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Cake Template Powerpoint

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Transcript: Cake - insights from store visit Fresh Belsize is having a refit and there will be a patisserie counter; will include fresh cream cakes. Andrew Thornton enquired about getting fresh cream products or he would have to find a local supplier. Is delivering through depot an option? Fatherson deliver to the COOP via thier central distribution. Very popular line = frequent stock out for retailers Londis in Cookham currently stock no gluten free products. The retailer said that they have a lot of requests for gluten free cakes and other products. Delivery Inconsistency Retailers would be intersted in a birthday cake or celebration cake addition. Euromonitor International forecasts 2011 gluten-free sales of $1.31 billion in the United States and $2.67 billion worldwide. Sales have more than doubled since 2005 and are expected to hit $1.68 billion in the United States and $3.38 billion globally in 2015. In the United Kingdom it is thought that one in a hundred people have Coeliac Disease. More people are being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease as a awareness grows and the condition can run in families. Retailers asked for more Gluten Free products (Mrs Crimble is a very good seller) - Teso have an extensive own brand gluten free range. At the moment we dont offer much choice in this growing area more products. A selection box is currently not offered by competitors. Feed back from many stores including NRC cahirman Paul Wilks was that out of eevrything they get asked for the most gluten free was the most frequent request. Fatherson only deliver ONCE a week Too much focus on boxed cake - retailers commented that it is a declining area. Don't sell well unless on promotion. Best in class Range All our competitors offer fresh cream cakes ( Teso 1-4 days life depending on type of cream) Many retails commented on the need for fresh cream cakes. Many customers who come in for a top up look for and ask for this product. Paul Wilks and Andrew Thornton commented that they have to source local cream cakes due to high demand for them. A small core range of cream cakes could add value. Indvidual or twin packs of traditional cream cakes would fit in well with our range.

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