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Transcript: Sophie Wargo Blue vs. Gray About the life of the war victims 1864 The Country Splits The North and the South In the quarrel between two sides, the American Civil War has begun. American Civil War Choose a side. Ever since the American Civil War broke out three years ago, the people of the country have been divided into two sides. One side of the war, the Confederate group, had different opinions on the way the Union was running the country. Whether people support the Union or the Confederacy is entirely up to them, but most supporters live in an appropriate residence. The Union has control over the north side of the country, where most Union supporters typically live, and the Confederates have control over the south. It is not hard to spot soldiers of either side of the war. Union soldiers are referred to as "bluebelly Yankees," or just "Yankees," because of their blue uniforms. Confederate soldiers, however, wear simple gray uniforms, and the two sides are easily distinguished. It does seem as if the Confederates have less power over the Union due to their lack of popularity and resources. These soldiers each fight to protect their own side and beliefs, but they can't both win. Whoever will win in the end gets to run the country the way they believed was right, so there is a lot at stake for not only the two sides, but for the entire country. Hannalee Reed The Reeds Fight the War There are currently four living Reeds, losing the father of their family to the war, and a baby carried by the mother on the way. Rosellen Sanders is a family friend of the Reeds, just like her mother, and girlfriend of Davey Reed. The Reed Family Hannalee Reed, a young girl from Georgia, must learn how to survive and cope with the American Civil War in her country. She comes from a family of Confederates, her brother being a Confederate soldier like their father before he died in an army hospital last winter. Hannalee must also deal with the people in her life; her mother, pregnant with her father's child; her little brother Jem, whom she has to look out for; her older brother Davey, the soldier fighting in the war, and Rosellen Sanders, her town's prettiest girl and Davey's current girlfriend, who is beginning to give up on him because he won't marry her. When part of the Union army comes to her town and takes all the millworkers, including her, Jem, and Rosellen, the three have to stick together to survive. However, after many of Hannalee's elaborate plans to keep them all together, they all get taken by different Northeners to work for them. Now Hannalee has to go on an adventure to get back to her home with those she loves and survive the war. Advice to Hannalee Reed When dealing with a problem, one often turns to another for advice. Hannalee Reed has many problems falling on her shoulders, and some advice doesn't seem like a bad thing for her. When I got taken away from my home and sold by the Union, I escaped my owners' home to run away and find Jem and Rosellen. I want to bring them home with me, but Rosellen doesn't want to come home. She wants to stay with her new owners in her new home, and I think she doesn't want to be with Davey anymore. I want Rosellen to come home, not only for us, but for her mother as well, but I don't know what to do to make her come home. - Hannalee Reed First of all, I think trying to get Jem and go back home is dangerous. If you get caught by the Union soldiers, they could send you to their jail or sell you to different owners. However, if you were to go back home, I don't think you should make Rosellen come with you. She may be happier where she is, and might feel more protected and as though her life has improved. You two might not see things the same way, but she should be entitled to her choices. - Sophie Wargo The Most Important Battle of the Civil War The Battle of Gettysburg One of the battles in the war was the Battle of Gettysburg, a significant event in history. During the American Civil War, there were many battles fought between the Union and Confederacy. The Battle of Gettysburg was a historical event during the Civil War, and called the most significant battle of the war. Gettysburg is located in Pennsylvania, where Union and Confederate troops clashed from July 1-July 3 in 1863. General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Union army, took his army into Pennsylvania after winning a battle in Northern Virginia. The Union was victorious in the Battle of Gettysburg, while the Confederates lost. Gettysburg

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Transcript: OCTOBER 2017 AUTHORS - SATHVIKA AND KARTHIKEY MING'S BIGGEST PREY Patricia Highsmith was born on january 1st, 1994 in forth worth. Growing up she had a very harsh love hate relationship with her parents. She was the only child to Jay Bernard Plagman and Mary Plangman.Both her parents got divorced 10 days before patricia was born. She learnt play writing, english composition and short stories at barnard college. She was a diarist her entire life and started writing just as a hobby but made it her job later.She is well known for her psychological thrillers and her short stories which have been adapted by a lot of films.For her personal life, she was an alcoholic and suffered from thoughts of depression, anorexia nervosa and lung cancer. She claims to prefer animals,cats to be specific over humans. She was attracted to women and was never in a long term relationship. ABOUT THE AUTHOR ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND SUMMARY SUMMARY Ming's biggest prey is a story about a cat,Ming who struggles through a hard life as a kitten.His fate begins when he gets picked up by Elaine.Elaine his loving mistress pampers him and spoils him. He enjoyed his luxury life before teddie comes into play. Teddie is elaines partner. He gets jealous of ming because of the attention that he gets from his love Elaine. Ming is hostile when around Teddie Teddie attempts to kill Ming several times but fails. Ming hates Teddie but never physically shows it.He terrors his existence in the thought that he may hurt him.One night, when elaine is not in the presence ming notices teddie being slightly drunk and stealing Elaine's Diamond necklaces Teddie attempts to grad Ming and kill him but Ming plays around and makes Teddie fall over the terrace. Elaine is given the stolen diamond necklace found in teddies pocket in the hospital and realizes ming has helped her from being robbed SUMMARY MING Ming is a quintessential cat.He is the main protagonist in the story. He is indulged and spoiled by Elaine his loving mistress. He only likes the presence of his owner Elaine and dislikes other humans."In all the world,he only liked elaine".He enjoys his life in luxury being fed by elaine and concha”ming had just lunched on delicious grilled fish and a bit of lobster”.He can sense anger before it reaches him. He terrors the presence of teddie that he is going to suffocate and hurt him to death. Though he hates teddie he never really physically show it by planning attacks he knows that teddie is up for no good and waits for the moment to arrive to take his revenge on him. CHARACTER ANALYSIS CHARACTER ANALYSIS TEDDIE Teddie is elaine’s boyfriend. He was never actually in love with elaine.He is the main antagonist in the story. His real identity is of a smart thief.He was just having fun in the parties with elaine. He was always jealous of the love ming gets from his mistress elaine and plans to murder him several times but fails to do so.When he got the opportunity, he stole his partners diamond necklace when the opportunity arrived for ming he played and tricked teddie to kill himself to death for stealing and going against the laws. He took the right decision as he had a purpose to kill teddie but teddie tried to kill ming for an unsensible reason. TEDDIE ELAINE Elaine is ming’s loving mistress and teddie’s partner.she is a very sweet and caring soul. She is the only person ming loved. “In all the world, he only loved elaine. she loved and understood him". She is a wealthy loving women who adopts ming and pampers him. She treats ming as her own child with care. Concha - she is the maid who works for Elaine in Acapulco.she cleans up the house, feeds ming and takes good care of him.she knows his likes and dislikes.Ming is very specific about the dishes she serves the food in he does not always like few dishes so she makes sure to serve it in the dishes he prefer. She is also considered as one of the humans ming likes to be around. CONCHA THE HOUSE - Where Ming is most comfortable. In the story the car takes Ming along with Elaine and Teddie to Elaine’s house he is familiar with everything in his house and also knows where Concha,the maid lives THE BOAT- Teddie attempts to kill ming by pushing him away from the boat. Ming hangs off the boat hopelessly but his mistress Elaine’s presence saves his life. THE TRADING POST - The boat in the story arrives at the trading post which is filled with people and very busy. This shows how Mings daily life goes on. SETTING The story is told in a third person limited perspective. Only the reader and ming knows what is happening throughout the story. The reader knows every detail and follows along like an invisible presence. POINT OF VIEW EXPOSITION - The story takes place in Acapulco which is in Mexico during the 1900s Rising action - Teddie tries to kill him by throwing him into the sea Climax - When the opportunity arrives Ming plays around and makes Teddie fall to death from a 15 feet long building PLOT Reflection - When the hospital

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Transcript: Economic Times 17 May 2023 Group 2 Current scenario of BoT and BoP in India. Table of Contents Table of Contents Here's a place for the first part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. 1. Introduction 2. Importance and Role Play of BoT and BoP 3. Trends of Balance of payment 4. Trends of Balance of trade 5. Conclusion Economic Times Introduction Introduction Here's a place for the first part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. The balance of payment is a statement of all the transactions that are made between entities in one nation and the rest of the world over a particular time frame, such as a quarter or a year. Economic Times Types:current account, capital account, finance account. The balance of trade is the distinction between the value of a nation’s imports and exports for a given time frame. Trade surplus and deficit Differences Difference between BOT and BOP Economic Times Importance Importance and Role Play Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Economic Times Importance of Balance of Payment Importance of Balance of Payments Important component of a country’s balance of payments Indicator of the country’s trade. A positive balance of trade indicates the country’s trade surplus Negative balance of trade indicates trade deficit Economic Times Role play of Balance of payment Role play of Balance of Payment Financial status of the domestic economy. X-M (export minus import) Market potential Monetary and fiscal policies Economic Times Importance of Balance of Trade Importance of Balance of Trade Financial and economic status of country To determine whether the country’s currency value is appreciating or depreciating. Helps the government to decide on fiscal and trade policies. Analyse and understand the economic dealings with other countries. Economic Times Role play of Balance of Trade Role play of Balance of Trade Important component of a country’s balance of payments Indicator of the country’s trade. A positive balance of trade indicates the country’s trade surplus Negative balance of trade indicates trade deficit Economic Times Recent Trends in BOT Recent trends in BOP Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. A balance of payments surplus occurs when a country’s total exports are higher than its imports. This helps to generate capital to fund its domestic productions Balance of payment surplus occurs when – (Current account + capital account receipts) > (current account + capital account payments) Economic Times Components Components of Balance of payment Current Account- It shows export and import of visibles and invisibles . Capital Account- It shows a capital expenditure and income for a country.It gives a summary of the net flow of both private and public investment into an economy. Economic Times Causes of Balance of Payment deficit Rapid Economic Progress Inflation Political Instability Changes in Preference Demonstration effect Population Explosion Causes of Balance of payment deficit Economic Times Methods Trade Policy Measures: Expanding Exports and Restraining Imports Expenditure-Reducing Policies Expenditure – Switching Policies Methods Economic Times Recent Trends Recent trends in BOP Here's a place for the fourth part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Here's a place for the fourth part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. TRADE BALANCE OF INDIA IN BILLIONS OF US$ India trade balance for 2021 was $-79.19B, India trade balance for 2020 was $-10.34B, India trade balance for 2019 was $-73.07B, % OF GDP CONTRIBUTION 2019- -2.58% 2020- -0.39% 2021- -2.49% Balance of Trade = Country’s Exports – Country’s Imports. Economic Times 2019 The main reasons for India's trade deficit in 2019 were Increase in oil imports Slowdown in global demand Increase in gold imports Economic Times The main reasons for the improvement in India's trade balance in 2020 were 2020 Reduction in oil imports Increase in exports of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products Decline in imports of non-essential items Depreciation of the rupee Economic Times The main reasons for the widening of India's trade deficit in 2021 were: 2021 Increase in imports of electronic items increase in oil imports slowdown in global demand Economic Times To sum up Conclusion Here's a place for the first part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. 1. Bot had declined in


Transcript: The Minister of Economy and Finance Luis Castilla said there are countries like Colombia and Panama that "today have very specific reasons to grow faster than Peru". Colombia has managed to expand its oil blocks significantly, so it is becoming an oil producing country and has enjoyed the positive terms of trade. Added to this is that there have been discoveries and advances in coal mines. In the case of Panama said that "much of their performance is explained by the Panama Canal expansion and that's part of growing double digits". Despite this, "Peru will continue to be a country that stands out in their economic growth. The consensus is that in 2015 and 2016 will be the fastest growing country with the lowest inflation" Robert Solow The world has seen a staggering amount of change in the past seven decades. So, with two anniversaries in mind we focused on the transformation of the global economy. What will the global economy look like in another 70 years? India is distinguished by its large consumption on luxury goods, because nearly 45 million Indians are interested in acquiring the most distinguished and selective products. "The Indian market has a potential growth in middle class of more than 20 million people per year and a children population growth of 18 million people per year. Also stressed that this market is very different from Chinese, because is part of the 'Commonwealth' and is formed under these customs. It could boost the following markets: Agribusiness "There is a lot of malnutrition in India, and our products like quinoa could be welcome in this market" He added that this effort then will try to replicate elsewhere in the public sector Related news Secular Stagnation Affluent Economies Stuck in Neutral The owner of Produce said that in October, he expects to raise an initiative to simplify procedures and reduce by 50% the time of evaluation of EIS in its sector $1.5 Increasing Demand The Unresolved Crisis Monday, September 08, 2014 On the other hand, said that his ministry permanently will be monitoring the improvements in the regulation of their activities, and will refine the regulation in areas like labor, health and environment Indian Industries Association says ample business opportunities for industries in South East Asian countries InPerú is in Europe to attract new investment to the country Archive of Finance & Development Issues Alcoholic beverages "Wine consumption in India is revolutionary because it is consumed by status [...] so probably the Peruvian pisco could have a chance of entry" Textiles "The textile sector in India is moving with great force and concentrated around $ 28,000 million, especially in the fashion subsector". Peru should restore their brand and implement the training enough to make inroads into this market. The General Budget of the Republic up 12% to S/. 130.621 bn. in 2015 Paul Krugman A seventeen member delegation of IIA returns to India after completing its successful mission. Five Nobel laureates share their thoughts on which issue promises to shape the economic landscape in the years ahead. Global Warming A Second Inconvenient Truth George A. Akerlof Vol I, No. 1 From London, noted that investors value the partnership between private and public sectors to go about the country and the challenges. What´s more, exists large interest in the Pacific Alliance. On the other side, Alfredo Thorne, Thorne Associates president said, the Lima Stock Exchange is the most open in the region stock market, facilitating capital inflows. Meanwhile, Jorge Ramos stressed the need of a long-term thought reform. "There is interest in signing an agreement to transfer qualified people because in Spain there is high unemployment", Blanco said. Furthermore, in Madrid they were attracted to invest in construction and services sectors. In Zurich the most attractive sectors were mining and services; while in London were the financial and infrastructure, stated the president of InPerú. There is a latent opportunity in India, that the family Añaños took advantage when it dared to enter into this country, stressed Tulio Pita, professor of CIDE-PUCP. Government recognizes that it is complex for employers to do business in Peru The delegation, led by its president Pramod Miglani, visited Myanmar and Thailand on August 17 to explore bilateral business opportunities and met several chamber of commerce and industries, government organizations related to industries, State Ministers. It feels highly satisfied and expect that this will help in increasing the import and export between both countries. The Commerce minister informed that though China has invested about 31% of the international support for the development of Myanmar and most of the items are imported from China, yet the people of Myanmar prefer to buy the products of Indian companies because of its better quality. Also met the office bearers and seniors officers of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade of Thailand, Small

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