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Business Transformation Presentation Template

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Business Transformation

Transcript: So how do business transformation fit into the picture? Needs Want Let's start with looking at how requirements for an I.T. related project are influenced by the main functions within an organisation = ? Similar to the business function, the I.T. function can be influenced by: Personal agenda Political pressure Idealism Lack of industry knowledge Divided loyalties Adversity to change Need Business = Happy I.T. = Happy Common fears & problems Lack of I.T. comprehension Disinterest in the detail Unwilling to learn the detail Intimidated by technical speak Expecting I.T. to fill in the blanks Existing preconceptions Problems What we do... The business function How should requirements be driven? Wants Business Transformation But it's not all one-sided... Even with a set of balanced requirements, the business function working directly with the I.T function can provide its own obstacles... The I.T. function need to think about what they are delivering in the context of the landscape the business operates in: Future proofing Solution complexity proportionate to the business benefit Empathise with business constraints The I.T. function Requirements can be based on: Personal agenda Political pressure Idealism Lack of industry knowledge Divided loyalties Adversity to change Problems WIN!! These factors can cause the I.T. function to focus more on execution and delivery, rather than looking holistically at business benefit and need... We want to do it our way :-( Requirements should be based on: Business benefit vs. the cost of delivery Compromise Appreciation of complexity of the I.T function Take the time to comprehend how the solution works I.T. Business Business Transformation = lots of stress but loads of $$$

Business Transformation

Transcript: Corrections/Failed Payments (OND'13) AP Trade E2E Ownership (Nov'13 - Jan'14) Leverage Paperless (Dec'13 - Mar'14) Low Value Invoices (JFM'13) FinSol process (Nov'13 - Feb'14) Vendor Letters (OND'13) The main objective is standardized and simplified Correction Process across America. Background: Taking into account a workshop performed last year and the integration of correction process as Americas, it is very important to redesigned the operations for corrections, eliminating the rework that is being generated. Goal: Deliver Two FTE savings during FY 13/14. Status: A project was initiated in July’14, mapped of the task was completed and it was determine that at least 2 FTE can be delivered with the process integration and rework elimination. CPS was established by Correction Team to implement the changes. New Tool to consolidate the process is under development. Oct 9th, 2013 Workshops Ideas in Process…. FYE Report – Use XML information to create the FYE report  DEC 13 One Stop Shop (Oct'13 - Mar'14) Increase Auto Post (AMJ'14) PBS Assessment Team (JFM'14) RFT-PBS Measure (AMJ'14) Identify different/improved ways of avoid troubleshooting. From Commitment Workshops Regional Projects Considerations Vendor Letter (Escheatment) Redesign (In Progress) Benefits One Stop Shop Improve invoice resolution time from 22 to 5 days by canalizing troubleshooting via one SPOC that will be responsible for resolution. Project Management methodology Potential Companies – INTEL  JFM14 Global projects Depends on Tool. Leverage Paperless Considerations Regional Projects Execute a benchmark process with companies that have minimum troubleshooting required in a way that P&G can reapply best practices. The main objective is to Map end to end troubleshooting processes between SJO and the other SC to identifies key differences and determine process to standardize. Benefits: Understand Global Efforts to solve an invoices and the support received from the other (parties PSS and Sides). Reapply best practices across SC. Goal: Have at least two ideas to reapply from SJO to Other CS and vice versa. Have a clear understanding of PSS scope of work and standardize it. Have clear scope of “Governance Model”. Constrains: Define a standard process with a negative impact to SJO Operations/Business. Objective Breakthrough Global projects How to Win? FINSOL Interaction Workshops Ideas to be started…. Business Transformation Driving Innovation Considerations Business Transformation Driving Innovation Where to play? Where to play? Objective To implement a robust interaction model between FINSOL and PBS Operations In a way that: the portfolio management and the Operation involvement be more efficient based on an excellent planning and execution model So that: Projects are delivered with high quality without generating rework, disruptions or over participation to the PBS operations Importance Improvements on the FINSOL and PBS operations are important because: *Reduces the time spent by operations on the project delivery *Improves the planning in both sides *Reduces overloads in key resources *Keep both organizations updated in their own processes *Minimize potential risk associated to project delivery Objective Successful project Delivery Deliver 4 Workshops Deliver PBS FinSol portfolio Deliver 5 Breakthrough ideas Benchmarking (Internal/External) Deliver RFT-PBS measure 3rd ROCK Business Transformation FINSOL Actions Continues improvement projects Assess and leverage the features brought by Paperless. To Internal FinSol Support (OND'13) Invoice Troubleshooting (Oct'13) External Intel (JFM'14) The main objective is determine total roles and responsibilities in terms of AP trade open documents, ensuring teams are following up correct process and there is single control point across SJO PBS. Benefits: Eliminate surprises in terms of open documents without owner. Have a clear end to end ownership. Simplification and standardization of processes. Goal: Get at least 5 ideas for simplification and standardization. Aligned who should be the single AP trade control point, with the corresponding role and responsibilities. Constrains: Limitation of resources if an automation is required. Corrections/Failed Payments (Under designed) Strategic Plan Status of Ideas In Process Review of Ideas to be Started Q&A DMS – P2P Pulse Analyst role Invoice Suspend Benchmarking – Troubleshooting Best Practices (October, 2013) Agenda Benefits Benefits External Benchmark The main objective is simplify/streamline the process while ensuring full company compliance to the unclaimed property law (escheatment). Background: Each Vendor Letter request s intended to be attended in 30 days. Nevertheless by Agu 30th, 2013 we had 159 items as back log representing ~$380M USD, with more than two years of be requested an action by supplier. This situation is putting the company at risk of penalties from state, since those checks are excluded from the regular escheatment process, but not

Business transformation

Transcript: Business transformation through emerging technologies Presented by Rachana H Gowda, RVIM Education: B.E, MBA Skills: M.S Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Event Management, Teaching Strengths: Negotiator, the leadership, handling stress, discipline, good at managing the time About me Projects: Live Project at the outlook, Lead generating for Guinness record at Cambrionics (Internship come project) Extra curriculum: Classical Dancer, interested in making handicrafts, painting, photography, cooking. Aspiration To become a better professional by holding my curiosity to always learn and explore new things and accomplish challenges. Evolution of Business The History 3000 years ago India and China, where companies with structures resembling sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. After the Industrial Revolution in 1790, the business changed every 50 years, shaped by new inventions, trade, and consumer habits. Business has not always been smooth sailing throughout history. The Great Depression in the 1930s and the financial crisis of the 1970s are just some examples of global economic setbacks that slowed down the progress of the business. History of Oracle Oracle Corporation's early success arose from using the C programming language to implement its products. On December 20, 2021, Oracle announced the acquisition of Cerner, a health information technology company. On December 21, Oracle made public the acquisition of Federos, an AI and automation tools company for network performance. Evolution of technology Emerging Technologies AI Block Chain Chatbots IoT Big Data Outcomes Increase in revenue High productivity Improved customer satisfaction Ease to expand company Outcomes from new technologies Technologies Major domains got benefited Benefited domains IT sector Health Financial services FMCG sector and so on.. Reference References

Business Transformation

Transcript: Project Objectives: Build Performance Modeling reporting tool Tool to look at sq.ft/linear ft/peg performance to sales plan and/or deviation from average/peak performance control group Improve workflow process across teams – Construction/ Visual/ PAR/ Merchant Assessing current/new roles, processes and responsibilities for New and Remodel Stores Primary Benefits: Provide better analytics to aid in the determination of space allocated within a New, Relo or Remodel, based on proven metrics of past performance indicators. Increase productivity by having the correct processes living within the correct departments based on specialization and industry standards. Store Planner: Design/layout architectural drawings (floorplans, elevations, 3D renderings) for New and Remodel Construction Projects by utilizing prototypical standards. Provide background drawings to Architect, Engineers, and Vendors that are used to produce shop drawings and construction documents. Communicate/Coordinate with Space Planning and PAR to ensure store specific department spacing is in conjunction with department rank and size recommendation based on sales. Partner with Visual Merchandising to ensure store specific department spacing, fixture standards, and graphic standards are represented. Questions? Suzanne Graves Space Planner Business Transformation Buyer Hardlines Buyer Softlines Meredith Bronson Laura Gillilan Manager Store Planning Beth Witt Jennie Swenson Space Planner Joni Classen Team Members John Knispel Manager Regional Planning Space Planner Kevin Sweeney James Hamilton Danielle Harry Keith Liley Randy Vier Director Store Business Improvement Kimberly Malone . Suzanne Graves . Joni Classen Space Allocation & Optimization CAD Services Specialist Director Store Planning Visual Manager - Softlines Space Planner: Manage and analyze floorplan and planogram productivity. Collaborate on the creation and development of space floorplans, planograms, and visual directives. Partner with Construction/Store Planning, Visual, Merchant and PAR teams to meet all company goals and objectives. Visual Manager Softlines Director of Store Planning Buyer Softlines Space Allocation & Optimization Space Planner Nicole Cassedy Visual Manager Hardlines Manager Allocation/ Replen. Hardlines Kimberly Malone BT Project Manager Brian Rullo

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