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Business Letter Template Powerpoint

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Business Letter

Transcript: Confusion/frustration Human's mind trying to figure out alien experiment Anaphora Pg.146 "it has eyes, recognizable eyes. They are enough like our eyes that it must see somewhat as we do. It has a mouth, four legs, can move bipedally, has grasping hands..." Experimentor Foreign Clueless/uncaring to feelings of experimentee Exercises its superiority over human Literary Devices When writing your business letter make sure not to be too wordy. The words you use must be easy to understand. If the words are too complex the reader won't want to read your letter. Mood and Atmosphere Mysterious- you never really know exactly what's going on Mazes Wrap up your ideas and be sure to restate your proposal. You have made it through the maze of writing a business letter. Now you know all the tips and tricks to write the letter. Examples: First, Who are you writing to? Second, What is the point you want to make? Third, Find pros and cons. Hard to tell who the Alien and human represent Hard to understand what is happening hard to picture what is happening while you read the story Hard to relate to Make sure others want to read it. Just because it's a business letter it can still grab the readers attention Use active verbs. Clarity, simplicity, and humanity are key to your letter. Response Could represent B.F. Skinner's experiments with rats Humans test animals Human is put in animals shoes Remember: Plan: Minimalistic- The story doesn't have any names, specific places or direct dialogue Human Writing to the administration proposing a new finals schedule Writing to your boss proposing why you deserve a raise Finally: Perspective of an animal/experimentee Italics By: Lauren Mize Body: Labially Definition: To use lips Emphasizes lack of communication Irony The Alien/"Human" Your body paragraphs should include your ideas on how to change the problem. Pros and Cons. Imagery Alien How To Write A Business Letter Tips: Neither person knows how to respond/lack of communication Ex. Pg.148 "Its face is very mobile, but if it speaks with its face I cannot understand it, that is too foreign a language "The dance i dance in dying" A horrible nonsense-dance like the motions of an imbecile Closing: Criticisms Introduction: Knobs Your introduction paragraph should include what you are proposing (idea). Tips: Frustrated- neither the alien nor the human is getting what they want out of the other person Symbols Vague

Business letter

Transcript: Business letter The term “business letters” refers to any written communication that begins with a salutation, ends with a signature and whose contents are professional in nature. Application letter Inquiry letter An Order Letter is the one that is written by the person/company placing the request of purchase from another company. This letter comes into action only when a detailed study of the desired product has been done in the market and based on promised service, quality and price of the product, a decision for a purchase has been made. Acknowledgment letter sample of transmittal letter Acknowledgment letter is an official letter that is designed to acknowledge the receipt of payment, services of an entity or a corporation or a contribution or to cite some examples. example of an acknowledgment letter a document requesting information sent on behalf of an individual or an organization for their own respective purposes, which can be mutually beneficial to the recipient and the sender. An application letter is merely another name for a cover letter, the official business letter often included with a job application and/or resume and sent to a prospective employer. Although application letters are generally considered optional components of applying for a job, more and more frequently, employers are singling out those who actually take the time to write an application letter as their top picks. Here are a few components of a typical, successful application letter: Recommendation letter Transmittal letters are usually brief. The first paragraph describes what is being sent and the purpose for sending it. A longer transmittal letter may summarize key elements of the proposal in one or two sentences and provide the recipient with other useful information. A transmittal or cover letter accompanies a larger item, usually a document. The transmittal letter provides the recipient with a specific context in which to place the larger document and simultaneously gives the sender a permanent record of having sent the material. Transmittal letter Order letter also known as a letter of reference, reference letter or simply reference, is a document in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individual's ability to perform a particular task or function.

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Business letter

Transcript: Business letters Brainstorm PBL BL Research PBL 1. Return address of the letter writer. 1600 Main Street Springfield, Kansas 12345 2. The date of the letter. This is usually typed in one of two ways: (Begin with the day, no comma) 15 January 2008 or (Begin with the month; use a comma) December 1, 2008 3. Complete name, title, and address of the recipient. Use "Mr." for a male recipient. If you do not know how a female recipient prefers to be addressed, it is best to use "Ms." Ms. Anna Brown, Chair Department of Linguistics Right State University 1415 University Drive Felicity, OH 45434 4. Salutation with a colon. Dear Ms. Brown: 5. Body of the letter. It is best to keep an initial business letter short. Business people are busy and do not have time to read long letters! In a one-page letter, you will usually only need three or four paragraphs, single spaced. Use a double space in between paragraphs. See examples that follow. The easiest way to write the body of the business letter is to use a prewritten business letter. 6. Closing. The most common closing is "Sincerely." Follow this with a comma. Skip four single lines after the closing and type your name. Sign your name in the space above your name. Sincerely, BL •Dateline: Three to six lines beneath the letterhead, flush left or right. The dateline contains the month , day, and year. •Recipient address: Three to six lines below the dateline, flush left. The recipient address is composed of: •Addressee’s courtesy title and full name •Addressee’s business title •Business name •Street address •City, state, and zip code •Greeting or salutation: One or two lines below the last line of the recipient’s address. If you use first names in person, you may do so in your salutation •Complimentary close: Two lines below the last line of the body of the letter, flush left or centered. All the following closes are appropriate in business letters when you don’t know the addressee: Yours truly, Very truly yours, Yours very truly, Sincerely, Yours sincerely, Sincerely yours Final notations: Two lines below your typed signature. For example, if you're sending copies of the letter to other people, you may type cc:, followed by the alphabetically listed names of those receiving the letter Results THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Double click to crop it if necessary doodles PBL Body: Starts one line below the greeting. The body of the letter contains whatever you have to say Notes Place your own picture behind this frame! details Assets BL Important Details

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