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Transcript: 2.Business analysis geographic * Experience * Economy of scale *HR *Capital * Loyalty basement * Availability and variability 1. Executive summary Highlights the entire business plan Time frame (2-5 years) Include : Business location , name Projected sales and profits The purpose of business plan BUSINESS PLAN ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS PLAN:- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BUSINESS ANALYSIS MARKETING STRATEGY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MANAGEMENT PLAN FINANCIAL PLAN customer Vision: market leader Mission: provide the best pharmaceutical care Where am I ? Where am I going to ? How am I going to? Jeddah expansion….increase Brand Awareness Competitive Edge price Prepared By Abdelraheem Rewaid Business plan Abdelraheem Rewaid GOAL! Expenses Without this section the plan can't prove the company would be a Viable business. RETAIL BUSINESS DEVEOLPMENT PLAN 3. Marketing strategy profit weak * Threats ( challenges ) * Competition Job descriptions ( skills and training ) Employees NO( HR) Analysis *Multi- page document *Information should be included *Convince Owner to fund plan customer behavior product An overview and description of business Collection of data to build my plan on Including : Where the business will be located When the business will start How the business will be operated What products and services Legal structure of business 4.Products and services 6. Financial plan purchase power Plan Elements : Organizational structure ( level of management ) Quality STRONG procedures and policies 5.Management plan Financial leverage SWOT monitoring weak > strong * Opportunity * Training * Skillful labors * Advertising * Campaign research AGENDA demographic Market

BUSINESS PLAN Retail Business Solution

Transcript: Strategies include traditional print advertisements and ads placed on search engines on the Internet. •You will register Fyesh GM with online portals so that potential customers can easily reach Fyesh GM. •Growing market with a significant percentage of your target market still now knowing you exist. •Strategic alliances offering sources for referrals and joint marketing activities to extend your reach. •Strong marketing campaign. •SEO Marketing. •Website traffic. SWOT Analysis Threats BUSINESS VENTURE / TIE UP Customer Relationships 1.To become our stockiest we plan to have one time registration fee with our company. Registration could be done at our website, the registration fee would be used to provide products for our stockiest to sell to customers. 2.From drop ship agents, they will also need to register at our website but with free registration. Drop ship agent would not hold any stocks with them but they will order directly with us when customers order from them. We will handle the process and payment. Using drop ship system, anyone could be our agent with zero payment. They could promote our products through blogs, Facebook, Twitter or any social network. •Major function of Fyesh GM is to keep stock in user friendly packs or sizes for the consumer to buy as per his needs. Thus, consumer need not keep large inventory at home because he knows that the retailer will have the stock when he needs it. This is particularly important for foodstuff and perishable goods. •Access to additional operating capital. •Cash flow to be unpredictable. •Blog is currently heavily traveled or viewed. •Inability to manage several clients’ needs simultaneously. Competitive Analysis •This is one of the sections of the business plan that you must write completely on your own. Social Marketing •Retailers offer credit to customers. Retailers put up attractive display of their products for the benefit of their customers. Sales persons are available to assist customers with product information etc. Multi channel retailers offer flexibility of buying anytime, day or night. Anytime Customers have the option of home delivery. •Easy entry for new business competition. Business and Marketing Plan FREE PROMOTE PLAN Mission •Excellent and stable staff, offering personalized customer service. •Strong merchandising and products presentation. •Understanding the client’s needs. •Exceeding the expectations of clients. •Hiring individuals who are passionate about providing these essential services to the needy. •More aggressive marketing methods can attract specific client types offering potential higher than normal net profit margins. •Develop a blog. Providing an assortment of products and services. •Fyesh GM specializes in the assortments we offer. Other company offer assortments of food, health and beauty products. Consumers are well aware of these different assortments on offer. Even small children are now aware of what to find and where. Customer testimonials Fyesh General Merchandise (Fyesh GM) is a company registered with Department of Trade and Industry and with the list of SME based in Cotabato City. The company is growing as demand for generic medicines is increasing in the market today. Our commitment is to bring our products and services to a new height align with a better innovation and competitive strategies. We intend to provide our customers with the best buying experience from beginning to end, with a smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, clear and secure payment methods, and fast, quality delivery. Our hope is to venture further into top companies of Philippine market, bring it noticeable to everyone’s eyes. Fyesh GM is a sub-distributor mainly in Regions XI, XII and CARAGA of pharmaceutical products of JTSR PHARMACY, a Pharmaceutical of Everest Pharma. Accessibility We are planning to use stockiest and drop ship agent and own shop on supplying our products to our customers. •The distribution sale of products to the end user is a $500 billion dollar a year industry. This growth rate for this industry has been tremendous over the last five years. Opportunities Providing services More send e-mails to your old and new customers. Monthly phone call to hold them accountable. Great attitude in every email or call with them. Would be great if you keep it friendly. To send e-mails to your customers during the holidays to find out, that you don’t write them just for the money. Breaking Bulk •The supply we get from Manufacturers or Suppliers/Distributors in bulk, to Fyesh GM who in turn can sell in small quantities to individual consumers. •Competitive position. •Pricing below competition. •Pricing above competition. •Price lining. •Cash discounts. •Seasonal discounts. Holding Inventory Our Team Website and Label Design •The website will be the key to the business. It must be well designed, user-friendly and fully operational at all times. The website will serve both business owners and consumers, so the design

Business Plan Project Powerpoint

Transcript: $4.56 Icy Pop Our business is composed of 2 co-owners (Ashlee and Caroline) and 2 qualified people that are able to restock and repair our machines at the local restaurants where our machines are located. The Nature of Our Business Goals and Objectives Costs and Sizes of Popsicles Organizational Plan Small Get your Icy Pop today and get 50% off!!! Our product is the Icy Pop (vending) machine, a machine where you can customarily create your own popsicle There are over 100 flavors and fillings available for you to chose from Mix and match flavors and fillings to make your own popsicle creation for as much as $4.56 Product To start the business we would need 5 vending machines to work with which would cost $35,000 It would cost us about $6,000 to market our product The last cost would be that it would take $7,000 to restock our machines (restocking the flavors and the nitrogen) Icy Pop We will market in many ways including social media, highway billboards, local flyers, an through people seeing Icy Pop in restaurants and spreading the word about it. Financial Plan A type of vending machine that creates and serves popsicles Contains a wide variety of different flavors customers can use to design their own popsicle $3.45 A. To eventually have our machines put in places all over the world B. To one day offer over 300 flavors C. To one day become the most popular popsicle company ever D. To inspire creativity in everyone through popsicle making! Medium Information By: Caroline Martin and Ashlee Storey $2.36 Business Plan Project PowerPoint icy pop You can design your very own unique posicle with the push of just a few buttons Only takes five mintues or less for your popsicle to be made and then frozen by nitrogen Costs depend on what size popsicle you purchase Large Marketing Plan Information Our business would be categorized as a food service, since our invention is a type of vending machine and people will be eating what comes out of it.

Business Development & Retail - Business Plan

Transcript: Business Development & Retail - Business Plan McIntyre Performing Arts Centre Renamed PAC from McIntyre Theatre to better reflect our potential usage 2011 Boris Brott Music Festival with 7 concerts/2 operas ($45k revenue) Geritol Follies booked for 5 shows in November and 5 more in May 2012 (currently discussing a 4 year commitment) Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra is holding a full week of training and 2 concerts in February 2012 and another full week of events in May 2012 (in early discussions to become their home for 5 years beginning in 2012) Dance calendar has been reduced by 20% with the plan to host only 3 vendors in 2013 to allow scheduling flexibility from February through June Currently have 3 Top Feeder High School graduations booked for June 2012 Home of 2012 Golden Horseshoe Music Festival for 5 days in February 2012 Theatre package has been reworked and will allow for better recruiting of events All bookings are community or student based in an attempt to increase revenue Food Service Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr It could be much larger! Retail An Example: So... You get the idea 30 Let me give you some perspetive.... Here is some context. Provide some common ground. Or something from the present, that we should look beyond. Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps. Significant process change for textbook ordering/buying to minimize returns and improve all customers satisfaction (faculty and students). Implemented for fall 2012 Campus Kiosk program revitalized with a focus on brand names (Bell Canada, Virgin Mobile, Shoppers Drug Mart etc) and more in line with student wants/needs Standards put in place for table vendors to ensure consistency of presentation and to ensure only approved product is sold while on campus Developed a Branding Committee inclusive of various departments to collaborate ‘swag’ purchases across the college to allow for economies of scale and consistent quality standards Secondary textbook sale setup for January start-up in a room TBA Major push for online textbook sales (signage and contest) to alleviate pressure on current bookstore footprint Expanding the use and exposure of the Mobile Sales Kiosk (including the hiring of an International Student to assist in growth) Proposed reorganization of bookstore staff for better efficiency and handling of product “Retail Therapy” the focus of IdeaForge this semester Here is something small... So.... But we can move beyond the present. Why? STARRT food renovations completed with addition of Tim Hortons, Extreme Pita, 2Mato and Coyote Jacks Fennell On The Go Tim’s remodeled to a full service counter to include breakfast (bagels, breakfast sandwiches) and expanded drink menu. Fennell F-Wing Tim Hortons to have minor upgrades and expanded offerings including pizza Introduced Wild Greens salad bar and Asian Noodle soup in place of Whole+Sum Flex space will have one week a month dedicated to ethnic offerings representative of student population and student requests (via focus groups) Improved marketing of Food Court via social media and stairwell signage/TVs Adding back 4 vending machines to Fennell Campus (2 in F-Wing and 2 in A-Wing) to replace $150k in lost revenue while reducing count at Brantford Starbucks patio furniture in place on H-Wing patio Hosted three licensed receptions during Brott Concerts and looking at expanding for other on campus events A new externally hired catering manager in place by Sept 1 with a focus on improving and expanding service

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