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Soda For Sale Presentation

Transcript: Soda For Sale Project Creator: Ian Manock Business: McTacoWay Define McTacoWay will sell tacos and other mexican food. I am a purchaser for a fast food chain and I have been asked to choose a soda to sell for the company. Research I used the Engineering Design Process to solve this task. The Engineering Design Process (EDP) consists of Define, Research, Brainstorm, Choose, Build, Test, Communicate, and Redesign. Brainstorm 6/20 kids chose Mtn. Dew. That means if 1,000 people bought a soda 300 would buy Mtn. Dew. My brainstorm cup designs I chose to sell Sprite. I chose this because 2:3 companies sold Sprite and 2:20 classmates chose it. Soda Sizes: Tiny 12oz $1.00 Average 18oz $1.50 Mexican Style 24oz $2.00 The unit rate for each size is $0.08. My final cup design Build Soda Ratio part 2 Ratio part 1 1. Mtn. Dew 6:20 1:3 2. Dr. Pepper 3:20 1:3 3. A&W Cream Soda 2:20 0:3 4. Cherry Coke 2:20 0:3 5. Sprite 2:20 0:3 6. Mtn. Dew Voltage 1:20 0:3 7. Pepsi 1:20 0:3 8. Squirt 1:20 0:3 9. Diet A&W Root Beer 1:20 0:3 10. A&W Root Beer 1:20 0:3 Soda Ratio of only part 1 Diet Coke 2:3 Coca Cola 2:3 Diet Dr. Pepper 2:3 Barq's Root Beer 1:3 Pib's Extra 1:3 Diet Pepsi 1:3 Mtn. Dew Baja Blast 1:3 Sierra Mist 1:3 Test Communicate I am communicating in this presentation and a technical writing piece. Redesign I had to redesign part 1 of brainstorm and build a model. I truly think that my company should sell sprite to get the most profit. The research shows that most fast food chains sell it and some classmates prefer it. Seth Benson tested my project. He found 2 things wrong.


Transcript: NET PROFITS to make the children have fun while learning LET'S TALK ABOUT I make at least X10 on each of our investments. A summer school MOTHER-TONGUE TEACHERS Business @ GOBETTI-VOLTA PLAN NAME and address: Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope An investor will have to check your competitive environment before investing. Do not hide it from competitors. SWOT WHO WE NAME: HAPPY KIDS Strapline: Happy Kids learn English in the summer Elevator Pitch: An innovative summer school for young children using the facilities of Gobetti-Volta, especially the new pool. Send letters,emails, texts to parents I MARKET I HAPPY Strengths: Need for an English summer school in the area Weaknesses: Recruiting expert mother-tongue teachers with innovative, dynamic, energetic teaching skills Opportunities: Possibility of using existing facilities Threats: Some outdoor activities could not be safe for young children ELIZABETH PAULS COMPETITION FINANCIAL Fees I SUMMARY I to set up a summer school of English for young children to use the facilities of Gobetti-Volta A summer school of English for young children ANALYSIS U.S.P summary ARE " I IRENE SIMPS PRODUCT MANAGER to adopt the "splash and speak" approach Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope I for young children Arrange free open week at Gobetti-Volta, with prizes aims MARKETING HAPPY EVERY WEEK DAY I radio advertisements, local TV commercials 15% outdoor activities in English ELEVATOR Sponsors of children's items DEVELOPER STRATEGY Business I Competitor analysis: Humpty Dumpty school (Fiesole) Jack and Jill Summer school (Settignano) The Witch and the Wizard (Sorgane) happy kids I Enter here the history of your fundraising, what you plan to lift today, and under what conditions. I I KIDS 15% I EXPLAIN YOUR STRATEGY KIDS Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope WELCOME OUR BUSINESS 70% Happy Kids @ Gobetti-Volta, Bagno a Ripoli during the summer Business RESEARCH MARKETING MANAGER NEEDS PITCH Leo SMITH Personal Savings H APPY KIDS LEARN ENGLISH YOUR FINANCIAL have fun and learn English I Great demand for English Residential area with lots of young children Few opportunities for parents to find interesting activities for children in summer Possibility of using Gobetti-Volta grounds and pool A minimum of 25 children paying fees for the various clubs, including : traditional tuition, fun&games, speak&splash, lunch & laughter. Other special treats in the pool: snakes &ladders , hide 'n seek, treasure hunt " TEMPLATE BY CONTENT BY JEREMIE BERREBI

Soda for Sale presentation

Transcript: Soda for Sale by Nicole Kallod Creamy Italy At Creamy Italy, there is Italian food. Italy's most famous desserts and most wanted recipes are at Creamy Italy as well. Define the Problem I am a purchaser for a new fast food chain. I have been asked to select the best soda for my company to sell. I need to research options, gather data, and provide a recommendation for which soda my company should sell. The Soda I chose to recommend to my company is Sprite. Test So far, I have had to redesign my frequency table due to incorrect data. Also, since I typed my fastfood chain's soda in Microsoft Word, I had one spelling error after I printed it out that I had to go back and correct it. Soda's Restaurants had that students didn't prefer 3:3 3:3 3:3 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/3 0/3 1/3 0/3 0/3 0/3 3/3 fast food restaurants sell Sprite and 2:20 classmates prefer it. Classmates most preffered soda Sodas Tallies Frequency Coca-Cola* III 3 Diet Coke * III 3 Dr. Pepper II 2 Diet Dr.Pepper I 1 Sprite * III 3 Mug Root Beer I 1 Pepsi I 1 Sierra Mist I 1 Mello Yello I 1 Coca-Cola 3:3 Diet Dr. Pepper1:3 Mug Root Beer 1:3 Pepsi 1:3 mini 10 oz $1.10 like 16oz $1.60 likey-like 20oz $2.10 Extreme-like 25oz $2.30 Justification Mtn. Dew 5:20 Diet Coke 2:20 Sprite 2:20 Dr. Pepper 2:20 A&W Cream Soda 2:20 Orange Fanta 1:20 Strawberry Fanta 1:20 Grape Fanta 1:20 Grape Crush 1:20 Diet Cherry Coke 1:20 Sierra Mist 1:20 A&W Rootbeer 1:20 Soda Recommendation Jane Anderson tested my model and found no mistakes. Conclusion Line Plot Sprite Justification Redesign The unit rate per ounce is $.11, but you can get an Extreme-like 25oz with an interest rate of $.09. Any Questions Preferred Soda Ratios From Classmates Mtn. Dew 5:20 Frequency Table Creamy Italy soda cup sizes I believe that Sprite is the best soda for Creamy Italy because a lot of people will buy it. Also, adults would give Sprite to their kids when they don't want them to have added coloring or caffine. 250 to 1,000 I communicated my solution by making this prezi and a technial writing piece.

Not For Sale Presentation

Transcript: The Problem Does that Exist? As Consumers we are directly involved in this... Heavy right? I mean stop and think about it. Most of the large companies that you buy products from outsource labor to foreign countries. Odds are if a good was made in a foreign country it was made by a slave. Our Dollar funded that slavery, Right? So shouldn't we put an end to that? 600,000 - 800,000 people are trafficked and sold annualy, that's an average of 2,000 people a day. 80% of those are women and children. Slaves work in fields, brothels, homes, mines, restaurants - pretty much anywhere slave-owners can fill their greed. According to the FBI Human Trafficking recently became the largest criminal industry in the world. Its estimated that 80% of slaves are sold into the illegal sex industry, and 19% of slaves are from labor exploitation. Half of the people trafficked are under the age of 18. 68% of Female sex trafficking victims meet the clinical standard for post-traumatic stress dissorder. In fact, today there are more than 30 MILLION enslaved people worldwide. More than ANY other time in human history. The average cost of a slave today is only $90 dollars. Stanford University published a study that revealed the average worth of a year of human life. Which they estimated to be $129,000. Only pennies on the dollar of the cost of a slave. As Humans we should have a MASSIVE ethical issue with such injustice. many of you might think that this is an object of fictional basis. but in reality, though slavery is illegal in most countries, it still occurs in ALL of them. Even our own. Some Facts Modern Day Slavery

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