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Investor Presentation

Transcript: Team 5B TT Computers Investor Presentation At TT Computers our mission is to become a leader in the world's personal technology market. We aspire to achieve this objective by concentrating on reliability, affordability and accessibility. Our Mission TT Computers Lester Callanan Sam Murphy Jack Kingston Michael Dempsey Donal O Gorman The Team Balanced Scorecard Balanced Scorecard Quarter 3 Have a Brand Rating above 75 from both Costcutter and Workhorse Enter All Regions By Quarter 6 Have 25% market share in both Costcutter and Workhorse Lead in at least 5 Areas on the Balanced Scorecard Stratigic Goals Operational Review Brands Our Brands Price: 1550 Profitability: -391/unit Units sold: 77 Goal: To redesign and re-release TT1.0 Targets: Costcutter Traveler Ratings: 23 by Costcutter 59 by Traveler TT2.0 Targets: Workhorse Costcutter Ratings: 68 by Costcutter 64 by Workhorse Price: 2000 + Rebate 200 Profitability: 273/unit Units sold: 627 Goal: Cut costs of production and make small improvements Competitors Brands The Essential (Progress) Price: 1,760 Units sold: 195 Rating: 57 Target: Costcutter AgTop 165 (Agri-Tec) Price: 1,800+ Rebate 10 Units sold: 360 Rating: 62 Target: Costcutter Pear Office 1.0 (Pear Inc) Price: 2,600/2500 +Rebate 100 Units sold: 426 Rating: 67 Target: Workhorse Market Share Market Share Advertising Our Advertising Bargain Laptop Brand: TT1.0 Local: 4 Regional: 2 Rating: 50/39 TT Computers Local: 10 Regional: Rating: 2 72/68/54 Workhorse PC Brand: TT2.0 Local: 4 Regional: 2 Rating: 62/57 Competitors Advertiving (Progress) Affordable Brand: The Essential Local: 4 Regional: 2 Rating: 65 (Pear Inc) Pear Office 1.0 Brand: Pear Office 1.0 Local: 6 Regional: 0 Rating: 62 Extract Income Statement Financial Review Gross margin of 23.5% Design of Ad and Brand make up 16.9% of Expences Mismanagment of Operating Capacity and Inventory make up 7% Goal for next quarter: Increase Gross Margin over 25% Withdrew our Savings Increased Fixed Capacity in advance of opening sales offices next quarter Maintained a cash balance above the 300,000 recommended amount. Extract Cashflow Title Held a small amount of inventory Studied about the possibility of conventional Loans in the future Trying to keep Retained Earnings from hitting 1,500,000 Extract Balance Sheet Title Looking Forward Specific Achievable Time Measurable Realistic Increase Gross Profit Improve Brand Rating Improve Ad Rating Open more Sales Offices Gross profit to 33% Brand Rating to 70 Ad Rating to 70 At least 2 more offices Lower cost of production Redesign Brand Redesign Ad Have enough cash to open the offices All Goals to be reached by end of Quarter 5 Gross margin should increase as economy of scale comes into effect Need to target the wants of individual sectors rather than broad targets Many cities have no offices Strategic Implications and Revised Goals What Changed in Quarter 4 Quarter 4 Introduced 2 new brands Opened more sales offices Redesigned Advertising Increased Gross Profit to 33.3%

Investor Presentation

Transcript: Where We're Heading: Vertical Markets Plans for Growth 1,500 customers 47% Electronic Signature Capture How is the Problem? Direct Sales Smart AP RJS Software Systems ROI: Saves due to credit department efficiencies. Sources: AIIM, Aberdeen Group, The Paperless Project, Xerox Key Milestones in RJS History Your information management problem? Solved. Funding for Growth FormDocs BP Logix 1990: RJS founded 1993: Report Splitter and WinSpool/400 developed 2000: Windows-based products first developed 2000: WebDocs released 2009-2010: WebForms and SignHere developed 2011: Smart Security launched 2012: RJS acquires NowData and Epic Science 2013: Smart AP released Advertising Manufacturing Customer Problems 20+ years of experience Revenue Projections RJS Customers Revenue Mix Document management/business process automation Quality assurance automation Experienced integrating into many other business platforms Customer Profile: Atlantis Customer Profile: Arby's $250,000 Founded in 1990 Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN Software Developer Document management software SaaS and premise-based solutions Managed IT Services Security Consulting 65 stores operated across 5 states WebForms, WebDocs, Workflow and report generation solutions in place Elimination of courier, storage and pre-printed forms expenses Business efficiencies in AP/AR, HR and administration Offer customers a full solution by packaging a variety of leading products About RJS Software RJS Competitive Advantage ROI: Saved more than in strategic sourcing costs. Resellers Referrers National Distributors Automated invoice processing 52% of AP departments not automated Avg. reduction in costs in invoice processing is 33% with automated solution 61% of AP departments report a payback in 12 months or less; 77% in 18 months Unique differentiator: WebForms! Front-desk registration/signature capture Gaming line-of-credit applications Exception reporting process Account Managers Expansion Sales Representatives Electronic Forms Square 9 Laserfiche Hotel/casino located in Bahamas WebForms, SignHere solutions in use Technology used to verify markers quickly in casino cage Increases spending in gaming area Website Big Questions? Channel Cloud-based forms and document management Cloud computing projected to grow from $91B in 2011 to $207B by 2016 Gaming Marketing Strategy Windows- and iSeries-based solutions How RJS Solves Customer Problems Market Segments We Serve The average worker prints 1,000 pages per month. 45% of documents are thrown out within 24 hours. 20+% of worker's time is spent on document management tasks. The average document is copied 9-11 times at a cost of about $18. Documents cost $20 each to file. Retrieving a misfiled document costs $120. Volume of documents and unstructured data is growing 30% a year. 52% of AP departments are not automated. 1/3 of organizations receiving 25,000 invoices or more are still processing documents manually. Large variety of markets served Cloud Events Document Management How would RJS use Funds? Vertical marketing Product development Grow sales team Market-specific professional services DocuSign EchoSign $50,000 a year Tradeshows Lunch and Learns Webinars RJS User Group Conference How We Go To Market Cloud and On-Premise options Main marketing vehicle Promotes lead generation Promotional and educational Focus on SMB market Google AdWords Web banner ads Social media Industry-specific groups and associations Primary Competitors Accounts Payable Distribution Education Financial Services Government Healthcare Hospitality Manufacturing Retail And more ... Solution Web and electronic forms software Electronic signature capture software Digital document management software Business process automation software Problem Paper-based forms and data management Manual approval processes Paper-based document and data storage Manual document and data distribution

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