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cal poly pomona

Transcript: GOALS cal poly Pomona FORMS: -Academic Advising Worksheet -Academic Reinstatement Petition for Undergraduate Students -Academic Reinstatement Petition for Graduate Students -Disqualification Appeal Student Information Sheet 22,000+ students are enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona with approximately 20,500 undergraduates and 1,500 graduates. CAMPUS VISITS -campus size:1,438 acres College Expense location -Billy Bronco -gold and green -is a public polytechnic university faculty-student ratio Average Class Size Undergraduate: 35 Graduate: 15 ACTIVITIES 12% percent of the students will graduate in 4 years CLUBS:-Music -sport -ASI Financial Services -Paint the CPP -Policy for renting I&IT Equipment -Program Support Information The mission of the Greek Life Office is to provide the fraternities and sororities with educational programs and services that create, promote, and foster a learning community. Major of interest -My goal school is cal poly Pomona -3 school goal are Berkeley ,California Institute of Technology,University of California, Santa Barbara All first-time freshmen who graduated from a high school outside the local service area are required to complete a housing application and pay the initial housing fee to be eligible to enroll for classes. Cal Poly encourages all visitors to read through the events offered daily (Monday through Friday) scholarships -2.7 miles away -Agriculture. -Business Administration. -Education & Integrative Studies. -Environmental Design. -Letters, Arts & Social Sciences. -Science. The 'Regular Admissions Decision' option This option is used by the vast majority of freshman applicants and requires submitting the CSUmentor online application with the $55.00 fee, Percent of students who: student ratio: 25:1 Enrollment the tuition and mandatory fees and are charged to students whose primary residence is another state or country. Non-resident fees are calculated at $248 per unit. -Application Fee, $55 for admission application. Enrollment Confirmation Deposit. -Total population :23,966 -female:10,248 male:13,605 -Religious affiliation:N/A Admission - deadline January 4, 2016 -3801 W Temple Ave, Pomona, CA 91768

Cal Poly Pomona

Transcript: Men Top 10 Fast Facts Number of Students Undergraduate: 22,384 Graduate: 1,582 Total: 23,966 Famous Alumni Tuition and fees= 6,872 Books and supplies= 1,500 Room and board= 13,284 Personal expenses= 1,365 Transportation= 900 Loan fees=135 Total= 24,056 The Campus is 1,487 acres Billy Bronco supports teams at games and also helps his local community. Cal Poly Pomona was founded by W.K. Kellogg who often spent time at his winter home raising Arabian horses. This is how Billy Bronco became the mascot. Billy Bronco shows a portion of the history of Cal Poly Pomona's ancestory. 10 Favorite Clubs and Organizations Emily Nguyen was part of the engineering. She majored in chemical engineering. She was born in a Malaysian Refugee Camp and moved to Torrance at the age of 1. She is the oldest of her three siblings and a first generation college student. She has a pretty cool job. Emily makes chips likes cheetos, doritos and more. She makes sure everything runs smoothly, trains the new employees, and is a taste tester for the chips. She was heavily invovled in campus activity and still is today. Now, she mentors female students to join engineering and to join her job. school is public, coed college Number of Employees Faculty :1,202 Staff: 1,410 Justin Lim earned his teaching credential in 2007. As a student, he wanted to be a teacher. He took classes full time and during the summer. He always wanted an easier way to take classes. He started a reading program for students who were far behind at Rosemad High School. He was the districts first literacy coach. His mission is to push the integration of technology into the classrooms teaching methods. founded in 1983 Pennant Mascot acamdemic calender is by quaters Financial Aid Cal Poly Pomona To be able to have financial aid, you have to sign a form and turn it in with your application. You also need to be eligible for it. Not everybody is excepted in for financial aid and it is limited. If you need financial aid and don't have good grades, don't expect to get in. Shawnika Johnson was a senior planner for the city of Irwindale. She majored in Urban and Regional planning. She initially began as a project assistant in Torrance in 1999 as a student. Shawnika joined the Urban and Regional planning program and left her job with LA County to except a part-time internship job in 2004. She is a mother to 2 boys and juggles all this work. She is the president of the Urban and Regional Planning alumni chapter. She loves helping all the students that come to the school and she is very friendly with everyone. Map of state fulllname:California State Polytechnic College Pomona Tuition W.K Kellogg founded the University he is also the founder of Kelloggs cereal Shawnika Johnson Cal Poly Pomona Campus Maps Cal Poly Pomona has a wide range of clubs. One greatly ranked club is the Ahisma Club. Ahisma means nonviolent. This club talks about ahisma movements around the globe. Another club is the Alpha Phi Gamma. They have a club called the Lion Dance Club. They also have a Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies Club, the International Student Club, a Barkada Club, an Armenian Student Club, the Chi Rho Omicron or XPO club, a Martial Arts Club, and they even have an ASL club. ASL is American Sign Language. They have plenty of orginizations too. They have an Island Culture Orginization, a Korean American Student Orginization, an Active Minds Orginization, and they even have a 4 Elements of Hip Hop Orginization. They have the Advocates for Student Success Orginization, the All American Association for Military Leadership, Alpha Lambda Delta-National Freshmen Honor Society Orginization, the Bronco Athletic Orginization, the Bronco Cheer Team, and the Bronco Pep Band. Women Justin Lim About The Famous Alumni Less then 30 miles east of Los Angeles Volleyball Basketball Cross country Soccer Track & field Freshmen at Cal Poly Pomona are required to live on campus. For other years at the school, you may choose to live on campus in a residence hall. There is also a university village that you may live in near the college. Baseball Basketball Cross Country Soccer Track & field Go Cal Poly Pomona BRONCOS!!!!! Fast Facts Continued Emily Nguyen Housing at the University BILLY BRONCO Uses Advance Technology Athletic Programs Number of Students to a Class: Undergraduate:35 Graduate: 15

Cal Poly Pomona

Transcript: New Transfer Characteristics Number: 2,094 Transfer Units Earned: 123 Transfer GPA: 3.02 By Julian Clay Transfer Characteristics Cal Poly Pomona is located in Pomona, California. Pomona is the fifth largest city within Los Angeles County. Located in one of the biggest cities in the world with a population over 3 million that makes it a worldwide cultural melting pot with tons of diversity. Learning How to Transfer! Cal Poly Pomona 1. Have a college grade point average of 2.0 or better in all transferable units attempted 2. Be in good standing at the last college or university you attended. 3. Complete prior to transfer at least 30 semester units (45 quarter units) of general education (GE) requirements with a grade of "C" or better. The 30 semester units must include English composition, oral communication, critical thinking and college-level mathematics. 4 Complete all 60 transferable semester college units (to include the Golden four courses of English composition, oral communication, critical thinking and college-level mathematics) by the end of the previous spring for fall quarter admissions or the end of the previous summer for winter quarter admissions. Cal Poly Pomona's impacted majors are Aerospace Engineering, Animal Health Science, Animal Science, Architecture, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communications, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Biology, Kinesiology (Exercise Science Option), Mechanical Engineering, Music (Industry Studies Option), Psychology, Sociology and Undeclared. Cal Poly Pomona is $5,472 Tuition plus $656 Mandatory University Fees and $222 Student Success Fee. Which comes out to $6,350. This does not include on or off campus living costs. Compared to most Universities Cal Poly Pomona is relatively cheap for their outstanding education. They are about the same price as most CSU schools. Minimum CSU Eligibility Transfer Requirements Location Benefitting from a diverse campus community, Cal Poly Pomona is alive with academic, social and volunteer opportunities. Students may choose to work side-by-side with faculty on research, garner unique internships or volunteer in community development projects. Students are encouraged to get involved and make the most of their college experience. The campus community has nearly 300 clubs and organizations reflecting a broad range of interests. Students can help build the annual float for the Tournament of Roses Parade, take part in national competitions, perform in theatre and musical production, discover Greek life, cheer on one of our 10 NCAA Division II teams. More than 3,500 students live on campus in traditional dorms, residential suites and university apartments. Campus Life Tuition and Fees You are the Recruiter Presentation Cal Poly Pomona is a public polytechnic university. It is a part of the CSU system. It is also the second largest CSU with over 22,000 students. Polytechnics are technological universities that are are generally research-intensive universities with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Impacted Majors

Cal Poly Pomona

Transcript: requirements with a grade of C or higher before high school graduation ◦English, four years ◦Mathematics, three years ◦Social science, two years ◦Science, two years ◦Foreign language, applicants ◦Visual and performing arts, 1 year ◦Elective, one year White 71,564 48.01% Black 10,924 7.33% Hispanic 105,135 70.53% Asian 12,688 8.51% Native american 2,045 1.37% Conclusion 5.Admission Requirements Cal Poly Pomona ~California State Polytechnic University, Pomona ~3801 W Temple Ave Pomona, CA 91768 ~(909) 869-7659 ~ 1. Vital information: 2. Why you picked this college. Total undergraduates: 10,750 men, 7,977 women, 18,727 total Full-time undergraduates: 9,003 men, 6,939 women, 15,942 total Part-time undergraduates: 1,747 men, 1,038 women, 2,785 total Total graduate students: 933 men, 1,087 women, 2,020 total Full-time graduate students: 311 men, 452 women, 763 total Part-time graduate students: 622 men, 635 women, 1,257 total U.S. region where majority of students come from: West 3. Statistics: Include the population of the city where the school is located. art department : College of Environmental Design. Non-resident fees are calculated at $248 per unit. 4. Tuition Expenses requirements with a grade of C or higher before high school graduation ◦English, four years ◦Mathematics, three years: algebra, geometry and intermediate algebra (you are encouraged to continue taking mathematics through the high school senior year) ◦Social science, two years including U.S. history or U.S. history and government ◦Science, two years with a laboratory (one biological and one physical) ◦Foreign language, two years of the same language (subject to waiver for applicants demonstrating equivalent competence) ◦Visual and performing arts, 1 year: art, dance, theatre/drama, or music ◦Elective, one year selected from any of the above subject areas.

Cal Poly Pomona

Transcript: Contact Information Wow. Much peer pressure. Such persuasion. Much friendship. Haha, seriously though, I have no idea who any of those people are, nor do I care. Besides, what's so special about Cal Poly anyway? Sounds cool! How do I sign up? Cal Poly Pomona Home of the Broncos Tuition and Fees: $6,125 Books: $1,500 Room and Board: $11,615 Other Expenses: $2,556 Total Cost: $21,796 As you can see, college is not cheap nor is it to be taken lightly. Think about it, if you screw up in college, you have just lost $20,000 and let us face it, you most likely asked for financial aid to help pay for it so now you are in debt too. Out $43,592. Going to college is a great thing, but it is just as bad if you do not take it seriously. Cal Poly Pomona, like in the name, is located in the beautiful city of Pomona, California It is a public Cal State University meaning you would have to complete your CSU requirement (conveniently located on the back of your Chaffey High I.Ds There's an arcade -.- The More you know That's a lot of money... how can I possibly pay for that? Looks can be deceiving. What do they offer? Still not interested Lol, have you heard of this college called Cal Poly Pomona? I hear it's an okay school. I might go, but I'm not sure... there's lots of other colleges that seem cooler and stuffs Hey... my dad just said that Cal Poly is awesome and I should totally go so guess we stay Buzzums, eh? Heh heh... and no... it's not because of the arcade!! Before we worry about sending in our application and whatnot, it's best to know if they'll even consider us. So what are the pre-requisites? Percent of freshmen who live in school housing: 52% Percent of students who live in school housing: 12% Percent of students who live off campus: 88% Students required to live on campus: Some freshmen are required to live on campus their first year. Typical A-G requirements, remember that more is better! Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile SAT Critical Reading: 450 / 560 SAT Math: 480 / 620 GPA: Usually a 3.0 or higher but can be as low as a 2.3. Again, more is better! Unfortunately Cal Poly Pomona is NOT holistic. I know what you are thinking "Who does this guy think he is saying all these fancy words that most of us do not know expecting us to be all understanding and shiz" Well, no need to rage for colleges will be looking for students with a large vocabulary. For example, "also like when" sounds better when you say "As well as when" So keep that in mind when writing your essays Why should I Consider Cal Poly Pomona? Best Pal <3 Fine, whatever but listen to me bro... the campus is just gorgeous and there is always something to do like hiking, dining, hanging out with friends, seriously, we can do whatever! There's things like the Village in which veterans of the school can live in and the rose garden! Come on, man! What's not to love? Let's start off with the location. It's in Pomona so you obviously wouldn't be too far from home and visiting (a.k.a asking parents for money) would be quick and easy The campus is gorgeous and huge! It would be best to bring a bike to fully enjoy the experience, although having a nice stroll and taking in the scenery doesn't seem so bad either. So how much would this cost? Mailing Address [Specify Recipient or Department] Cal Poly Pomona 3801 West Temple Avenue Pomona, California 91768 Contact the Office of Admissions & Outreach at (909) 869-3210 Contact Student Accounting & Cashiering Services at (909) 869-2010 Admissions Contact Information: Type to begin.... Software Engineering By Julio Martinez Per 5 What IS Cal Poly Pomona? "Instrumentum Disciplinae" Cal Poly offers a variety of majors; some giving the school some recognition. Such as their engineering program. Cal Poly Pomona has one of the best engineering programs out there, but if engineering isn't for you, there's tons of other choices such as: Psychology, Liberal arts, and even Business management Remember how I previously mentioned financial aid? Well, that is the most common way people deal with this problem; however, it will bring another problem along, debt. Luckily, there are other types of aid in which you get free money... yes, FREE money (it DOES exist!! *faint*) These are called grants which you do not have to pay back *crowd cheering in background* Feel embarrassed that you need to borrow money because your pride keeps you full of it? Don't feel so bad for 69% of new students receive some type of aid. Then there is also those things you constantly hear about, scholarships. Another type of grant, scholarships are seen as your fuel for your car headed towards college. Any of the above work just as well, but the better you do now, the less you have to worry about later. Dude!! You gotta listen to me when I say Cal Poly Pomona is the *censored*!! They had Jonathan Bornstein, Kim Rhode, and Mark Peel graduate there! That's straight up legit! Besides, I'm going there and the rules of le best

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