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Call to Action

Transcript: The Death Penalty Call to Action Bridget, Kaylee, Shayna, Tanya, & Tasha Why it Matters in Montana http://aclunc. org/issues/criminal_justice/death_penalty/frequently_asked_questions_about_the_costs_of_california's_death_penalty.shtml Common Beliefs about the Death Penalty Class Opinion Survey *Join the Montana Abolition Coalition No official study of total cost to Montana for the death penalty Montana has sentenced approximately 20 people to die since it was reinstated. 3 have been executed. 2 are currently on death row. The rest have had their sentences overturned after multiple appeals and retrials. Both death row inmates in Montana have been imprisoned for over 15 years. Costs What could we do with that money? $137 Million/year Montana currently utilizes the death penalty in capitol cases, a process which, on average, costs taxpayers approximately ten times the amount it would cost for a life without parole sentence. This excess in spending could be addressed by a change in policy surrounding sentencing. The Problem 1. Unemployment 2. Education 3. Poverty 4. Federal deficit 5. Health care 6. Quality of the environment 7. Social security 8. Aging out of foster care 9. Energy resources 10. Terrorism The average cost in raising a child through age 18. $227,000 125,000,000 / 227,000 = approx. 550 children Statistics by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 2010 Solution $11.5 Million/year Montana $125,000,000 * Educate yourself and others *However in addition to these costs, they also incur the costs associated with the multiple appeals processes and trials. *Last year for example, we set aside 1.5 million in addition to normal costs for the capitol case of one of our death row inmates. What You Can Do! Funding for post-conviction prosecution and defense attorneys cost $85,000 per inmate, per year. (Inmates sentenced to life without parole are not afforded mandatory appeals). Putting things into perspective.... Where Does All the Money Go? $125.5 Million Common Beliefs about the Death Penalty Young and Newly registered voters American Government High School Students College Freshman Orientation Students Outreach to to Montana Citizens & Policymakers. 11. Discrimination 12. Crime rates 13. Military action 14. Immigration 15. Gay rights 16. Physician-assisted death 17. Corporate personhood 18. Capital punishment 19. Medical marijuana 20. Trapping That's $125,000,000 in savings towards taxpayers in one year. Target Audience Death penalty sought in Montana teacher's killing -The Associated Press, 4 days ago ______________ Social Issues Ranked in Importance *Write your legislature Educate the public about Death Penalty costs, focusing on important community players to gain support to end the death penalty and support life without parole in Montana. Projected Cost of Life Without Parole: Death row housing costs a minimum of $90,000 more per inmate per year than general prison population. “The prisons are overcrowded as is, keep the death penalty and make room for more, that's my opinion and if you don't like it, too bad” Jackie Gaulan Fitzgerald “…The death [sentence] in my opinion would be a deterrent for a lot of criminals if it were carried out as should be. Pat Conley Retrieved from!/theinquisitr/posts/259686507459068 Costs *Death Row inmates have the same costs associated with them as any other inmate. California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice (2011) What does the Death Penalty cost? Current Death Penalty Costs: “An eye for an eye!!! yes i believe in the death penalty...why should we have to use our tax dollars for you to sit in jail for the rest of your life!! thats dumb!” Renee Ball “Yes i do believe in it..1 because the tax payers foot the bill for inmates and 2. and eye for an eye as the bible says and 3.why should an inmate enjoy life when their victims either lost [theirs] or suffer forever” Elaine Kockler Retrieved from!/theinquisitr/posts/259686507459068 *

Call to Action

Transcript: Support #3 ( Works Cited Support #2 -A reporter for the Washington Post, Valerie Srauss -"Less than 1% said that homework was not a stressor, and 56% indicated homework as a primary source of stress"(Strauss). -Too much homework, and the amount of homework causes students lots of stress. Introduction Call to Action -In a document by Linda Milbourne. -"Teachers assign homework to help their students review, apply, and integrate what has been learned in class"(Milboune). -Homework helps students remember what they've learned, and keeps the info in the student's mind. -Though it helps students remember, it give less time for a social life outside school. ( -Students need less homework. -High schoolers should get less homework so they can have more time on the things they enjoy and so they can get a good amount of sleep. -With less homework, students will have more time to spend with family/ on ASAs -Students will be able to get more sleep every night. -There will be less stress because of homework. Zach Brown Mr. Confino Eng. 9AH, Pd. 1 12 November 2014 Support #1 -In the Online Gargoyle, the University of Illinois newspaper -"During the day, Brown grows tired and will wake up in class realizing she dozed off"(Mestre). -Homework forces for a later sleep time, and if you go to sleep later, you need to wake up later. Melbourne, Linda. "Why is Homework Important?" Web. 16 November 2014. <> Mestre, Maritsa. "Running on Empty: A look into student sleeping habits." The Online Gargoyle. 31 March 2014. Web. 14 November 2014. <> Strauss, Valerie. "Homework hurts high-achieving students, study says." The Washington post. 13 March 2014. Web. 15 November 2014. <>

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