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Transcript: bullets Paper weight Aspect Ratio Drop Cap Opacity Desktop Publishing Rule of thirds Baseline Two pages facing in a book or magazine A small heavy object that keeps objects in place complementary colors the condition of lacking transparency or translucence A card with someones name, professional occupation, company position, business address, and other contact information The point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction Business Card A centered circle that usually points out main facts on a longer piece of text Resizing Asymmetrical Created to standardize the dimensions of paper The three hues of light that are found in a computer Pixel Paper size Repetition A large initial letter that drops below the first line of a paragraph, usually used at the beginning of a section or chapter of a book A set of facts or figures systematically displayed, esp. in columns. Facing pages The design and production of publications using personal computers with graphics capability. Not having balance or symmetry Altering of the size A starting line for comparisons Body Copy White Space the action of repeating something that has already been said or written. the style and appearance of printed matter. Gutter Focal point Table The width-to-length ratio of something, usually a TV RGB One of the main rules in art and photography. It breaks up a picture into nine equal squares that will catch the eyes attention and get it to move around. To slightly turn Skew The body of a layout in the main text Space on a page or poster not covered by print or graphic matter. Newsletter a bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization. Typography colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum that compliment each other the blank space between facing pages of a book or between adjacent columns of type or stamps in a sheet A minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed

Bullets, Bullets everywhere.

Transcript: This myth proves to be a mix of all three: Plausible, confirmed and busted. While they could not recreat the results, there are reports of falling bullets of death. However it's so unlikely, for such an occurance to befall you God must really hate you. But, why? how does a bullet not have enough to kill when fired up and on it's way down? The lighter something is the easier it is to accelerate to a higher speed. In the case of a 9mm round, it is specially designed for close range combat. At long range the 9mm bullet lacks the weight needed to retain kinetic energy and is slowed by the air resistance. Where as a heavier round will retain more energy over a distance but has less kinetic energy at the muzzle. Relevant physics concepts include:Velocity and momentum Velocity describes the speed of bullet in the upward direction. Allowing for the maximum height before the fall of the bullet back to Earth WHAT'S THE POINT? Why is a bullet falling back down not as deadly as a fired bullet? It has to do with something called terminal velocity When a bullet is fired up and finally stopped traveling it will begin to free fall. During this free fall like we saw in the Galileo experiment weight is negated. The bullet will only be affected by multiple factors: Drag coefficient, gravity, density of the fluid of which the object is passing through, Surface area of the object, and mass of the falling object. The DRAG COEFFICIENT is used to describe the Resistance of an object in a fluid enviornment, and is mainly affected by two factors: Skin friction and Form drag Gravity calculated to be 9.8 (no S*$% Sherlock) is the other factor pulling the free falling object back to Earth. Density is found by dividing mass by volume The larger the surface area the slower the fall. WHAT KIND OF DARK MAGIC IS THIS?!?!?! In the bullets fired up myth these factors determine the terminal velocity of the bullet. When maximum Velocity is reached, drag, and gravity balance eachother out and there is no more acceleration. A Peregrine Falcon is free fall actually has the same terminal velocity as a .30-06 Springfield rifel round. Final explanation time! Here's the video I needed A 9mm bullet can travel at 820 mph Not really enough time for good byes For my portion of this project I will be using the Beretta m9 with standard 9mm NATO rounds. The myth states that a bullet fired straight up will come down with enough force to kill. RAINING BULLETS OF DEATH (NOT REALLY) OK,I almost forgot to add this Momentum as it relates to this project is the relationship of the mass to velocity or in the case of bullets fired up grain / 7000 x velocity FUN FACT =] Mass affects the form drag=] The


Transcript: Lead and Lead Alloy The supply chain for bullets really brings the world together as lead, copper, aluminium, steel and bismuth come from all around the world. China and the U.S, Australia, Brazil and Canada have a strong connection as China is takes the number one role of producer of many products including steel. In 2014 China exported 88.6 million tonnes of steel and the U.S imported 39.4 million tonnes, alongside Europe who imported 30.5 million tonnes. Australia also played a huge role in the steel trade as Australia is the number one exporter of iron used for making steel. This creates a strong connection with Australia and China, as China needs the iron ore from Australia to stay number one in producing steel for the world. Which leads to cheap business for the U.S, Australia and Canada since their dollar is far more valuable then Chinese yuan. Copper is abundant in Chile giving them attention in the world trade. It contain some of the largest copper mines in the world. On top of that the worlds largest copper manufacturer Codelco is based in Chile. This provides a connection from Chile to China, Europe and U.S as they are a few of the biggest users of copper resulting in reliance and business on and with Chile. Aluminium connects China, Russia and Canada with the world as they are the leading producers of aluminium. The U.S, Japan and Germany rely on these countries as they are the leading importers of aluminium in the world, with Japan and the U.S both importing 15% of the worlds aluminium imports. Also, every country needs ammunition for their armies which provides business for bullet manufacturers. Steel Lead is a metal found as an ore underground. Workers use industrial machinery to drill for the material inside deep tunnels or use explosives such as dynamite resulting in the ore to be found in pieces. The ores are then shoveled and loaded into trucks which transport the ores to a shaft. The workers then place the ores into the shaft which is then hoisted to the surface. From here the ore is then transported to a concentration ping mill where other metallic ores are removed from the lead by being crushed into small pieces and then finely ground using the mill, resulting in the texture to be of similarity to granulated sugar. The ground lead is then added to a water based mixture which creates a product called slurry. The slurry is then violently shaken creating a froth at the surface, gangue also known as the waste rock then sinks to the bottom where as the valuable metals such as zinc and copper along with lead rises to the surface. The end of this flotation process causes the lead to be separated from the rock. The mixture is then filtered to remove up to four fifths of the water which leads to the connect raw containing 40 to 80% lead along with a vast number of impurities. From here the concentrate is then shipped to a smelter. After being filtered, the lead concentrate needs to be roasted to remove the sulfur at a sinter plant. After being processed in the sinter plant, the lumps of lead are then loaded into the blast furnace along with carbon fuel. In result the metals are then tossed into drossing kettles or molds. Because commercial lead has to be 99 to 99.999% pure lead, the lead requires further refinement to reduce the amount of impurities. After successfully refining the lead, it is then college and castes into blocks for sale as this becomes the final product. Lead alloys are also produced at smelter plants. When lead is needed for a specific use such as a bullet, it is alloyed with antimony to increase its overall strength. Lead connects the world by providing trade from Australia, United States, Russia and Canada to the rest of the world that need lead, as these countries are the world lead producers. Connecting The World Bismuth is a metal most commonly found as an ore mixed with other metals. It is a brittle silver metal with a shiny surface. Bismuth metal is separated from other materials by what is known as the Betterton-Kroll process. The bismuth is then melted and cooled as a final product. It is then sold and shipped to other countries. Lead is added to the molten bismuth to create lead alloy used in bullets. Australia, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru have the greatest abundance of bismuth in the world where as China is the number one producer of bismuth, carrying a minimum of 40% of the world share. Bismuth connects these countries by providing income for the countries with bismuth and business for China for their production of it. Bismuth Steel is a metal that is made from the refinement of iron ore. The iron is first mined using explosives. Next, all the Rock and ore that have just been broken from the explosives are transported to a processing factory where the rocks are ground to powder. The iron is then separated from the rock using powerful magnets. The ore is then heated to pellets around the size of a marble. Limestone is then added to the furnace in which the pellets are


Transcript: By: Kaitlyn Perry Disposal All over Canada and the world factors are pumping huge amounts a carbon dioxide in to our air. Our environment will be very unhealthy and polluted. To reduce our ecological footprint, we need to cut down the amount green house gasses that is pumped into our world. Instead of shipping raw materials to factory's, the factory's need to be built near the resource. Then were not shipping items long distances when the resource is near by. When bullets are being created, all of the little pieces that stick out after being compressed into its shape are cut off. Then it doesn't have a a lump of lead on each end of the bullet. Once its cut off the lead can be recycled and used to create another bullet. Extraction design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Consumption Hunting can be for sports, competition of just for fun. Hunting is a form of exercise, it can be done in a field, blind, tree stand, hunting camp or club. After a day of shooting, a hunter should bring back all there empty cartridges. A way to recycle them it to remake the bullet. The procedure is to have a reloading kit that has all the proper materials. It will include gun powder, primer to ignite the charge ,proper metal and/or lead bullet to fit the caliber of your rifle and a few other materials. In hunting season, all across Canada we loose several different types of species. Some species are illegal to kill. There are some crazy people out there that don't follow the rules and are irresponsible with fire arm, therefor there future could end up in jail. That creates jobs in the community or else where to look after the people that are in need of help. Another impacts on the community is cutting down trees to build a shack, tree stand, or just clearing the land and planting crops to real the animals in. Ether way we are cutting down our source of air. To Reduce our ecological footprint we not fill animals if you don't have a use for them. You should not be killing animals and leaving them on the ground. We need to keep our wild life, and not have them go extincted. Distribution There are at least over 20 different materials in bullets ,being Zinc, Copper, Tin, Bronze, Steel, Rubber... They come from all over the world such as United States, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Canada, England, China, Portugal... In fact, in Sudbury, Northern Ontario there is a mine, they mine Nickel and Copper which is used in bullets. The affect on our community would be thriving on jobs. There would be a huge pull factor considering that the world needs these materials for so many products. But the terrible thing is that we are destroying our natural land scape, eventually we will run out of raw materials and have nothing left to live on. To reduce our ecological foot print the mining company can be as eco friendly as possible. Also the company could not leave, or create any contaminates at the sight. To help our future so we don't have shortage of water, we can recycle mine wast water, it will be good as new. Some times vehicle battery's die, you don't throw them in the garbage, they are recyclable. When using heavy machinery at mining facilities, eventually a battery will go not properly function in a vehicle. Mining equipment operators can recycle the none fictional battery so chemicals don't go into the ground. Production Several of the high end stores across Canada sell all kinds of bullets. Places such as, Canadian Tire, Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, Walmart and maybe small gun shops.Most of those names are recognizable, there are several of those stores across the world. There is 1000 of truck, train, boat loads with items shipped all over the world, putting carbon dioxide in our air. When people go shopping they should bring there own bag. It would make a big impact on your community for every time you bought bullets and hunting equipment and used your own bag. Instead of putting more plastic bags in our land fill, all bullets already come in boxes, as well as guns and most fire arms, so why not just carry the box. Once you have bought your hunting equipment For a good deal of recycling, customers can return their used spent cartridges and get some money back (like beer bottles). From that point on, the store will give them to a bullet manufacture and reload the bullets. With all the Styrofoam, bubble wrap and plastic wrap covering the bullets that made sure they had a save trip, all of that martial can be recycled. To reduce our ecological footprint we can send items in boxes with their logo on it, have a note on the box saying '' send boxes back, for every box you return we will give back or donate 10sense''. Therefor the distributor doesn't throw out the boxes and then the boxes can be used a few more times before they're useless. The ways transportation such as transport, train or boat all of the vehicles should have a full load of items. It would be a wast of fossil flues if you had to make two trips when your could have filled the vehicle

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