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Call flow

Transcript: Company Logo Call Flow AGENDA AGENDA Understanding- addressing the need. Looking for options. Negotiation. Presenting the solution Understanding - addressing the need Understanding - addressing the need Understanding the need is the key part at the beginning of the call that allows you to follow the correct steps towards a resolution. By addressing accordingly you are able to create a positive engagement at the beginning of the call. Understanding customer´s need. The key for understanding has two elements 1. Active listening. 2. Research. How do we make active listening? Active listening Active listening include Pay close attention to the request since the beginning of the call. Paraphrase the request to make sure you understood correctly. Take notes to make sure you won´t leave anything unresolved. Research Research include Discovery questions: key questions that allow you to grab information from customer side. May I know the reason of your request? Have you talked to some at the hotel about it? Do you have the name of the person you spoke with? Did you get an email when it was made? covery questions: key questions that allow you to grab information from customer side. Research: allows you to grab information from your tools for a better understanding. Eureka articles. Previous documentation. Property details and policies disclosed on voyager. website. "I understand the situation you are facing, what I can do to help you out with your request is to call the hotel so they can help us with that" "I am sorry to hear about that situation, in order to assist you with that, what I need to is contact the hotel to ask for your request" "I`ll be glad to assist you with that, I need to place you on hold to work about that with my support team." When addressing the customer`s need show understanding of the situation, be sensitive and create an engagement Addressing the need Looking for options Looking for options Once you were able to fully understand the customer`s need, you can start setting all the options available to resolve it. Options availables List all the options available depending the scenario and think about the following Which is the option that better fits with the customer`s need? what do you need, to make your option works? NEWS EVENTS Set a priority for each option Negotiation Negotiation Show interest advocating for the need Keep a professional conversation Use all the information you have Advocate Advocate By advocating for customer´s need you have to use all the information that will help you to get a positive resolution. "the reason for this guest to cancel is because his car broke down and cannot arrive, can you make an exception"... "this guest unfortunately can´t take vacations anymore he/she needs to work, so I wonder if you can make an exception" Show interest Show interest Try and ask to the hotel for all the options that cam resolve the need. "can this guess get a partial refund or a change of dates?" "Can you help us to remove the last night?" "If this guest arrive the next day can you keep the reservation confirmed?" When presenting the solution keep in mind the following: Show confidence. Set clear expectations and ideas. Provide statements according with the messag to be deliver. Presenting the solution Presenting the solution Use positive language, explain what you did and mention the benefits of the solution. "I have called the hotel to explain your situation and I have great news because I was able to get a full refund". "I just called the hotel to ask for your request and they were keeping their policy, but I have negotiated with the hotel because of your circumstances and the good news is that I got a partial refund". Positive message Positive solution Show confidence, avoid negative language and set a clear message being specific. "I have called the hotel to explain the situation but they have desided to keep their policy, since it is non refundable that means they will keep the payment". Customer: "but I have an ext circumstance" "I understand your situation however the price selected was a discounted one, that is why is non refundable, and after it was confirmed we depend on the hotel desicion" Hard message Hard message

call flow

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Call Flow

Transcript: Eric Dela Cruz Lynette Malaki Created by Group 1 Donna Bonita Fatima Camille Chan GROUP 1 Call Flow Call Flow Opening Spiel Opening Spiel Inbound Outbound Outbound Monitoring Outbound Monitoring Disclosure "This call is recorded for quality and training purposes." PERSONAL VERIFICATION Personal Verification Loan #, SSN #, Personal Email, DOB Filtering Questions L - Verification Reverse L - Verification Are you an Active Military Personnel ? Are you a dependent of an Active Military Personnel ? Military Questions Military Questions Conference Call Verification of Bank VOB Decision Logic Auto bank (For reference only) Silent VOB Regular VOE Verification of Employment VOE Silent VOE Strong VOE VOE via DD Reference References Explanation of Payment Option EPO 3 Payment Option APR Verbal Agreement E-Sign Wrap up Wrap Up "Mr./ Ms. _____ our underwriting department is reviewing the documents. If we need more information from you, we will contact you within the day to follow up. Just in case, please pay attention to your cell phone and e-mail." Strong Exceptions Strong Exceptions 1 VOE via DD You can do VOE via DD right away if needed. You can also try ; 1. The number the customer provided originally 2. Google findings. 3. The company website (if any) 4. You can try to ask for HR at all times. 5. Asking another valid land line for the employer and then validate it with any other phone verification tool. Always try to get 3 DDs. 2 About Direct Deposits Ask for 3 Direct Deposits. Only 2 DD's available in SAME Checking Account VOE is needed as usual. VOE Verified. Proceed with 2 DD's as a strong exception. 3 Gets Payroll Today or Tomorrow 4 Last Payroll PC / Inconsistent PF

Call Flow

Transcript: Before we start, let me ask some quick information, so I can provide you with the best solution. C R M Ask the proper probing Questions Identify the problem Provide the proper solution Provide alternatives for the future, Educate the customer Ask if the customer has any more Questions Provide survey reminder Provide with the Case number Close properly. Did associate fully resolve the customer's request? GREETING Answer call immediately less than 5 seconds Greet the customer Mention Alcatel One Touch Provide your name. Ask for customers name. Ask how you may assist. Use of the Customers Name. Acknowledge Is this the first time you are calling about your concern? Name Contact Number Contact Email City / State Model Number / wireless provider Date of purchase. Call Type Notes I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience you are experiencing I can certainly help you with ..... Mr/Mrs XXXX Listen quietly and carefully to their complaints and problems , without interrupting. I will be more than happy to help you Advise… don’t patronize . Maintain a sympathetic and even tone of voice. Never raise your voice. I understand, I know that can be very frustrating **I do understand the inconvenience you have faced Refresh the call every 60 seconds. Say thank you and please. 1) Did the associate effectively greet the customer? Ask for Case # if not ask for telephone (link to the previous interaction) Did the associate promote a positive customer experience? Call Flow Did associate close the call effectively? Good Morning, Good Afternoon. Thank you for calling Alcatel One Touch My name is XXXXX May I have your first and last name? Thank you Mr. XXXX How can I help you today I understand your request (paraphrase), is this correct? Is this the first time you are calling about your concern? Make plenty of proving questions to identify the issue and follow all troubleshooting steps specified on CRM Educate the customer on phone usage and provide use information and tips. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Is There anything else I can help you with? We are working to improve our service, it is OK if i send you a short survey ? your opinion is very important to us. Please, write down your reference number, in case you need to call us again, so we can access to your information . Thank you Mr/Mrs XXX for calling Alcatel One Touch, have a wonderful day. Demonstrate appreciation/respect. Demonstrates confidence. Matches customers urgency/style. Personalized attention Do not interrupt the caller. Demonstrate a desire to assist. Positive language and tone Be empathetic. Use common courtesy. QUALIFYING CLOSING Could you please spell your name for me? who is your wireless carrier? let´s find out the model number, (please go to setting, about the phone, model..) What State are you contacting us from? If you don't mind, could I please have the telephone number of the device you are calling about? Do you happen to have an email address you can provide us? when was the phone purchased_

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