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Transcript: Gluten Free Honey Cup...2.99 Gluten Free Honey Chicken..8.99 Gluten Free Honey Bees....13.00 Gluten Free Chicken Bites....9.00 Gluten Free Honey Smoked Chicken...9.00 HONEY.....1.99 Pepsi.........1.29 Beer...must be 21.....2.99 Mountain dew....1.99 Sweet Tea...1.00 Water.....FREE GLUTEN FREE FOOD The busy bee house was founded in 1962 by an English man named Johnny Henderson. This restaurant is like no other restaurant you've ever been to. We are located on 109 busy bee strip NC 28372. BUSY BEE HOUSE KIDS MEALS APPETIZERS Honey covered bacon....12.99 bacon served w/homemade honey. Honey Bread.................12.99 bread served w/hot glazed honey Fried Bees....................15.99 fresh killed bees fried in are famous batter. MANAGERS SPECIAL ENTREES Honey Chicken Bites.....12.00 chicken served with honey and salad Honey Roast Beef........17.50 roast beef in honey sauce served with salad Honey Salad..................6.00 honey served on a fresh salad with fresh baked bread sticks. Honey Chicken Wings........5.50 chicken wings in honey sauce and a salad Honey Bee soup............7.00 honey soup served with a salad and bread sticks Honey Bees.........55.00 25 bees soaked in honey served with a soup/salad Honey Smoked Burger......13.00 served with potatoes and vegetables BEVERAGES Mighty Bee Sand which.....5.00 small burger served side of fruit/vegetables Might Bee Chicken Nuggets....8.00 chicken served with side of fruit/vegetables Honey Ice Cream Sand which....5.00 honey and ice cream blended together. BRIEF HISTORY

Bee Busy

Transcript: Exampels of Writing Prompts When I realized I needed to make the interactive bulletin board into a lesson, I thought about how the writing prompts could still be used for students to practice their writing. There are 51 writing prompts that I created for this specific bulletin board and there are many more that I could create. Some writing prompts are opinion related, some are letters to certain people or characters, and some prompts ask the students to create a story. With the diversity of writing prompts, I was thinking of doing a lesson between the differences of narrative, argumentative, and informative writing. The Lesson cont. Bee Busy Writing Prompts Bee Busy Orignially, I created this bulletin board for my fourth grade students to interact with in the classroom as a side activity for when they had completed their other classwork. My students don't often write for enjoyment and I wanted to offer them a bulletin board of writing prompts for them to choose from. With this bulletin board, my students can choose a prompt that they find interesting, practice constructing a piece of writing that they would be proud of to turn back in, and then have the opportunity for their work to hang on the bulletin board for other students to read. Write a story about a family trip. Convince your teacher why you shouldn't have homework. Best food ever? Write a letter to the president. Write a scary story. Write about your own secret tree house hideaway. Rewrite a fairy tale. Give it a new ending. Write a funny story. The Lesson The good thing about the board is that the prompts are held on with velcro. If the teacher wanted there to only be one type of writing prompt, narrative for example, then she could leave the narrative prompts on the board and take off any argumentative and informative ones. After my students have learned the differences between narrative, argumentative, and informative writing, I will explain the bulletin board. The bulletin board has a variety of writing prompts. There are multiple narrative, argumentative, and informative writing prompts. Students will know how to determine which is which and can use the prompts to practice writing the different types of writing. The Lesson cont. I would teach the differences between narrative, argumentative, and informative writing. Narrative writing tells a story. It tells about an event, adventure, or experience. Narrative writing answers the questions: who, what, where, when, and why. Argumentative/Opinion writing takes a position on a topic and then defends the position using evidence. I would introduce the OREO method to my students which stands for O-Opinion, R-Reason, E-Examples, and O-Opinion. Informative/Explanatory writing gives information about a topic by using facts to back the information up.

Busy Bee

Transcript: This has shaped me into a hard working person. I always work hard to achieve knowing it will pay off. From this: It has made me determined Always strive to succeed Always putting my best foot forward My active life has taught be how to properly balance my time. I have learned to balance my time with everything I'm involved in, including school and sports. I still make sure I am able to spend time with my family and friends. How's it made me Unique? Busy Bee How has this shaped me? Working hard will help me through college and my future job, along with being a team player. Balancing my time will also be very important so I can balance time with Family, work, and some volunteering. A Team-Player I have learned how to never give up no matter how busy I am or how hard it may be. I am also a very organized person which makes it easier to keep track of what is going on. From being so involved, The reason I chose this phrase is because I have always been very involved in life and this has made me the person I have become today. From this, I have become a very hard working, active person. How has this shaped me? Balancing my Time Hard Working Being a "Busy Bee" has taught me to be: Hard-Working Helping Volunteer A Team-Player Helping & Caring How's it made me unique? How will this continue to shape me in the future? How has this shaped me? Hard Working, Helping & Caring, Team Player, Balancing Time How has this shaped me? Busy Bee Being involved in many different clubs, charities, and sports I have learned how to be a team player. I work and get along with people very well. I am always working to improve and supporting or helping others. How has this shaped me? I am very involved with volunteering. This has made me a more helping and caring person, always wanting to help people in need. No matter how busy you may be, you still always have opportunities to help some one out.

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