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Business Outline

Transcript: One of the biggest struggle will be choosing the right place to locate the business. I will do my research to see where there is a high demand for storage. My selection would be based on demand, an industrial area furtheist from competing businesses and a site that is not too far from residential and apartment housing. The size and type of storage unit i will need to provide would be based on the feedback I get from potentail customers. If they are looking for a larger unit versus a smaller unit or vice-versa then that is what they will get. As mentioned, my target customers are those who live in a neighborhood that does not allowed homeowners to build a shed on their property. This business will take at least 4 to 5 years before being implemented due to my availability and financial standing. Finance for the business will come from myself, family members and the rest will be finance from the bank or an outside investor. I will finance 80 percent and acquire the rest from investors. Based on the size of the storage facility (20,000 sq ft), I am estimating it would cost approximately $720,000 for building the units. This value is from my research which showed an average cost of $36 per building square footage and include land, construction cost, fees, and equipments. I estimated a total Gross Income of $160,000, but with other expenses and vacancy loss, I am estimating a revenue of about $100,000. Gross Annual Rents $160,000 Other Income $9,000 Gross Annual Income $169,000 Vacancy ($9,000) Effective Gross Income $160,000 Operating Expenses ($28,000) Net Income $132,000 Debt Service ($32,000) Revenue $100,000 Easy Storage llc Team Business Background Location One thing I will have in my favor is the limited amount of labor force needed to run the business. The team members would consist of a general manager, a marketing personnel, sales representative and our A+ service clerks. I would have a contractor to take care of any maintenance needed on the facility. The marketing personnel will focus on acquiring customers, building an attractive website and getting the company's name out in the local community. The sales representative will be focusing on the right rate to charge and ways on boosting revenues while finding ways to keep existing customers. In order for the construction process to go smoothly, i am also going to need a team of suppliers and builders who are familiar with building a storage facility. Layout Easy Storage llc intent is to make the lifes of its customers in the community easy by providing storage units for homeowners who lacks storage space and does not have the capability of building a shed on their property. Our secondary focus are apartment and condominium customers in the surrounding area. We will provide service to our customers at a reasonable value while ensuring we maintain A+ service and that our customers feel right at home. We will do this by selecting the right location, employing an extraordinary team and ensuring that the layout of the facility is based on customers needs. I intend to visit other facilities for recommendation on building layouts for the size and units and am building. Since i am a big advocate for curb appeal, the storage facility will have a reasonable size front office that is set up in a way to make customers feel welcome when they approach the business. The facility will have features like 24 hours security monitoring system and an automated entry/exit access. The gross annual rent is derived from an estimated average rent of $8 per square footage over a year. With a 20,000 square footage storage facility, my estimated Gross Annual Rent is $160,000. All other calculation is an estimate of expenses for a 20,000 sq ft storage facility. Timeline/Financing Financial Plan Business Outline

Business Outline

Transcript: Business Outline Nathaniel Sisney Viking Athletic Goods Sole-Proprietorship Owners are George and Michelle Porter Vikings was founded in 1973 in Marshall, Mo by Dwain Hall and Ron Porter. George and Michelle Porter carried on the legacy and now own Vikings. Vikings has two locations in Marshall. One on the square, and one on campus. Vikings sells sports attire, and will help in putting medals on Letterman jackets as well as stitching. Amazon Partnership Amazon's CEO is Jeff Bezos. Earth's most Customer-Centric Company Amazon's net worth is around $151 billion. Amazon launched in July of 1995. From 1995 to 2008 Amazon added new things to their stock. Burger King Franchise Burger King's CEO is Daniel Schwartz Burger King owners are required to have a networth of $1.5 million, and $500,000 in liquid assets. In 1954 the first Burger King is established in Miami, FL, by David Edgerton Humane Society of the U.S Non-Profit CEO of Humane Society is Wayne Pacelle. The Humane Society's net-worth is $206 Million. The Humane Society was founded on November 24, 1954. Over the past couple of years many countries have banned testing products on animals. Ocean Spray Cooperative CEO of Ocean Spray is Randy Papadellis. Ocean Spray's net-worth is sitting at $1.7 billion, but CEO Randy Papadellis is hoping to go up to $2 billion. Ocean Spray was founded in Hanson, MA, in 1930 by Marcus Urann, John Makepeace, and ELizabeth Lee. Hasbro Corporation CEO of Hasbro is Brian Goldner. Hasbro's net-worth is about $11 billion. Hassenfield Brothers was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1923, by Henry and Hillel Hassenfielf. When first founded, Hasbro only made school supplies. Hasbro started to first sell and manufacture toys in 1940. Hasbro Hasbro's CEO is Brian Goldner. Hasbro's net-worth is $11 Billion. Hasbro was founded in 1923. Habro started off making school supplies, and later started to make toys in 1940.


Transcript: NET PROFITS to make the children have fun while learning LET'S TALK ABOUT I make at least X10 on each of our investments. A summer school MOTHER-TONGUE TEACHERS Business @ GOBETTI-VOLTA PLAN NAME and address: Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope An investor will have to check your competitive environment before investing. Do not hide it from competitors. SWOT WHO WE NAME: HAPPY KIDS Strapline: Happy Kids learn English in the summer Elevator Pitch: An innovative summer school for young children using the facilities of Gobetti-Volta, especially the new pool. Send letters,emails, texts to parents I MARKET I HAPPY Strengths: Need for an English summer school in the area Weaknesses: Recruiting expert mother-tongue teachers with innovative, dynamic, energetic teaching skills Opportunities: Possibility of using existing facilities Threats: Some outdoor activities could not be safe for young children ELIZABETH PAULS COMPETITION FINANCIAL Fees I SUMMARY I to set up a summer school of English for young children to use the facilities of Gobetti-Volta A summer school of English for young children ANALYSIS U.S.P summary ARE " I IRENE SIMPS PRODUCT MANAGER to adopt the "splash and speak" approach Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope I for young children Arrange free open week at Gobetti-Volta, with prizes aims MARKETING HAPPY EVERY WEEK DAY I radio advertisements, local TV commercials 15% outdoor activities in English ELEVATOR Sponsors of children's items DEVELOPER STRATEGY Business I Competitor analysis: Humpty Dumpty school (Fiesole) Jack and Jill Summer school (Settignano) The Witch and the Wizard (Sorgane) happy kids I Enter here the history of your fundraising, what you plan to lift today, and under what conditions. I I KIDS 15% I EXPLAIN YOUR STRATEGY KIDS Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope WELCOME OUR BUSINESS 70% Happy Kids @ Gobetti-Volta, Bagno a Ripoli during the summer Business RESEARCH MARKETING MANAGER NEEDS PITCH Leo SMITH Personal Savings H APPY KIDS LEARN ENGLISH YOUR FINANCIAL have fun and learn English I Great demand for English Residential area with lots of young children Few opportunities for parents to find interesting activities for children in summer Possibility of using Gobetti-Volta grounds and pool A minimum of 25 children paying fees for the various clubs, including : traditional tuition, fun&games, speak&splash, lunch & laughter. Other special treats in the pool: snakes &ladders , hide 'n seek, treasure hunt " TEMPLATE BY CONTENT BY JEREMIE BERREBI

business outline

Transcript: My proposed pricing policy is to charge around $2.50 a cup, the first refill will be free but after that it will become $.25 to refill Over all my business is a place to enjoy yourself. Oldies Fountain Drinks My proposed product or service marketing plan is to let people know that my store is there to sell soda fountain drinks and provide a nice clean establishment to hangout in. I will do this by word of mouth, websites, and flyers/ billboards. By: Alejandra Nava Thank You For Your Time I propose a sole proprietor ownership because I don’t have a partner and I believe that it is my responsibility to be in control of my business. I am also looking at prices for the machines and developing a design for the shop. In the future I will find a location for this business and create a financial plan for the purchasing of the items needed. I plan on starting off with family employees and see how things go and along the way I will find additional personal. I will have my dad guide me through the realities of being an owner because he has in fact owned a business. I want this establishment to be a place where anyone can go in and enjoy a beverage and hang out for a while. I have done my research on this type of business and I know that it is still really new but there is a place for it. I’m not going to lie it’s going to start off ruff but I feel that it could pull through because there is not really many places like it. At my establishment you will get a drink, maybe a candy or pastry and an inviting place to chill.

Argument Outline Template

Transcript: Body Body Argument Essay Introduction A) Persuasive intro B) Discuss the issue - give a history of the issue with the traditional positions involved - the side you’re not arguing for first. C) A very clear point of your thesis. (localized issue has a more known about knowledge from your a - It will be something you will care about. Doesn’t mean you have to care about the topic at first hand. Use Amusing Anecdote At The End of the Argument Doesn’t have to go through all of it for each issue Just know where you stand Be mindful of it being coherent and sequenced with its evidence. Win your audience by persuasion, start at the bottom up If your aim is to be righteous then start w/strong arguments then add in stories You’re Arguing That It Is Superior To Do It That Way Superior to a yes or no. Has to Have Other People's Issues Notes Audience: Those that will agree with me. Why Being a Buddhist in a Westernized Country in the new world isn’t all that cracked up to be? Why Buddhist Feel like a Minority in a Western Country? An anticipatory refutation is to anticipate the best argument - Make them come to the microphone without legs Rationalize your weakest point in your argument. where you feel most vulnerable. There will be a point in your argument where you will be counter attacked and the worst you can let happen is being unaware of it. For most, end the paper with some kind of call to action Other Argument Topics Evidence Comes in a Hierarchy of Evidence (some evidence is better than others) Present it in a way that it is coherent and persuasive 1. Scientific evidence 2. Accepted fact 3. Expert testimonial 4. “I Witness” traditions, cultural mores 5. Gossip “heard…” Presentation of Evidence - not a simple matter Evidence changes in its valuation over time. Its not the same throughout all time Back it up with current evidence. Apprehend and demonstrate ie. 1800 “i witness” testimony ie. 2014 “i witness” won’t get you a conviction but DNA Arguing Template Conclusion

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