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Business Continuity Plan Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Business Continuity Plan GOES HERE YOUR LOGO Training Organizational resilience with Capability for effective response that safeguards the interest of staff, owners and clients Business Continuity Plan What? BSM response BSM will: 01. 02. 03. Test process and implement procedures Review and Implement Procedures Communicate and Promote BCM Ensure in critical failure or disruption, BSM deliver services Purpose Why? Scope The plan is aimed at any person who works for BSM Scope ORG. CHART BCP TEAM Maxim Tsernosjov Business Continuity Manager Nikolaos Kretsis Managing Director Irene Petallides Fleet Manager Loizos Nicolaou Fleet Manager Sofronis Theodosiou Fleet Personnel Manager Leonard Rodriguez LPSQ Superintendent Miguel Garcia Technical Superintendent Elias Eliades IT Manager To determine: When? INCIDENT OCCURS Department business recovery arrangements Maintain up to date recovery strategy Who to notify How to respond Activity 1 Communications Records in PAL / update BCP if required All External communication relating to disruption business activity are business critical. Activity 2 BC committee Data protection Policy applies Take charge of practical implementation Support BCM in his role Identify Key Staff to assist Have access to emergency contact information Activity 3 IT Recovery Plan Resp. IT manager Provide access to all staff to Skype FB, PAL, Outlook Protect local Server Protect application needs Branch Locations BSM Cyprus Records in LPSQ PAL Module Annual Table top exercise / Staff Familiarization Bi annual fleet team working from home Identifying areas of Improvements SMART Actions TRAINING DRILLS & TRAINING

Business Continuity Plan

Transcript: Who do you communicate with? What are the priorities? What will be the implication of losing a key supplier for the service? Do any members of the team have unique skills or knowledge? What are the implications of this? How can we reduce this risk? Anything else? Initiate Standby Alert EMT There could be a significant negative impact on the business community, ongoing projects and programmes as well as Jobsnet clients Key Document More Key Issues Next Steps The Business Continuity Plan lays out staffing levels for the first days, week and month after a major incident, as well as providing contact details for each member of the service in order to ensure team communication remains possible The Divisional Management Team for BED comprises Neil Isaac and Anna - the overall strategy for bringing the service back online after an interruption will be coordinated by the DMT Week 1 In ensuring that support to businesses is maintained the basic strategy is as follows: Why do we need a BCP? DMT Monitoring and return to normal Initial Response Once Anna or a deputy plan leader is aware of an incident EMT/DMT must be informed in order to solicit feedback and guidance of how to proceed. Anna and deputies must ensure laptop is with them when leaving work/grab bag is available with any items critical to service First line of response Immediate Response Number of staff in work is just 20% and a member of the team is seriously ill What staff issues are there? What are the implications? Can any of the staff work from home? What would need to change to make this happen? Who will you communicate with? Any other issues? Environmental Current strategy In a worse case scenario, the active staff involved in service delivery would look like this: Day 1: 0 Day 2: 1 Day 3: 2 Day 5: 4 Day 10: Full team Day 30: Full team N.B. most incidents would not require worst case scenario staffing A member of the team will be designated to liaise with EMT in order to collect all relevant paperwork connected to the changes in service delivery In the aftermath of an incident Anna or a deputy will initiate the immediate action response. Following this, team members will be put on standby: While the service is only responsible for providing businesses with support, advice and guidance immediately, additional measures should be taken re: Jobsnet, especially where clients are expecting to receive support in the aftermath of an incident Keeping clients informed of interruptions to their service will be a priority Establish meeting of core team members at backup location if necessary (Enfield Business Centre) Establish with wider team staffing arrangements re: WFH/attending EBC Prepare backup site for majority of team Liaise with EMT/DMT/Businesses/SERCO etc for resumption of services and to provide information and support Each member of the team will be provided with a copy of the Business Continuity Plan - this provides the outline for how the service will be resumed in the event of a major interruption Key Issues Work Specific Week 2 Service priorities What kind of incidents should we be prepared for? Alert core team members via contact list found as part of BCP - these should be deputies: currently SL and MOS Re-assess the situation Keep staff informed 2) Loss of staff: Utilise other staff from within the team or the department as a whole depending on the situation Initiate Alerts Who do you communicate with? How will you manage your resources, and your workload, with only 20% of staff attending work? BED Continuity Fire Flood Other natural disaster In the event of a major incident the Council's overall response will be coordinated by an Emergency Management Team Business Continuity Planning It has been reported on television that a pandemic flu has reached the UK. The Enfield Independent is reporting high levels of sickness throughout the borough. What if we do nothing? Staff absence is now approximately 20% higher than is normal for this time of the year. Business Support Agencies inform that they will not be operating for the forseeable future because of the pandemic Week 3 Anna and deputies will monitor situation in tandem with EMT - when appropriate regular service will be resumed 3) Loss of IT: Staff to work from home, using the contact list to ensure effective communications Carry out staff roll call at Assembly Area Notify EMT/DMT of situation Log all relevant information Carry out an impact assessment based on the specific incident Evaluate the situation based on EMT/DMT information Incident resolution Power Outage IT Failure Denial of access to office Loss of key staff Critical documentation destroyed/inaccessible Sabotage i.e. computer hacking Terrorism Workplace violence Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures The Flu Pandemic Scenario… After the initial response to the situation has been completed and staff are able to operate either from home or another location, 'business area recovery' will begin BED is not designated as a first

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