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Investor Presentation

Transcript: Critical Tales Opportunity More widely Accessible than competitors Mature Themes The Opportunity Behind the Scenes Updates when you want them Insight to future products Financial Forecasts and reports Behind The Scenes The ROI The ROI Market Conditions Growing by Customer base of Market Conditions Marketing Plan Engagement Advertisement Market Size Market Conditions 3 $26 54 Market Analysis Market Analysis The gap in the market Demographic statistics Current Market Conditions Remote working - effect on the market Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis Dungeon in a Box Dungeon Crate Roll for Treasure Facebook – 200,257 Instagram – 31,300 Twitter - 4,206 Lootbox - $27.08 per/month Facebook – 15,641 Instagram – 11.900 Twitter – 1,851 Digital - $11.95 p/month Physical - $29.50 p/month Facebook – 14,133 Instagram – 7,804 Twitch - 105 Digital - $10.00 p/adventure Physical - $15.00 p/adventure Lootbox - $39.95 p/month RPG Crate City of Mist Cubicle 7 Facebook - 177,393 Twitter - 9,860 Youtube - 1,150 Facebook – 12,400 Instagram – 1,415 Twitter - 1,538 Physical - $6.89 - $14.89 Lootbox - $33.89 Facebook - 5,899 Twitter - 1,746 Instagram - 2,242 Kickstarters - 1,762 - 9 hours to $14000 (total $104,313) 4 days to $25,000 (Total $53,000) Products Our Product Product Plan Product Plan Product Range Product Range Game of Gnomes Fortified States of America Dungeon Masters Guide to Witchcraft & Necromancy Book Fantasy Role Playing Game Noire Role Playing Games Supply Chain Supply Chain Freelancers/Local Businesses Suppliers Graphic Designers Business Model HERE'S HOW WE MAKE MONEY Business Model Investment Expenditure Investment Plans Financial Projection Financial Projection The Team The Team Relevant Experience Updates when you want them Insight to future products Financial Forecasts and reports Michael Marketing Relevant Experience Izzie Design Relevant Experience Antony Business Operations

Investor Presentation

Transcript: The Warm Jacket Mission Mission Create a jacket that will provide warmth on even the coldest days of the year. A product that can be your go-to jacket for almost any season - fall, winter, and spring. Problem statement Problem statement Many times the cold weather prevents people from spending time doing their favorite outdoor activities, whether it is sports, road trips, or simply walking your dog. My goal is to provide heated outerwear with attention to quality, safety, and affordability. Solution Solution Design a jacket that will allow for the consumer to enjoy the outdoors even with harsh weather conditions. Product overview Product Overview FEATURES OF THE JACKET Soft shell fabric exterior with fleece lining ensures you don’t lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth Water and wind resistance for your unrestricted movement towards outdoor activities Ideal temperature choice for you, family members, friends, employees, to enjoy outdoor activities against cold and chilly climate Product Design How it Works How It Works: If I were to use regular fleece or fabric, heat would seep out of the pores like water in a bucket full of holes. You would always be required to set the heat on HIGH in order to feel any degree of warmth, draining the battery more quickly. With this special multilayer windproof material and six-layer soft shell garments, the heat is trapped inside your core region, enabling you to turn the heat level down or off once you are comfortably warm. This method better preserves and makes the most of the battery power, keeping you warm for many more hours. The Product Product Profits Accounting for all of the materials needed to make this product, it will cost me about $75 to make 1 jacket. It could also be cheaper if I were to buy materials in bulk. However, I am barely starting off, so I would be using job order production. **In the future, I would also have to account for the employees working under the company and many other financial requirements** Taking this all into account, I will be selling each jacket at $150. Thus, I would be making $75 for each jacket that I would sell. Target Audience Target Audience I believe that many people of all ages would use this product. This product is meant for people who don't want to be limited by harsh weather conditions. Thus, I would like to target young adults and teenagers. I also want to turn my attention to people who live in places that get a lot of snow. Manufacturing Timeline Manufacturing Outsourcing: Due to the fact that I will be starting off with job order production, I don't think that I will need to use huge factories. Instead, for the beginning phases, I will pay third parties to carry out the manufacturing process for me. However, I do want these third parties to be in the U.S. It’s important that I form trusting relationships with these contractors and keep close tabs on the process to ensure that I receive quality finished goods. Manufacturing Considerations: Wear and Tear Serviceability of Parts Cost Efficiency Safety Environmental impact How much profit will new product make for the company? Can I use cheaper materials for the same amount of quality? Topic CAD Prototypes: Sketches: Marketing Marketing Techniques Advertising I could advertise through media services which will allow me to target the younger audience. Marketing Techniques I believe that I could use all four techniques to market my product. Here are some examples: Personal selling Once my company grows, I could use telemarketers to promote my product. All though, many people don;t like telemarketers, it could boost sales. Publicity My company could also hire professional critics to review our products, which would allow for people to trust our products in the future. Sales promotion The company could also offer discounts or daily deals in order to attract people who want to save some money. Market Testing Market Testing Market testing enables a company to debut its new product to a small selection of real customers Once I have the product ready to go, I would then send it a small number a people. Then, I would evaluate the customer's response to a product with an online survey. Based on the results, I would then send the product to a larger distribution or I would revisit the prototype and improve it. Competition ARRISLIFE Cozy Winters Ororo Competition Competition found in this industry: Risks Risks The chart explains some of the risks present when producing and selling the product. 80 90 People don't like the style of the jacket The heat warmers do not function Someone gets electrocuted Not enough materials to build the jacket 100 30 70 50 40 60 10 20 0 **This is not an actual chart** (The greater the number the more risk it presents) Closing Closing Invest in the Warm Jacket! Thank you for your time!

Investor Pitch Template

Transcript: TEAM get back to you yet? If they did, put their NO ELECTRICITY Profit Guaranteed Kiran Israr Design, Install & Commission Let everyone know your TRACTION & ENGAGEMENT Business Services your solution to the market? GO TO MARKET Education Drinking Water PEDO has more than 300 sites that can be potentially integrated with other Renewable Energy Sources. CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION PROVIDE ELECTRICITY USING REWABLES THE ASK AHMAD AMIN Did any of your customers MEET TARIQ GUJJAR ADD PICTURE HERE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Write down all the reasons $ 34.02 k $ 68.04 k STUDENTS RANGING FROM GRADE 1 TO GRADE 10 $ 17.01 k MARKET SIZE SCHOOLS ARE OUR TARGET MARKET. THE DETAILS ARE GIVEN BELOW; 44% OF RURAL PAKISTAN IS DEPRIVED OF ELECTRICITY Hospitals Business Market Integration and Acquisition parts here in this box. SOLUTIONS USAID, ADB, and KFW are developing pilot projects. COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATORS YOUR Take all the information you WHAT IS THE POTENTIAL? Investment opportunities on selected sites positive feedback here Position similar solution? If so, put their details here. USPCASE nominated as Energy Think Tank of KPK HERE CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION EnSync COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATORS to make money from the same market with a Position $ 0.5 Million Are there other people trying KIRAN ISRAR Position COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Add details, including pictures WE WANT TO PROMOTE RURAL EDUCATION $ 340.2 k ADD PICTURE HERE Health In these circles GOES Bankable Services Explain as visually as you can Integration Technology is Operational Worldwide. BUSINESS MODEL Technical Feasibility Services progress so far. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Put the different kinds of customer put in so far and summarize the most important RURAL COMMUNITIES 44% UNELECTRIFIED that you are better than the competition COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE How ready are you to take SUMMARY ADD PICTURE HERE LOGO System Design Services Universities-Industry Partnerships under umbrella of HEC PAINS KHURAM SHAHZAD THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! LOGO YOUR HERE GOES To add more team members, just resize the existing cirlces and copy paste them. And don't forget to delete this tip!

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