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Gangnam Style

Transcript: Purpose of Gangnam Style “ PPT WORLD PowerPoint template, you can become an expert. Your wishes for the successful presentation.” Coffee Shops 13 Sleep Entrance exam 1 Gangnam Style Music Video Contents 2 Korea University 20 4 Book Cafe WHY parents want to move to Gangnam for their Children? Study Cafe Three Top Universities Private Institutions Breakfast 5 "A classy girl who knows how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee!" Pet Cafe 3 Private Institutions Math,Eng,Writing, Kor. Education in Gangnam Authentic Food 11 Area of Korea - 99 720 km2 Area of Busan - 767.35 km2 Area of Gangnam - 39.5 km2 Students Daily Routine in Gangnam World Map School Area 17 Fire-Friday Night!!!!! = Peul Geom Self study 15 24 Science Run by Celebrities 9 Recreation in Gangnam Recreation in Gangnam 23 Recreation in Gangnam 6 Younsei University 16 Gangnam in Seoul, Korea How do I PRINT? Open a PowerPoint presentation and [File] > [Print] and Select a [color]. When the [Group] goes to the diagrams, right-click the mouse and choose the [Ungroup]. Ungroup Diagram of the position change. Applied to page objects have a transparency of the object from being damaged when the output occurs. In this case, transparency is applied to select the object, right-click your file, or PNG, EMF files and [Save picture] choose. [Insert]>[Picture]>[Picture files] and replace the object transparency is applied to solve your problem, then you can print. Dress Cafe Different Time Posessions Daily Life in Gangnam 21 7 22 Clubs in Gangnam Population of Korea - 48 955 203 Population of Seoul - 10 195 064 Population of Gangnam - 527 641 Family Income f 10 Population S.K.Y 12 Gangnam Foreign Language High Quality of Education Hope that their children can get into high-ranked university 8 Gangnam in Korea “ PPT WORLD PowerPoint template, you can become an expert. Your wishes for the successful presentation.” Special-purpose high schools Supper (Cars, Clothes, Technology) 18 Seoul National University Education in Gangnam Gangnam Map 14 19 Arts Economy in Gangnam Economy in Gangnam San Francisco

Cafe & Cafe

Transcript: Prepare Difficulties Layout Size Tomato Photo Analysis FOOD PHOTO SHOOTING & LAYOUT Photo Analysis like comment share Photo Analysis Light Layout Lighting Double Sausage Potato Liu Jing Nan 16661222 Li Jing Wen 16664558 Chin Chun Kit 16671511 Lam Tsz Chung 16667840 Wong Ka Tung 16660471 Salad Thanks for Watching Close up shot –> convey more power slanting angle focus on the breakfast most of foods are warm colors low angle –> make the breakfast seem larger than reality Croissant Photo Analysis scramble egg Medium shot More than one subject in the photo (book and breakfast) The shade of tree make the feeling (leisure and relaxed) Sauce Reference Cup of coffee GECV 4004 Graphic design and Visual Communication like comment share Photo retouching Retouching Process Purchasing Modeling the book Shared a Photo Photo Analysis Book Photo Analysis Fork and Knife Shek mun Campus, 5F outside Wide shot High angle (~90) –> make the breakfast look small The background is stone chair and under the shade of tree –> healthy and comfortable The lighting is bright –> clarity and openness Layout C like comment share like comment share Wooden plate Enhance the lightness Low the contract Structured the picture Adjust the image aspect into 4:3 ratio Remove the dirt on the coffee cup Change the color tune: Yellow Mood: Warm Wooden Plate Color Reference Fork Plate Book like comment share Background Place Coffee Dirt Natural Sunlight 11:00am Tree shadow and leaf shadow Cafe & Cafe Color tune Concrete floor Firebrick red of the stone chair Vintage feeling Photo shooting day

PowerPoint Cafe

Transcript: PowerPoint Cafe World Issues: Increasing Ocean Acidification CO2 in air is being absorbed by oceans. Acid levels increase. Tiniest animals, Phytoplankton, are being affected which could carry up the food chain to us. Sci-Fi Platter The End! <3 The Animal Within If I could meet anyone I would want to meet, Leonardo De Vinci. When I was little I did a report on him and I've just been fascinated by him. I would want to know how to make them more comfortable since they are at the house all day everyday. I think if there was another planet with human-like inteligence out there, they wouldn't take our inteligence for granted. They would probably figure out a way to use more brain capacity and soon be way smarter than us. Their planet would be basically the same but they would make everythingk look way cooler with lights and abstractness that we seem to think is weird. They would probably be human similar body structure. Maybe they would have bigger eyes to absorb more information. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr THE NEWS Clark Kent Special If I was to be reincarnated I would want to be reborn as a seaturtle. I would grow to be more than 150 years old and I would get to explore the ocean. I think I would be a monkey. I'm fun and if you feed me and make sure I'm happy I'm fun to be around. I would much rather be doing something then sitting around. I like to be around people. Shirley MacLaine Special If I could time travel I would go back to when my parents where my age and see what they got in trouble for. Notes (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr A 3 year-old female Mayalan Tiger, Suri, killed her 6 year-old mate Wzui. Reason is unknown, but this type of incident isn't unheard of but not considered common. Donald Trump Special :) By:Katie Rivas 3A 1.World Issues 2.Sci-fi Platter 3.Clark Kent Special 4.Bill and Ted Special 5.Donald Trump Special 6.Dr.Doolittle Special 7.Shirley Maclain Special 8.Sam Beckett Special 9.The News 10.The Animal Within Bill and Ted's Special Wzui Dr. Doolittle Special Tiger Killed Mate If I coule converse with animals I would want to talk to household pets. If I got a lot of money I would use it to help people who really need it. Like the red cross and all the veterans who live on the streets. I would give some to Cancer research and some to animal shelters. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr I would want to be able to teleport from one place to another. I think it would be nice for when you forget something and need to get it in a hurry. Sam Beckett Special Table of Contents

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