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Transcript: Tri – city is in the forefront when it comes to outsourcing project’s implementation in Poland. The report “Exploring Global Frontiers – The new Emerging Destinations, 2009” indicates Gdansk as a one out of eight most attractive destinations in Europe. Gdansk come off well also in Cooliers International and Atria Real Estate rankings. According to them – Tri – city is one of the most interesting cities for new investments. From some of the reports Tri - city still remains the third largest regional market of office space, just after Cracow and Wroclaw, although our agglomeration lacks relatively not much compared to the latter one. (Warsaw is not included because it is not being considered as a regional market.) Gdansk is an agglomeration with nearly half a million citizens. Today Gdansk is the capital of the Pomeranian voivodship and a major Polish centre of economy and administration. Companies like: GE Capital, IBM, Intel, Boeing, Sony Pictures, Thomson Reuters, Nordea, Arla Foods Transcom, Playsoft that already have their operations in Tri - city prove that it is worth to invest here. Considering the employment, Tri - city is one of the biggest markets in Poland. Only Krakow (17 000) and Warsaw (15 000) ranks better. There are Wroclaw (about 9 000), Poznan (about 9 000), Lodz (about 5 000), Katowice (about 4 500) and Kielce (about 3 000) behind it. Gdansk is an important centre of economic, scientific and cultural life as well as the tourist location. Vital institutions of the central and local governments have their seats in Gdansk, e.g. the Provincial Administration Office, local government of the province, Regional Agency for Consumer and Competition Protection, Court of Appeal or High Administrative Court. Gdansk has many times been selected as a venue of international meetings by politicians, business people, academicians, researchers and artists.

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Transcript: Our roller coaster is different then the others because we thought every step through the way. Our roller coaster is made in a unique style to fit everyone. Friction- a force that resists the motion of an object. This applys to our roller coaster because the cart slides against the tracks. Our total distance of our roller coaster is about 1470 ft. The way that that we calculated this measurement was adding the distant on each segment along the way. That was our math portion our physical portion we used a ruler and a meter stick. Speed- How fast an object is moving. This applys because its a measurement of how fast the cart is going. 10 concepts Our rollercoaster is safe because we have adjusted many things. Overlooked any problems and made our calculations correct making no mistakes. As fun as our roller coaster is, its safe for everyone! 10 concepts Measurements Our blue print contains where our potential energy and kinetic energy occurs. We have our measuremnts on the length and our height. We have a key on the bottom right corner explaining our details. Our first drop is 197 ft, our next hill goes 115 ft and our loop goes to 1230 ft. Presentation for Investors What makes our roller coaster fun? Mass- a measurement of the amount of material in a substance. This applys to our roller coaster because its put into an equation to find the mass. Acceleration- Objects that change their speed or direction. This applys to our roller coaster because this is why the cart keeps on going. Our blue print What makes it safe? Potential Energy- energy possesed by an object because of its height above the ground. This applys to our roller coaster because its the cart going down the hill which contains P.E Momentum- pertains to the quantity of motion an object possesses. This applys to our roller coaster because it depends how heavy the cart is, then that would sum up its speed. Velocity- Speed and direction in which it moves. This applys because its shows how fast and where the cart is going. Energy- the strength required for physical activity. The two most important forms for roller coasters are potential and kinetic. Kinetic Energy- energy possessed because of its motion. The amount depends on the mass and speed of the object. it applys to our roller coaster because the K.E is shown when the cart gains speed Our roller coaster stands out more than others because our roller coaster has a steep drop which rushes adrenaline. Our hill puts the riders heart at ease and soon the loop will make the rider have the adrenaline run again. What makes our roller coaster different? Force- a push or pull an object. Force works in our roller coaster because the force makes the cart go on in the roller coaster.

Presentation for investors

Transcript: Armstrong Rehab Where to find us 401 Sunset Drive St. Thomas, ON K5P 9J4 Phone: 1-373-356-2337 Fax: 1-888-420-1738 Where to find us A Message from Hailie Armstrong, President We have the highest success rate in all of Ontario Over 94% of patients come out clean and stay clean for up to 10 years At Armstrong Rehab, we make our patients feel welcome and comfortable for the very best results A Message from Hailie Armstrong, President Why Armstrong Rehab, Inc. is the best We provide for patients between the ages of 15-60 We have over 700 successful cases in the last 2 years Armstrong Rehab is the only rehab facility in Ontario that is open 24/7 Our program lasts for one full year to fully ensure no relapses occur Why Armstrong Rehab, Inc. is the best Employees of Armstrong Rehab, Inc. Our employees are the most dedicated in Ontario They come in whenever needed, with no argument Our employees are always happy to work another shift or cover for sick or away employees All of our employees are happy and ready to work the minute their shift starts They always work to the best of their abilities, and are always helping one another Employees of Armstrong Rehab, Inc. Money Made $120,000/ month Medicines $15,000/ month Rent $4,800/ month Employees $6,020/ month Total Expenses$25,820/month Total Profit= 120,000 – 25,820=$94,180/ month Profitability Profitability Thank you Thank you Thank you for watching this presentation. I appreciate your time you have taken to listen. Please enjoy the refreshments at the back table.

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Transcript: Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Market Statistics Units Sold for Snow Cones French Fries One 8 oz Snow Cone (1 unit) Solution Snow Cone Qualifications Business Model Start Up Funds At first we only needed to spend $60.00 because we already had the tools to make each treat. The smallest amount needed could be as low as $100 or as high as $1,000. Any money invested would go towards enlarging our business in the most logical way possible. Breakeven Units: 17 Snow cones and 17 Fries Industry: Fast food Annual industry sales: $191 billion Target Market Size Selling Price. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00 COGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $0.25 Contribution Margin. . . . . . . $0.75 Based on the two day sale we had, we are expected to make approx. $540.00 in gross revenue. Profits would generally rise. We sold likely around 120 snow cones and four bags worth of french fries. Our net profit so far has been $216 and should keep at a steady rate. Bowl of French Fries (1 unit) Problem Population of Target Market: 300 Students Estimated Money Needed: Our business has already proven to be successful. In just two days, we earned $216.36 profit. When we have ample time to prep, we can make both fries and snow cones at a steady rate. We also feature bundles that acts as an intensive to our customers. Market Analysis Snow Cone maker Snow Cone cups Snow Cone flavor syrup Ice French Fries Cooking oil Deep Fryer Condiments Baskets or bowls Market Size: 200 Students Our business is a very solid and popular idea that appeals to kids of all ages. It has potential to grow into something much larger than itself. Sales Projections Colorful, eye-catching posters attract both kids and adults. Conclusion Heat oil in fryer Add french fries Remove fries into bowls Salt & Serve The problem that needs to be addressed is dissatisfaction in the school lunch's fries. Kids complain they are undercooked and have no salt. Plus, with it getting hotter now that it's summer, kids want a nice cold treat to cool them down. As far as management stands, Makayla and Hannah handle the money and aspects involved "behind the scenes" Jake serves as a promoter, going around and trying to bring customers in. Tessa, Jack, and Eli handle the food part of our business. Qualifications Cont. Eat a Cone with a Bro! Promotion and Sales French Fries Always polite and friendly with customers, kept them coming back. units sold Production Process Add ice to the machine and shave it into snow Scoop snow into cup Add syrup of choice & serve Demographics: Boys and Girls, elementary through high school students & faculty Geographics: Madison Central School Cafeteria, Madison, New York Psychographics: People like a cold treat on a summer day, and fries are a popular side with any lunch. Buying Patterns: Younger kids love snow cones, while more of the older students & adults enjoy french fries. Supplies Needed: Our fries our served fresh, hot, and crispy. They come with any combination of salt, pepper, or ketchup. Our snow cones are a cold, refreshing treat in six different flavors: Cherry, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Berry, Grape, and Mountain Dew! The solution is to make fries that have options such as salt, pepper and ketchup. We also sell snow cones featuring six different flavors. Commercial appealed more to the older students and adults. Target Consumers Investor Presentation Free leis and candy as a promotional deal. Population of Targeted Area: Approx. 500 Students Selling Price. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.00 COGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $0.50 Contribution Margin. . . . . . . $1.50 Our Product Have some Fries with the Guys! 150 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Snow cones


Transcript: The ideal food ... Those who are needing it Those who are looking for it - It has all the essential amino acids. - No. 1 natural food for brain and physical development of the human being. - Properties: Analgesic Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Cardio protective Healing Cerebral Stimulant Hepatoprotective Hypoallergenic Immunostimulant Restorative Factoría Quinoa Colombia Net Present Value (NPV): conservative USD 10 million - full USD 16 million Discount Rate (Year 1): 52% Project's profitability (IRR): 40% to 62.9% Investment Required: conservative USD 1.1 million - full USD 4 million Join the Quinoa's Colombian Fair Trade, which means sustainability, equity and peace Vegetarians: 2% (Holding Company) Allergies: 12.7% Europe (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Helps to control weight and provide energy for long periods (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr factoriaquinoa 1000 peasants. Agroecology. Economic equity. Social program for child nutrition. Job creation. Products Factoría Quinoa represents an innovative strategy to promote responsible consumption (healthy, ethical, environmentally friendly and fair) in Colombia and worldwide. RISKS & STRATEGIES China Korea Japan Subsidiary #2 Business Plan Impact Analysis Financial Model TEAM Malnutrition: 19% Lactose intolerance: 60% Organic Consumption: USD$30 billions Factoría Quinoa is seen as one of the best sustainable (social-environmental-economic) option to national and international donors (public and private), individuals and universities, interested in contributing with the development of productive projects in rural communities. Factoria Quinoa Colombia Factoría Quinoa represents a great opportunity to physicians, dietitians, chefs, restaurants, organizations and other distribution partners, who are aware of their social and environmental responsibility, by promoting good nutrition, health and responsible consumption of Colombian Fair Trade. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Human Nutrition Factoría Quinoa represents an outstanding job opportunity for technicians and professionals, who are interested to build equity and sustainability through their work. Our team work is integrated by technicians and professionals, with a high-level of human quality, in the areas of: research and development, agricultural production, agro processing, management, marketing, sales, administration, communication, international trade, finance and accounting and graphic design. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr gluten lactose cholesterol soy additives Subsidiary #1 Factoría Quinoa ... Colombia “Quinoa has the balance of protein and nutrients closer to what would be the ideal food for a human being,” according to the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture). "Quinoa: an authentic super food" Discovery DSalud Magazine n. 108, september of 2008 Subsidiary #1 Factoria Quinoa Colombia Factoría Quinoa China factoria quinoa India QUINOA Transgenics food rejection: 70% Ethical Consumption: USD$500 billions SALES Celiac: 1% @factoriaquinoa (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Factoría Quinoa is the main commercial partner of smallholder farmer (peasants and indigenous people), located between 2.400 and 2.800 meters above sea level in the Colombian Andes. Technical support through an agroecological packages, aiming to transform their practices with traditional products and quinoa, saving their most important assets: soil and water. Semi-annual return between 40% and 100%. Arabic Countries Animal Nutrition High Cholesterol: 12.7% (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr FIRST AND ONLY 100% natural and hypoallergenic nutritional complement (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Factoria Quinoa Beauty & Health Subsidiary #2 Products & Subsidiaries Obesity: 46.1% Distribution Community Financial Model Transgenics food rejection: 70% High quality selected grains of quinoa, which are rinsed to remove their bitter resin-like coating, called saponin. FREE OF Colombian Fair Trade chain: # 1 in nutrition and sustainability Vitamins Consumption: 40% Producer Community Products President General Manager Director R & D in agro production and processing Scientific Director Administrative Manager Major Accounts Manager Direct Sales Manager Export Manager Communications Manager Cooperation Manager Plant Machinery Manager Agricultural Coordinator in field - Nariño Social Coordinator in field - Nariño Technical support for crops and agro-industrial plant Accounting and Administrative assistant Financial and Accountant auditor and Advisor Nutrition, Design and Legal Support Sponsor Community Gerente Producción Gerente Cooperación Gerente Nutrición Gerente Diseño Gerente Web 2.0 (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Consumer Community Factoría Quinoa´s mission is to maximize equity and social-environmental-economic value creation between the communities articulated in the Colombian fair trade chain: Producer, Transforming, Distribution, Consumer and

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Transcript: Solution We are planning to earn money from: Oil companies for HR services: Students for training: Content... Investors Business Presentation The problem of oil companies: A lack of time and specialists for provision of relevant trainings to students. Inefficient short-term summer internship. Face difficulties while selecting new staff. We will create a company which will serve as a mediator between the students and oil companies. For this we are planning the following: Universities: We Address two main Sections Universities give basic knowledge, and we upgrade and deepen it in accordance with modern requirements Students The problem of our students: Can not get enough working skills required for employment . Can not establish a relationship with future employers. Can not find a job. Our team consists of students of ASOIU. We train students in accordance with their requirements. We assess gained working skills. We allow the employer to participate in the assessment. We assist in employee selecting process. Oil companies should participate in testing process to ensure fair results. Assist oil companies in selection process of employees. Team Oil companies We train students in accordance with their prospective employers’ requirements. Give them a chance for internship. Increase their chances for employment. Ismailov Tural – I have experience in entrepreneurship. Wazeri Samandar – International student, has experience in organizational activities. Hasanzade Rasim – Presidential scholar. Has experience in social activities. Mamedov Shamkhal - Has experience in entrepreneurship. Tuotuonji George – International student, has experience in organizational activities. Marketing and Sales Engage experienced oil specialists as trainers. On completion of the training course test the acquired skills. Placing banners in universities. Advertisement in the Internet (facebook). Distribution of flyers. Competition Business Model Oil companies: R.S.Practice Customer Segments and their problems Solution Business Model Marketing and Sales Competition Our team Provide training courses to students based on the requirements of their prospective employers. Logo We shall advertise our training course by: Oil companies are not specialized on provision of trainings and therefor have limited time and resources for it. We are planning to cooperate with them. We shall engage universities in the process. We shall contact oil companies directly and offer our product.

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Transcript: Localisation in several countries (primarily Russia & CIS), available via web platform and apps - Free unique dynamic db - Localization to various countries, languages - Exposure through partner institution channels - Creating a pool of ambassadors marketing the platform - Affiliate and reward schemes to grow the community - Intelligent growth hacking tools, access for agencies after sharing the info - Targeted remarketing, applied online marketing - Organic search, Q&A encyclopedia, videos, events - Presentations for existing international partners and delegations - Bridging relationships between partner institutions - Banner ad marketing through Student union network - Leaflet and prospectus hand over at presentations Each Partner institution will have the following benefits: • Will have the ability to provide full information such as facilities, videos, contacts and many more to include on the website as opposed to • Get webclick and download prospectus buttons that maximise the conversion of interested students • Advice and guide on how to increase visibility in our search engine to gain increased traffic to your website and more enquiries from prospective students • Get redirects to own site from Apply-online button in Uniscanner website • Appear in our promotional newsletters and slots on To create the Brand Landing Page the institution must supply the following brand assets: • Editorial copy about the institution covering following sections: Location and campuses, courses, research, facilities, international students, fees and scholarships, overview (up to 400 words) • Hi-res imagery in jpeg format, minimum 1000*900pixels and videos • Link to prospectus • Usage must be covered for the Uniscanner website from new markets Site features dynamic institution and course database that collects and updates data from sources such as HESA, unistats etc. Consultancy by ambassadors is available where and when needed. Saves time. International TRAFFIC will be provided Cost-effective marketing solutions How Your Reports Develop direct partnership with universities abroad Offline Immediacy finding targeted, cost-effective marketing solutions Features STUDY FAIRS Our beta version will be in English and Russian languages to cover Europe and CIS. Further languages will be Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Mongolian. • Course pages • Q & A related to your institution • Ambassador pages from your institution • Videos, case studies related to your institution User Experience Brand Landing Page COST-EFFECTIVE MARKETING What Sets Us Apart? Join us at international study fairs to represent your institution PARTNERSHIP - Grow your network of ambassadors - Give your ambassadors larger exposure You will receive an analytics report stating how many redirects, enquiries, applications etc. Online Convenience AMBASSADORS Our ambassador marketplace allows us to cuts agency fees for students. Site will accommodate all resources required for prospective students in one place, such as guides, videos and Q&As Provides with unbiased information and independent advice. MARKET INTELLIGENCE Your Institution Will Have Benefits For Partner Institutions Partnership Proposal Economical Partner Institution Assets Acquisition Strategy Access to Market intelligence reports Unbiased State-of-art design, intuitive and internationally user friendly interface and great user experience Has a marketplace for ambassadors that can be filtered by service type, language, location, institution and program Technology uniscanner Self-Service Other Assets

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