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Business Plan Presentation Background

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Business Background

Transcript: Commercials Billboards Social Media PRICE Promotion CSR 126 million Campaigns Began in 1866 in Atlanta Pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton (1831-1888) 1894 First bottled Coke 1916 created the distinctive Coca-Cola bottle Promotion was made through coupons 1970 Coca-Cola = Fun, friends and good times. Positioning statement Major increase in the last 18 years 3-4 million between 2013-2017 3.96 billions in total Opportunities Happiness Family Life Enjoy "Live on the Coke side of life" History Price Packaging Promotion 5 cents a glass $1.49-$2.27 Company History Social Media Blogs Advertising Expenditures Line Extension Brand Extension Multibranding New Brands Healthy Living Disaster Relief Women's empowerment Branding Choices For Everyone Satisfy every need "Think global, act Local" Mission Statement Weakness Target Audience Consumer preference Water scarcity Competition Healthy perspective Plastic saturation Price Strengths Social Media Differentiation Strategy To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions To create value and make a difference. Movements Social responsibilities Company Culture Insider Look Dominance in the beverage industry Variety of products. Large advertising budget Strong customer relationship Distribution network Good marketing strategies Business Background Influence Consumer Behavior Advertising Be Unique Separate from market Create value Brand Loyalty Bottle shape Taste & Quality Availability Diversity Heat relief/solution Refresher Family memory Social Responsibility Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats Branding Direct competitor, Pepsi. As a company they only make drinks Not a healthy option Depend strictly on water Plastic usage Negative publicity Threats Blogs Creating new healthy products Going to the food industry Supply/ transportation cost Market more the less popular products Different packaging International expansion Brand Perception Swot Analysis Packing

Business Background

Transcript: 04/04/16 Facebook - 0 likes Twitter - 0 followers Soundcloud - 2 followers Analytics & SEO Analytics - iTunes, Spotify etc. Soundcloud Premium offers data on plays, source of plays along with geographical and OS statistics. Analytics - Facebook Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud Bandcamp Soundcloud YouTube Bandcamp iTunes/Spotify etc. via Believe Digital Bandcamp Pro offers stats based on plays, sales/downloads, buzz and an interactive map of geographical data. Engagement Via the digital distributor, Believe Digital UK, I have access to daily reports on sales, plays and geographical data through the Believe Backstage web app. Website - Squarespace Use Mixmag Premiere on 04/04/15 Mixmag Stats: Soundcloud - 1.29 million followers Twitter - 295,000 followers Facebook - 641,700 likes Analytics - Soundcloud Social Media Media Platforms Application Data Collection 10/04/16 Facebook - 352 likes Twitter - 110 followers Soundcloud - 52 followers Glacial Sound 2013 - 2015 Glacial Industries 2016 Glacial Industries Stats Collection Conclusions Business Background The use of platforms controlled by Glacial Sound to drive traffic to Glacial Industries platforms. Facebook - 2,861 Twitter - 2,311 Instagram - 458 Soundcloud - 4,566 followers Overview Use of previously controlled platforms Press/Collaborations v1984 - Becoming (N)one EP available on vinyl & digital in all online outlets from May 13th. iTunes & Bandcamp preorder now available. Thank you for your time and attention. Analytics - Bandcamp

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