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Transcript: activity programmed Exclusive Market : Italy and San Marino Phi Drive Will be your reference because the team is in line with all the technical aspect of the goods. Sales network : will be Comestero Sistemi's network in line with our sales structure. COMPANY PROFILE project 3 fair in Aerospace Sector in line with H2020 project founded 5 unit ARE YOU INTERESTED ? DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ON OUR GROUP? turnover: approach and opportunity Phi Drive and the Group will use our Brand to push New scale in the market. We will use your format and style communication ( we need to receive your advertising material) the goal of the project to become a innovation center for develop and sell of high performance range of actuators . MARKETING ACTIVITY SUMMARY MEET THE TEAM 5700 - Active Customer 1.300.000 € project Distributor contract ( price list; territory; etc ...) Advertising and goods webinar Start up promotion by fair and newsletters 108 units ABOUT US 12.500.000 € - to signe an Agreement before the next month ( for Sps fair we will have 2 stand ) 50.000 € 26 units 5.000.000 € TIMELINE 68 - Business Sector opportunity OBJECTIVES employees: Business Opportunity UNDER THE HOOD QUESTIONS To Become an official and exclusive distributor in a specific territory. Use the business partner of the group for develop the distributor's business. Use the New scale products in the projects where the requirements are out of Phi Drive's Range. support for the sales activity - will be planned a schedule of webinar for phi Drive 's team on your products. data Phi Drive web site improve Promotion with newsletter Fair programs planned BUSINESS MODEL 14 units

Business Opportunity

Transcript: BUSINESS of 189 economies GEOGRAPHY of Moroccans LAND QUALITY 30 million of people MOROCCO STANDS AT A G R I C U L T U R A L I N P U T S GDP statistics MARKETING TECHNIQUES Atlantic ocean Government Culture influences THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT MOST COMPETITIVE ECONOMY IN NORTH AFRICA ECONOMY OUR VALUE Geographical location Constitutional monarchy "Who you know is more important than what you know" BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MOROCCO MEXPLASTICS Arable land 37 ECONOMY TRADING ACROSS BORDERS CONCLUSION CASA BLANCA POLITICAL SITUATION PREPOSITION trading across bordes Permanent crops Imports, billions US dollars $595 DOLLARS ECONOMY PLASTICS IMPORTS SITUATION Business Relationships Climate PRIME MINISTER MULTICULTURAL 11 DAYS CULTURE BELIEFS Moderate subtropical climate Extreme temperatures M O R O C C O I S on the ease of Abdelilah Benkirán VIOLETA VAAL RODRÍGUEZ MARA FERNANDA FONSECA Mediterranean sea GDP statistics Democratization RECYCLED PRODUCTS GDP statistics 99% Mohamed VI ECONOMY c o n t a i n e r s - p a c k a g i n g - p l a s t i c s CULTURE BELIEFS GDP statistics Labor force by occupation MEXPLASTICS Summary of procedures and documents for trading across borders in Morocco Where does the economy stand today? KING 5 DOCUMENTS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY A G R I C U L T U R A L I N P U T S EXPORT TO MOROCCO AGRICULTURE Foreign policy POLITICAL SITUATION GDP (purchasing power parity), billions US dollars TRADING ACROSS BORDERS crude oil textiles telecommunications equipment wheat natural gas and electricity transistors plastics Where economies stand in the global ranking on the ease of doing business ECONOMY Etiquette Economy by sectors POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT are muslim Religion THE SECOND Land use LAND QUALITY INTERMEDIARY free-trade agreements ECO-FRIENDLY

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