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Transcript: getting a TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TR PRICE // $95,000 PLAYING PEEKABOO TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TREDS Inspired undoubtedly by Gucci opening the doors to an everyday kind of eccentricity, many designers are pushing forward with the concept of mix and match. If that sounds daunting, don't be afraid. There's something inherently wearable about the new wave of eclecticism, and you'll often find that individual pieces are entirely easy to wear on the regular. The graphic, blocky, mind-boggling start to the stripe parade for spring/summer 2017's fashion trend offering started early on, with almost every major designer in New York choosing this as their pattern du jour. TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS The see-through dress ruled supreme in London. Well, in a city where the lines between party outfits and day-to-day looks are forever blurred, it makes sense. LFW wunderkind Molly Goddard led the pack with her confections of pastel-hued tulle and the trend continued well into Paris. Pink—and lots of it—played a very bold part of the Paris Fashion Week schedule, with the likes of Balenciaga, Céline and Valentino all employing the most shocking shades of this pretty hue for demure dresses. Without frills, prints or girlish detailing, the power of pink was clear to see. ABOUT THIS CAREER & buying a E D I O N u t The Fashion Design diploma program can help start a career in an industry of global influences, trends, and markets. This program will help students build skills in traditional and computer-generated design and pattern-making as to begin to shape the student’s future. It’s a hands-on education designed to help the students work through design challenges drawn from the real world. They’ll take their ideas from sketch to finished product as they will have the opportunity to learn the creative and business sides of this segment of the industry. HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE about this job // Fashion design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. salary (starting position) // weekly (5 days) = $50.8 monthy (5 weeks) = $254 yearly (261 days) = $13,258.8 skills that are required // 1. Strong Business Sense 2. Good Communication 3. Sense of Competition 4. Highly Creative 5. Strong Drawing Skills 6. Good Eye for Materials 7. Strong Sewing Skills 8. Team Player 9. Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends 10. Strong Visualization Abilities RENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS c TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS RENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TREND STATEMENT STRIPES FASHION DESIGN ABOUT THE HOUSE SUPER - BRIGHTS a HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE IN FASHION DS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS T what kind of educationd i need for this career : fashion design . universities/collages that i need for my career : Arts Institute of Vancouver & Visual College of Art and Design TRENDS HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS '80'S REDUX RENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TREND 2 BEDS 1 BATHROOM HOUSE JOB From tactile fabrics (micro-pleats through to earthy, luxe, comfortable hessian) designers from J.W.Anderson to Stella McCartney have also played with volume, shape and a seriously practical spectrum of utilitarian colours that go with literally everything you own already. The Top Trends From Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week TRENDS TRE DS TRENDS T S TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS TREN MIX & MATCH POST-MINIMALISM TRENDS TRENDS TREND The essence of the new '80s redux really lies in after-dark wares. You probably won't find much of the mood filtering into daywear, but when it comes to going out, there's much to play with, from silhouette-enhancing nipped waists fastened with giant belts to flirty hemlines balanced out by big shoulders. HOUSE


Transcript: Buying a car project By: bernhard mcclain Vehicle 1 Model: Dodege Charger SXT Year: 2016 Price of Vehicle: $ 22,499 Tax: $ 4,347 Down payment: (%): 10% Down payment ($) : 2,250 APR: 9.87% Length of loan: 60/m Monthly car payment: 411/m Insurance:184/m Annual cost : 2,284.36 Weekly mileage: 426 MPG:19 Monthly cost:2,500 Vehicle 1 # of oil changes: 5 Cost per oil changes: $89 Annual oil changes expense: $151 #of tire rotation needed:0 Cost per tire rotation: $48 Annual tire rotation: $100 Unexpected repairs: $ 265 State fees: $577 State inspection: $167 Vehicle registration: $306 Monthly cost of having a car: Car payment: $411/m Insurance: $184/m Gas: 482/m Upkeep: 8.34/m Unexpected Repairs: 206/m State fees: 477/m Total monthly cost: $ 6,770 Vehicle 2 Model: Lexus LS 460 Stdrd Year: 2013 Price of Vehicle: $24,990 Tax: $2,445 Downpayment (%): 10% Downpayment ($): 2,499 APR: 9.89% length of loan: 60/m Monthly car payment: $457/m Insurance: $278/m Annual cost: $6,447 Weekly mileage: 345 MPG: 17-19 Monthly cost: $163/m # of oil changes 8 Cost per oil changes: $234 Annual oil changes expense: $217 # of tire rotation: 5 Cost per tire rotation: $56 Annual tire rotation: $376 Unexpected Repair: $468 Vehicle 2 State fees: $2,121 State inspection: $208 Vehicle registration: never Monthly cost of having car: Car payment: $457/m Insurance: $1,958 Gas: 422/m Upkeep: 9/m Total monthly cost: $ 2,250 V1 After research the total monthly cost of each vehicle that I own. The vehicle I would chose is Dodege charger SXT. Because it is cheaper, and car payment will be less than the second car. The insurance cost and the total monthly cost would be less. And I think buying this vehicle is a good offer, that why I will buy vehicle 1. Topic


Transcript: 4. How much do you usually spend on chocolate? • Below Dhs15 • Dhs15 – 25 • More than Dhs25 11. Discounts and offers influence my decision to buy a particular chocolate: • Strongly disagree • Disagree • Neither agree nor disagree • Agree • Strongly agree Analysis of data Most respondents i.e. 50% feel that the brand name of the chocolate is somewhat important while 25% each feel that it is not at all important. However, 15% of respondents feel that it is very important and 10% think it is not very important. 70% of respondents agree to the fact that discounts and offers do influence their decision to buy a particular chocolate. 20% of respondents strongly agree, whereas 10% of respondents neither agree nor disagree. The combination of facts and the emotional state of a person that generates a feeling within them that they need to purchase an item, as well as the factors that influence their eventual choice of a particular product. Half of the respondents (50%) prefer Ferrero Rocher, 25% prefer KitKat, 15% prefer Galaxy and 10% like Patchi. Carrefour is a French multinational retailer headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, France, in the Hauts-deSeine Department near Paris. It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world the Second largest retail group in the world in terms of revenue Carrefour operates in more than 30 countries, in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Carrefour means "crossroads" and "public square" in French. 75% of respondents are willing to try new brands of chocolate or an chocolate from a newly established brand on the basis of their friends recommendations. 10% of respondents try them on the basis of price and 10% on the basis of advertisements. The other 5% on the basis of other reasons, like free samples offered at supermarkets etc. 100% of respondents like chocolate Common buying motives Half of the respondents, (50%) prefer chocolate from Ferrero Rocher and some respondents (30%) prefer chocolate from Cadbury. (10%) prefer chocolate from Galaxy and (10%) of respondents also prefer other brands 60% of respondents think that chocolate is unhealthy only if it eaten often. 30% of respondents feel that chocolate is unhealthy as it has a high calorie content which is unhealthy for the body. 10% of respondents think that chocolate is not unhealthy. 8. To me, brand name of the chocolate is: • Extremely important • Very important • Somewhat important • Not very important • Not at all important Objective 7.What is your favorite brand of chocolate? ____________________________ Buying mOTIVES Introduction How do consumers buy “Consumer behavior refers to all processes related to why, how, when, from whom consumers purchase and pay for a product and how they consume and dispose of it in order to meet their needs”. Types of Consumer Behavior 1. Profit or Gain 2. Fear of Loss 3. Comfort and Pleasure 4. Avoidance of Pain 5. Love and Affection 6. Pride and Prestige 1. Age group: • Less than 18 • 18-35 • 35- 50 • Above 50 Conclusion 3. How often do you purchase chocolate? • Daily • Weekly • Twice a week • Rarely Consumer Behavior Consumer product and brand I chose and why 1) Cultural 2) Social 3) Personal 4) Psychological Types of buying motives 60% of respondents purchase chocolate rarely, 30% of respondents purchase chocolate weekly and 10% purchase chocolate twice a week. 5.Which brand of chocolate do you prefer the most? • KitKat • Cadbury • Ferrero Rocher • Galaxy • Other _________ Purpose: Define consumer buying motives and needs. Methods: Market survey was conducted and report was made on the consumer buying motives - Sherin Glady Roll no.21 Buying Motives Introduction to the retailer Factors influencing consumer behavior 10. On what basis are you willing to try new brands of chocolate or a chocolate from a newly established brand? • Not willing • Friends recommendations • Advertisements • Price • Brand name • Other ____________ To find out the different reasons consumers purchase a particular brand of products. 6. Why do you choose this brand over other brands? • Price • Quality • Availability of more brands • Convenience • Others (please specify) _________ Product - Chocolates Brand - Ferrero Rochers I have chosen this brand because it is normally bought for special occasions, and the chocolate that I have chosen has a wonderful crunchy taste with chocolate inside. 1) Complex buying behavior 2) Variety seeking behavior 3) Dissonance buying behavior 4) Habitual buying behavior Most respondents (75%) spend below Dhs15 on chocolate whereas some respondents (25%) spend between Dhs15 and Dhs25, but none spend more than Dhs25. Half of the respondents, (50%) prefer chocolate from a particular brand because of its quality and some respondents (25%) choose a brand because of the availability of more brands. 15% choose brands on the basis of price and 10% choose on the basis of convenience. 9.Do you believe that chocolate is unhealthy? Please elaborate why/why not. 60% of the respondents,


Transcript: Buying non personal selling or promoting activities used to create demand on a mass basis for the product or service being marketed Selling The 9 functions of marketing Buying Selling Product Promotion pricing Marketing Financing Physical distribution Risk management Buying is important in marketing, because it makes the consumer want to purchase your product. the consumer has to make 5 decisions to buy the product or not. Need for it Good or service itself source price timing The 9 Functions of marketing Pricing includes both transportation and storage provides security and safety for products and people Selling is personal communication about a product and designed to aid the customer in making a buying decision. Product or service planning includes all activities that aid in the process of developing a product in response to opportunities in the marketplace the goal of pricing is to determine an exchange price at which the buyer and seller receive optimum value for the good or service. in charge of developing procedures and methods for the continuous gathering analysis to facilitate marketing decisions cant be eliminated can be minimized Marketing info management the steps to selling are Attract Attention Develop Interest Create Design financing makes sure money through credit is available to support both the purchase and sale of goods Financing Promotion physical distribution price economy theft floods fire credit problems steps to selling Risk management

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