, Allow Camera, your image will enter the frame. Notice that your graphical treatment is still editable. Make changes to refine your presentation. And when you are ready. Click Record Video. Web Conferencing PreziVideo provides an engaging overlay to your web conferences. Web Conferencing Download the PreziVideo app. Next, it will ask you if you want to Create New, Import a PowerPoint or Import from Prezi Advanced. Tutorials: From your main PreziVideo dashboard, click Video Conferencing. >>

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Transcript: "..suggests to me a buzzing insect, hovering, darting, stinging.” Hypothesis proven CORRECT "Crossed the line" Choosing of Audience Alec Baldwin Lindsay Lohan Evan Rachel Wood Daniel Craig Amy Winehouse Nicole Richie Lily Allen Harry Styles Taylor Swift Jay Z 10. Do you believe that the paparazzi and celebrities share a mutual beneficiary relationship? 1. What is your age? 2. What is your gender? Gender did not make any noticeable differentiation 48 people in age bracket 18-24 4 people in age bracket 25-31 Yes = 46% No = 54% Paparazzi cross the line in today’s celebrity culture. 53 People Ages 17-24 Men and Women 4. How often do you believe this news to be accurate? Yes = 73% Unsure = 27% 7. Do you think addiction to celebrity culture and information is unhealthy? If not, why? CLICK! 9. Do you think stricter laws and higher penalties should be enacted to protect the privacy rights of these celebrities? If not, why? Woody Harrelson Bjork Sean Penn Paris Hilton Cameron Diaz Chris Martin Hugh Grant Gerard Butler Russel Brand Shia LaBeouf Ages 27-51, Men & Women Not Sure = 98% Not Aware = 2% Introduction Internet = 77% Magazines = 19% Word of Mouth = 4% Yes = 32% No = 16% Unsure =52% By: Brandon Roldan 3. Where do you currently receive the majority of your “celebrity” news and gossip? Kris Jenner Kristen Stewart Lamar Odom Kanye West Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber Rob Kardashian Jude Law Sienna Miller Britney Spears Thank You! Any Questions? Survey SEPARATE ELEMENTS 6. Do you believe the paparazzi have become too involved in celebrity lives? Hypothesis: Paparazzi have "crossed the line" in today’s celebrity culture. 8. Do you believe that you may be partly to blame for the extent paparazzi will go to capture their photos? Conclusion Mostly = 43% Sometimes = 55% Rarely = 2% The term ‘Paparazzi’ was coined in 1960 by Federico Fellini Yes = 89% Unsure = 11% Term Project Yes = 100% 5. Are you familiar with the privacy laws that celebrities have? Case #1 Death of Princess Diana Case #2 Jackie O Trial The Anti-Paparazzi Statute “with the intent to capture any type of visual image, sound recording, or other physical impression of the plaintiff engaging in a person or familial activity where it would be offensive to a reasonable person.” Constructive Invasion of Privacy permits lawsuits against media outlets that pay for and use the material they knew was improperly obtained, and second, it increased fines up to $50,000 for each picture taken. California Vehicle Code § 40008 “allows longer jail sentences of up to 6 months and steeper fines of up to $2,500 for reckless driving” (with the same intent) Pros Celebrity lives can be manipulated by photos Every person has a basic fundamental right to privacy Cons Celebrities signed up for this lifestyle Behavior of the paparazzi is proportional to the demand of the consumer 1. The term "Paparazzi" 2. The basis of what constitutes celebrity culture (and how it coincides with the use of photographic journalism) 3. The definition of what I mean by “crossing the line”. This will be done through the examination of socio-economic beliefs, political understandings, and present legal statutes and regulations regarding the topic.

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