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Cabinet Secretary Presentation Background

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Secretary Presentation

Transcript: The secretary’s primary responsibility is to help the club function efficiently. The secretary should be well organized and have good communication skills. Me? 1- Work Duties (Events) 2- Not a heavy post 3- Engage more outside the club My Vision & Plan Secretary Role 1- I'm an Organized Person 2- Have energy to continue giving to the club in a post Now? • Maintain all club records, including membership, committee appointments, attendance, dues payments, and important club documents such as the club’s certificate of organization, budgets, and reports. • Notify the sponsor Rotary club of members who are interested in joining a Rotary club, either as a current Rotaractor or after leaving Rotaract. • Provide club and member information to the president for required annual updates to Rotary. • Take minutes — a clear, concise written record of meeting discussion and actions — at all club meetings. About me! Secretary Presentation Keep the club members updated to our Meeting Minutes & all projects inside and outside the club Monthly National holidays and Project Calendar (for all the Members) & International Calendar ( for projects of all the Committees) Keep all the Records and Documents of the club Prepare the meeting (Agenda - Attendance) Fulfill Points system with Membership RY: 2020 - 2021 SWOT Analysis Weakness Strength 3 WHYs Time Fear to take Risk Know How to Revive our Spirit by all the members Avoid the obstacles and handling them Opportunities Not last year Secretary? 1- I Were overload by Work and in International post 2- I took a break last year and now I'm Refreshed again Appearance of other clubs with high Performance (Challenge) For Marine Star Name: Rania Hossam Age: 27 Years old Graduate: Girard School - Faculty of Commerce - Business department Work: 2015 till Now --> Organizer at BA Concerts 2016 till 2018 --> Organizer at ICOM (Event Management) 2018 --> till now --> ICOM (Full time Job) - Medical & Publications department ______________________________________ Civil Work: 2002 till 2015 --> Scout (Flammes Girard) 2011 --> Delegate MEU 2012 --> CB MEU 2013 --> Junior Program at Step up 2015 --> Participant in SMS 2017 --> Guest in Rotaract 2018 --> Member - International Director 2019 --> Member 2020 --> ??? Any Question? Threats DRR Club (this will help us to expand more) Our Great Reputation between the other clubs Diversification in point of Views and opinions

Secretary Presentation

Transcript: PORTFOLIO- TE HILLA MALONEY Leslie Robinson Hall Executive Retreat 25th. May, 2017 SECRETARY (a) the preparation and distribution of agenda for each meeting of the Hall Committee and for general meetings of the Hall. (b)recording and taking notes, resolutions and motions as are passed by the Hall Committee. (c) the preparation and distribution of minutes once approved. (d) for all items of correspondence on behalf of the Hall Committee. (e)and keeping the Hall Committee abreast of all important dates, events, notices, and usual occurrences associated with the Hall Committee at committee meetings. Responsiblities Responsibiities This is in colloboration with the Fresher's Guide but on a more Administrative level. It will include a Map of Campus, necessary numbers , A section on 138/LRH relationship, UWI administration, 138 Administration, the regulations that govern every minority within the hall space and tips specific to the LRH space. Blaze Bible Blaze Bible Why do they need this? BECAUSE The Fresher's Guide will assumingly handle everything LRH, which pertains to the cultural, social and political aspect of the hall. This extension will provide administrative and practical guidance in terms of 138SL, UWI, and even the wider Jamaican space. For instance, what is a TRN and why do I need it? What are the 138SL payment plans available? How should I pay my rent as a foreign student/ What are my options? What are the more important rules in my contract that I need to be kept aware of?, BOSS or the Busary? Who do I call for a taxi? Food delivery? A package shipment? How is LRH different from all the other Halls? The Freshers Guide is expected to be tailored specifically for incoming LRH Freshmen. However, the space is constantly occupied by other groups and students who do not want to identify with the hall. This extension will address post-graduate residents, short term residents, UTECH and Edna Manley students. It will clearly outline their jurisdication in terms of participation and why exactly these jurisdication exist as well as what LRH has to offer them during their stay. ( aerobics, parties etc.) Everyone Who gets a blaze bible? It is a Bimonthly newsletter that will contain announcements, advertisements, important updates and conversations. It also provides an outlet for writers/poets on hall to contribute to hall life and make an impact in a way that was not previously possible. Based on the agreement with 138SL, if they don't email and/or then put it in the Blaze, we can claim ignorance to any new implemetations on the part of both parties. Meet "The Blaze" BiMonthly Newsletter Picture Other proposed ideas include Other Ideas This includes hosting a public-speaking/ presentation skills workshop to improve oral presentation and delivery skills and to build residing students’ self-confidence. Budget: 10,000jmd to get speaker, materials etc. Word-shops Word-shops To start a small debate/public speaking club. This is necessary for Intermural events such as the spelling bee, debating competitions, events that reuest an LRH performance etc. Budget: 3000 Debate and Public Speaking Club DPS Club Thank You! Thank You!

Cabinet Secretary

Transcript: Cabinet Secretary Penny Pritzker In June 26, 2013 she took office She is a business executive Earned an A.B in economics at Harvard A civic leader A J.D and M.B.A at Stanford. Philanthropist Has held several economically centered positions, like serving as the chairperson of the Superior Bank of Chicago The Cabinet of Commerce's role in the government is in making economic decisions. Commerce creates new job markets, Makes it easier for small businesses to get going, Lessens the impact businesses have on the environment, And manages the countries resources. Promotes job creation, economic growth, sustainable development and improved standards of living for all Americans by working in partnership with businesses, universities, communities and our nation’s workers. Interpretation: to improve jobs, economy, and the standard of living Created on February 14th, 1903. Mission Statement Cabinet of Commerce Jacob Morbeck Ryan Beltz General Duties Role in Government Opens new markets for US goods and services Promotes progressive business policies Job creation Management/monitoring of resources and assets The census Pritzker released a statement on the extension of visas in between the US and China Economy as measured by GDP grew at a 4.6 annual rate in the second quarter, as reported by the Department of Commerce Commerce reports that initial claims for unemployment benefits fell 8,000 Commerce says that in September, the trade deficit rose 7.6% to $43 billion Commerce says that August showed a 0.6% increase in retail sales Current Topics

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