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Transcript: CAMBRIDGE Cultural City... The original village site is in the heart of today's Harvard Square. The marketplace where farmers brought in crops from surrounding towns to sell, is today the small park at the corner of John F. Kennedy and Winthrop Streets. The town included a much larger area than the present city, with lots of areas becoming independent towns over the years: Newton (originally Cambridge Village, then Newtown) in 1688, Lexington (Cambridge Farms) in 1712, and both West Cambridge (originally Menotomy) and Brighton (Little Cambridge) in 1807. Part of West Cambridge joined the new town of Belmont in 1859, and the rest of West Cambridge was renamed Arlington in 1867; Brighton was annexed by Boston in 1874. In the mid-19th century, Cambridge was the center of a literary revolution which gave the country a new identity through poetry and literature. Cambridge was home to some of the most famous american Poets like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. In those days, they were as popular and influential as rock stars are today. Student: Mª. Emilia Sanchez Course: 6th´'B' Year: 2013 Teacher: Mariel Romagnoli LEADER English Institute Economic Development Higher education... Made for September Oral Exam... The Village Some Info... Cambridge was incorporated as a city in 1846. By 1920, Cambridge was one of the main industrial cities of New England. As industry in New England began to decline during the Great Depression and after World War II, Cambridge lost much of its industrial base. It also began the transition to be an intellectual city, rather than an industrial one. Harvard University had always been important in the city (both as a landowner and as an institution), but it began to play a more dominant role in the city's life and culture. When Radcliffe College was established the town became a mecca for some of the nation's most academically talented female students. Also, the move of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from Boston ensured Cambridge's status as an intellectual center of the United States. Cambridge is a city in Massachusetts, United States, situated in the north of Boston, across the Charles River. It was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in England. Cambridge is home to two of the world's most important universities, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. Radcliffe College (a college for women) was also located in Cambridge before it merged with Harvard. The city's population was 105,162. It is the fifth most populous city in the state, behind Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and Lowell. Cambridge is perhaps best known as an academic and intellectual center, owing to its colleges and universities, which include: • Cambridge College • Cambridge School of Culinary Arts • Episcopal Divinity School • Harvard University • Hult International Business School • Lesley University • Longy School of Music • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston At least 129 of the world's total 780 Nobel Prize winners have been, at some point in their careers, affiliated with universities in Cambridge. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is also based in Cambridge


Transcript: Students might grow up to be underachievers Students might not be best prepared for the future "Western" children might not be able to handle the difficult challenges that lay ahead of them Less favorable results on International tests Advantages of Tiger Parenting Although there are some advantages of Chinese parenting, the negative effects of this model of parenting outshine the good side. Even though tiger parenting might produce students like Amy Chua's daughters, but not every Asian students is guaranteed to get accepted to a prestigious college like the two girls do. Amy Chua has said that children will be happy when they become successful. However, the study done at Cornell University has shown the exact opposite. Asian students not only stress out, but also remain very unhappy. The staggering number shows that Chinese parenting can possibly weaken the mentality of the Asian students. Thus, the more care-free and individualistic approach of the Western parenting is more ideal for the mentality of the student since the student will not be as stressed out and as depressed as he or she is under "Chinese" parenting. Hence, Western parenting seems to be the better way to approach not only a child's education, but also his or her mental health. Confucius on Education Winnie Wen According to Confucius, "Study means finding a good teacher and imitating his words and deeds. A good teacher is someone older who is familiar with the ways of the past and the practices of the ancients." (Lunyu, 7.22) Disadvantages of Tiger Parenting "Though the Cornell student suicide rate mirrors the average on campuses nationwide, 13 of the 21 Cornell student suicide victims since 1996 have been Asian or Asian-American. The victim count is sobering considering that only 14 percent of the total Cornell student body are self-identified Asian-Americans." Ability to think creatively and be innovative Students tend to be more assertive and aggressive because they are "masters of their own fate." Children are happier "Western" students tend to be happier "Western" students can be more expressive about their true feelings as they are raised to speak their minds. Less psychological or mental health related problems Suffering of the child Harsh parenting Negative criticisms from the outside world Resentments toward parents Exacerbate parent-child relationship Students struggle with depression, stress, and low self-esteem Students have a hard time opening up to reveal their true feelings How do Eastern and Western Parenting Differ and Which One is Superior? Advantages of Western Parenting "gentle" or permissive leisure/freedom individuality overall development children's choice "happiness before success" creativity Experts Eastern Parenting Conclusion Disadvantages of Western Parenting Responsibility Motivation Productivity Prepare the child for the children Cause the child to be more obedient Improvements in children's schoolwork and habits Students produce very favorable test results strict "success before happiness" academic-oriented strong parental involvement total authority/ obedience demanding "Confucius disparages those who have faith in natural understanding or intuition and argues that the only real understanding of a subject comes from long and careful study." Western Parenting Hugo Schwyzer - History and Gender Studies Professor at Pasadena City College Henry Chung - Assistant Vice President for Student Health at New York University and Executive Director of the NYU Student Health Center Amy Chua - Law Professor at Yale University

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