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Business Ethics Presentation Template

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Business Ethics Presentation

Transcript: by;M.Salacka Business Ethics The importance of B.E How important is B.E Ethics are the principles and values an individual uses to govern his activities and decisions. In an organization, a code of ethics is a set of principles that guide the organization in its programs, policies and decisions for the business. The ethical philosophy an organization uses to conduct business can affect the reputation, productivity and bottom line of the business. The importance of business ethics reaches far beyond employee loyalty and morale or the strength of a management team bond. As with all business initiatives, the ethical operation of a company is directly related to profitability in both the short and long term. The reputation of a business from the surrounding community, other businesses and individual investors is paramount in determining whether a company is a worthwhile investment. If a company's reputation is less than perfect based on the perception that it does not operate ethically, investors are less inclined to buy stock or otherwise support its operations. What is 'Business Ethics' Business Ethics; wat is it Business ethics is the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities. Law often guides business ethics, while other times business ethics provide a basic framework that businesses may choose to follow to gain public acceptance. Statistics The National Business Ethics survey comes out every two years. In 2013 edition, respodents saw an all-time low in unethical behaviour.Around 41% of employees saw misconduct on the job, compared to 45% in 2011. The survey concluded that possibly an uncertain economic climate led to les risk-taking in for-profit businesses leaading more managers and executives to act more ethically. The survey found that 60% of misconduct on the job occured among managers, and 25% of employees blamed senior-level managers for unethical behaviour. Statistics Breaking Down B.E BREAK DOWN Business ethics ensure that a certain required level of trust exists between consumers and various forms of market participants with businesses. For example, a portfolio manager must give the same consideration to the portfolios of family members and small individual investors. Such practices ensure that the public receives fair treatment

Business Ethics presentation

Transcript: Business Ethics The scheme first began in 2007 with poker player Bill Jordanou and accountant Robert Zaia. The two individuals were using forged documents provided from Commonwealth Bank, Commonwealth Bank’s management became aware of the scandal in 2007 during the investigation however decided to ignore the incident until further action was taken almost five years later (Houston, & Vedelago, 2016). The Commonwealth Bank workers and the two men allegedly stole $76 million. The scandal had major impacts on the bank’s reputation and stakeholders. If you and a co-worker are doing a group task and they do most of the work, is it ok to take credit? Your employees are participating in illegal activity. As CEO of the company if you report it you and the Organisation will get a fine. What do you do? TIME QUIZ Business Ethics is a development of moral practices that outline a way a business must behave. Commonwealth Bank in 2007-2016 showed how a lack of ethical practices in an organisation can have dramatic repercussions. Main Idea QUESTIONS TO TEST HOW ETHICAL YOU REALLY ARE! Commonwealth Bank 'Ponzi scandal" Ethical Decision Making How motivation (e.g. money) can affect ethical decision making. Variety of factors can affect decision making How important is the decision? - How will the decision affect others? - What are the alternative options? Corporate social responsibility- how the factors would affect individuals both directly and indirectly involved in the incident. Ignoring their Corporate Social Responsibility lead to tragic effects resulting in a negative impact for the organisation and its stakeholders. Effects on stakeholders. Investors. Bankers Community. Workers. Management of ethical practices. How the implementing of codes and conducts can affect an organisation. CBA Denial of employee involvement Negligence of responsibility. Your partner left their email open is it Ok to go through them? Your family is struggling for money. Someone comes to you and offers you $100,000 in return for a forged document. What do you do? In conclusion. it is important to understand ethics in an organisation. Knowing how unethical practices can affect others in an organisation and community can help to assist in the reduction on unethical practices.

Business Ethics Presentation

Transcript: Chicago Teachers Union, community members ask court to stop school closings and turnarounds Every day in the main lobby of the Chicago Public School Headquarters a powder keg has exploded between The Chicago Board of Education and community members taking actions on closing down a number of public schools. Many teachers, union officials, and community members rally behind their attorneys as they tend to fight these closings by slapping injunctions to intervene the closing process. These large groups of protestors believe that the state is acting completely unjust and discriminatory towards lower-income citizens and also due to the lack of funding within the state budget after the economic events over the past years. Immediately the Chicago Board of Education turns the blame back upon the school districts for failing to meet the state requirements and closings will be enacted Janice Beckham, a school council member at Guggenheim Elementary School in Englewood then rebuttals back preaching that, “Responsibility starts at the top, not at the bottom. You are responsible, Board of Education, for what is Happening in our schools.” (Chicago Tribune) This constant lack of respect towards the educational system has consequential outcomes in the eyes of G.W. F. Hegel. Government Regulation and Intervention At the same time the individual realizes that he cannot accomplish this goal without the help of the universal, other people, the state. These students will be stuck within their local sphere and will never branch out to new horizons. An Individual must be able to accomplish tasks completelly and independently Understands that education is an universal need that all must acquire, but the need is only determined on the set of stipulations are rules The Chicago Board of Education needs to get their hands dirty and provide necessary resources for these students Could this be coincidental that these protestors are below the poverty line. Can it be understood these protestors are marching for not individual gains, but the gains and future of their children. Left stagnant in an unitellectual limbo and never accept the simple principle of helping others in order to gain their own goals Parents believe that within the bouds of education they have the complete freedom to decide what is necessary A rabble is a group of lower class individuals rebelling against a society and is created by the association with poverty Article Summary The Chicago Board of Education's view in education Not to shut down schools on the belief that they are helping the common good. Source: The Chicago Tribune Hegel Believes that Society should stay on its course forward, but is it possible Hegel didn't evaluate how the closing of schools can affect the community or the universal How can the state ethically fix the situation? Hegel's two responsibility principles of individuals in a Civil Society Community outcry is because the loss of freedoms These protests are because the lack of assistance in being able to require the universal needs of education Would these groups of protestors be classified as a rabble? By shutting down the schools the CPS is actually helping the community and everything will return to harmony Extra Video Parents are denied the right to send their children to a public school within their community and receive the education they deserve Hegel's View is that a person cannot gain these characteristics without the help of a true education Hegel references the detrimental effects on civil society without education

Business Ethics Presentation

Transcript: Nike: Today Nike's Response Behind the swoosh - SWOT Analysis Weaknesses - Dependent on 3rd party manufacturers - Have a limited contronl over these manufacturers - Monitoring Along with Cooperative Efforts - Continues to be a slow process Lacked adequate response initially Began to respond in order to survive as a company Moved from a defensive response to a strategic one Began to check into the factories Took responsibility for their actions Took consumer and societal concerns and responded to them Aligned their code of conduct with the Fair Labor Association’s code Created “The Balanced Scorecard” Disclosed the locations of their factories Reuse-A-Shoe program Named one of the “The World’s Most Admired Companies” and one of the “Best Corporate Citizens.” Social responsibility can add up to a cost a newly company couldn't afford Nike saw itself as a designer, not a manufacturer Focus was driven to be profitable rather than caring Tried to get away with the minimal contract requirements, but still acquiring the most money out of products. Lacked form of supply chain management sub-contractor issues were the start of many of their problems. Nike failed to address corporate social responsibility early on... NIKE : - This is an on going process and Nike needs to fix their core problem before being able to move forward. Future Challenges Nike Sweatshops Always be looked down upon for their past There are still flaws in Nike’s supply chain 2010 Many universities were threatening to cancel their contracts Plans to expand in foreign markets MORE difficult to regulate Employees working in these factories are treated well and earn a fair wage Nike is a fashion brand with all the marketing challenges fashion brands must face Nike's Call to Action Managing Ethical Missteps

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