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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

Transcript: Reflection: Notable Alumni: Cost and Aid Gender Breakdown Interview with Amanda Halcon Financial Aid >instate tuition: $5,472 >out of state tuition: $17,130 >room and board: $9,120/$9,390 *Spend $7,231/athlete >Application fee: $55 >Acceptance Rate: 55% >Average SAT score: 1538 >Average ACT score: 23 *94% of students applying submit SAT scores >spend most amount of $ on basketball >second most is baseball >no football team Admission Requirements: Tours >Total # of students enrolled: 21, 107 >Total # of undergrad students: 19, 399 >Percentage of those who receive it: 63% >Amount given: $8,679 >Out of pocket expenses: $5,913 What made you apply to Cal Poly Pomona? Do you regret your decision to go there? I wanted to go to cal poly because I felt like schools like cal state LA or CSUN were too much like ESAT when it comes to the type of people that go there. I didn't feel like there would be a challenge for me there. Cal poly was a challenge to me and was close enough to live at home but far enough away from the LA lifestyle to get a new kind of experience Athletics >Located in: Pomona, California >Public >4 Year University >Master's College >Quarter System >#301 Racial Breakdown Hilda Solis served as the 25th United States Secretary of Labor. (2009-2013) >Prospective Student Tours >School/Group Tours >Self-Guided Tours >Tree Walk >Virtual Tours How is college different from high school? College is different than high school in that you are totally on your own when it comes to coming to classes, registering, finding your way, etc. ESAT for example babied many of us and made resources available right when we needed it, but in college, you have to find out on your own (but it's not always a bad thing). Also, this is the time when you start adulthood and no one really cares what you do here, what you dress like or anything. Making friends on your own is big too. It's important to make all kinda of friends so that when you need favors or you miss a class or something, you're covered. >opened September 15, 1938 >110 men went to school >Founded by W.K. Kellogg >made horse mascot because of him About the students >Secondary school GPA >Admission test score >AP Credits >TOEFL *Letters of Recommendation are not required >4 year graduate rate: 14% >6 year graduate rate: 53% >8 year graduate rate: 60% How has your experience at Cal Poly been so far? I really love it at Cal Poly. At first, I wasn't sure if I was the right fit, or if I would even like it there but I love it. The campus seems big at first but you learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity of everything, not just the people Works Cited: Academics 2. -Have you joined any clubs? I've joined one club because I didn't really want to overwhelm myself this quarter, but I hope to join more next year as I settle in. 3.-What do you like to do for fun? On campus I like to talk to my old friends because I have at least 5 that go here, but I also like to utilize what my campus has to offer. The game room for example is fun because it has EVERYTHING. sometimes me and a friend I've known since kindergarten go and play Xbox in between classes. 4.-What do you want to major in? I want to major in business administration but I'm not sure on my sub plan yet. 5.-Do you feel like the campus is secure? I feel like my campus is very secure because we have our own PD and they actively do as much as they can told keep us safe. They walk people to their dorms and cars at night and also promote some self defense classes that one of the other departments has to offer. 6.-Do you have a job? No :( but I really need one. I've been looking EVERYWHERE 8.-What are the students like? The students are mixed. Just like in high school, except the little things don't really matter. You hve the quiet ones that are there to learn, then leave, You have the social ones that may or may not be learning anything at all (I tried to say that as nice as possible haha), you have some interesting looking people and you have normal kids who are just like me and you. 9.-Have you joined any sports? No I haven't joined any sports. But I am upset that my school doesn't have a football team :( I wanted to go to games. 10.-What are the classes like? Do you think they're good? The classes are easy if you go and do the work. I take philosophy, oceanography and intro to personal computing. My philosophy class is just like an AP class you would take at ESAT. Lots of reading and we go over it in class. My oceanography class has no homework but you can't miss a class because everything in class is on the exams and quizzes. My intro to computing class is very easy because it just tests on the basic concepts of Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel and stuff like that. It all depends on the class and professor, but in general, as long as you do the work, and manage your work and play time, then you'll be fine. Professors and the university want you to pass. Fun Facts About Cal Poly: >Business Administration and Management

California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Transcript: The school's mascot is a horse. His name is Billy the Bronco. California State Polytechnic University Pomona There are about 19,399 undergraduates and 3,249 freshmen. It takes about 4 years for 51% of them to graduate, and 6 years to have all of them graduate. Due to no information found, we couldn't find the meal plans offered and the yearly tuition of this college. Why did you choose this college? We chose CSPU Pomona because it sounded pretty interesting & thought it would be a good college to share with our class. What are some scholarships you can apply for in the college? California State Polytechnic University Pomona is a large, 4-year, public university. What are the acceptable SAT and ACT scores in CSPU Pomona? What is California State Polytechnic University? Web address and Mailing address About how many under graduates and freshmen are in this college? Thanks for watching! by Audrey Aguilar and Melanie Bautista www. cspupomona.com3801 West Temple AvenuePomona, CA 91768(909) 869-7659 Some extracurricular activities offered at California State Polytechnic University Pomona are Opera, Concert Band, Drama/Theater, and Government or Political Activity. Some scholarships you can apply for in CSPU Pomona are soccer and cross country scholarships. The acceptable SAT and ACT scores are... SAT: SAT Critical Reading 450-560 SAT Mathematics: 480-620 ACT: Mid range test scores 19-25 = composite What are the dorm costs of this college? What are some extracurricular activities offered at this school? Unfortunately, this college doesn't have any dorms. What is the school's mascot?

California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Transcript: Housing Freshmen with financial aid: 94% Education: Race/Ethnicity Application Requirements Eight Departments; Master's Agriculture Business Administration Education and Integrative Studies Engineering Environmental Design Collins College of Hospitality Management Letters, Arts and Social Sciences Science Doctoral public university suburban setting fairly large completed at least 36 quarter units or equivalent Is over the age of 21 University Village $24,110 Eligible for Housing if: Bachelor's $16,490 Designed to empower students to identify their skills, interests and values and discover meaningful career opportunities. Student-faculty ratio: 25:1 First time freshmen who graduated from a high school (outside the local area) are required to complete a housing contract and pay the initial housing fee in order to be eligible to enroll for classes. Student Jobs Required Classes: 1 year of history, social studies, academic elective, performing arts. 2 years of science lab and science. 3 years of math 4 years of english First-Time Freshman Residential Requirement Off Campus $26,156 Gender Calendar type: Quarter Campus Life Graduating in 6 years: 63% Estimated Total In-State Costs Student Government (ASI) Bronco Athletics & Fan Club Student Clubs & Organization Cultural Centers Greek Life Student body Student Activities Degrees Offered At Home If you need to find a job to help with expenses or to gain experience Cal Poly Pomona Degrees offered University Village strives to provide housing which are beneficial to living, learning, and community building. Required Test: SAT or ACT Careers Returning for sophomore year: 91% Over 250 Academic & Social Clubs & Organizations; On Campus Student Jobs and Careers California State Polytechnic University Pomona Financial Aid Distribution Education

California State Polytechnic University: Pomona

Transcript: Description of college A large, 4-year, public university. This coed college is located in a small city in a suburban West Temple Avenue Pomona, CA and is primarily a commuter campus. It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Scholarship & financial aid 1."Daily Diner" (Meal Option A)19-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter 2."Casual Diner" (Meal Option B)14-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter 3. "Drop-In Diner" (Meal Option C)10-Meal Option + $125.00 in Meal Points per quarter California State Polytechnic University: Pomona Non need-based aid determined by: -Academics -Alumni Affiliation -Athletics -Leadership -State/District Residency Cash Pricing For Your Guests Breakfast - $6.25 ($5.75 with BroncoBucks) Lunch/Brunch - $7.25 ($6.75 with BroncoBucks) Dinner - $8.25 ($7.75 with BroncoBucks) Choose any 10 of the 19 meals offered each week. The Drop-in Diner is great for those with erratic schedules needing maximum flexibility. This option offers you the choice ... to enjoy a healthy salad or home-style dinner one-day and grab a quick bite across campus the next. Meal plans Requirements SAT: 2900 combined score for critical reading and math. ACT: 694 GPA: 2.0 Academic Programs Activities/Social On campus living Scholarship: Baseball,Basketball, Cross-Country, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball Average 1st year financial aid package $10,157 Mustang Business/Marketing 32% Engineering 16% Biology 6% Social Sciences 6% Architecture 5% By Allan Raymundo Residence Hall students are required to choose either the 19, 14, or 10 meal option. Coed housing Apartments for single students Housing deposit $50(Housing deposit is refundable in full if student does not enroll). Birth certificate will be required Student must have been declared as an independent student for the past two calendar years and not claimed as a tax exemption by their parent(s) during the same period. Meal plans You choose which 14 of the 19 meals you want to enjoy. Then, use your Meal Points at campus dining locations to complete your balanced meal option. It's a good choice for those who regularly leave campus on the weekends. Mascot Clubs Greek life Sports(football non-tackle, basketball, baseball, golf, softball, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, etc. Need-based aid determined by: -Academics -State/District Residency The Daily Diner is the best value and gives you flexibility when you need it or want it. You get 3 meals each weekday with brunch and dinner on the weekends. You can take advantage of all the theme and special dinners planned each quarter or choose to use your Meal Points for grab-n-go if your schedule gets too hectic.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Transcript: Mrs. Smith Residential halls, dormitories, apartments, fraternity/ sorority: Coed housng, and apartments for single students Room & Board: on campus: $11,616 / off campus: $10,716 and at home : $4,401 In state tuition: on and off campus: $6,624 at home:$6,624 Out of state tuition: On, off, and home:$17,784 Book and Supplies: On, off, at home: $1,500 AVID 8 "Any Questions." Small Business Local Marketing and Advertising Blog | SuperMedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2013. <> Major: AeroSpace Engineer Web adress: Size of campus: Large Size of town/ city: small Suburban Takes 2hours and 30 minutes to get to Cal poly from salinas Clubs: Media Organzations: organizing students, staff, and faculty partner to apply theory to practice Dining: Carl's Jr., Panda Express, Round table pizza, and Starbucks Calendar: Quarter Student body: 5% ethniety unknown, 4% non resident aliens, 35% hispanic/ Latino 23% white Housings: dorms or parents house Activities: Campus ministries, concert band, and musical Thank You California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Weather: Sunny and Cloudy Financial Aid Buildings Sholarships: $10,000 Grants: 50% = $8,679 Loans: 37% = $5,162 Financial aid priority deadline: Mach 2 Jobs: Pizza hut, Starbucks, and Panda express. BA: Bachelor of arts, BS: Bachelor of science: Architecture, food science, Biotechnology MA: Master of arts, MS: Master of science: Architecture Education, General Agriculture M.Ed, Dr, Ph.d: Doctorate: Accounting history Most popular majors Engineering, Business/ Marketing, Agriculture Interesting majors: Biology and Architecture Citations AVID Enrollment Student life Mascot: Broncos Song: Cal Poly Fight song Colors: Gold and Green Motto: To learn by doing Traditions: Rose float Special Facts: Cal Poly was founded in 1938 Requirements: SAT and ACT SAT Reasoning / ACT score reporst due: Jan 31 Typical acceptable SAT/ ACT scores: 450-570- reading SAT math - 490- 620 Dead line: Dec 1 Closest lagest city:Los Angles Location Type of school: Private Undergraduate enrollent: 19,399 Graduate enrollment: 21,107 Student-to- faculty ratio: 57% male and 43% female Co$ts Housing options Unique Facilities: Electromicroscope center, International center, and small ruminant. Libraries: 1 Accommondations: $50 Degrees Offered Joseph Montesclaros School Culture "Any Questions." Small Business Local Marketing and Advertising Blog | SuperMedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2013. <>. Admissions

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