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Bulletin Board Presentation Template

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Bulletin Board

Transcript: GOAL! What did you accomplish this semester? What are you going to do next semester? Our goal is to get the bulletin board done every week and to actually work on it during the days we don't have leadership. We need to not waste our time during class and outstide so we could finish faster.We also want to get ides from other 8th graders on what they would like to see on the board. We want to have more creative ideas that will catch everybodys attention.We will make the bulletin into something everyone can relate to and look forward on seeing.We want to put more effort in our job and have outstanding ideas. What we have accomplished is trying to divide the work and manage our time better.During the beginning of the year we all used to take down the bulletin board and decorate and put up the bulletin all together.That wasn't really working out because we wouldn't really get anything done.We also have accomplished on how to work as a team and have everyone involved from our group in our ideas.We managed to make everyone's ideas into one.We have learned to communicate and talk to each other and not be shy like we used to.We managed to put finish the bulletin board a couple of times,even though we would waste and lose track of time and not finish it every week. Jayde H. Cristina N. Justin P. Brianna M. Evalyn R. Damion M. Next semester we are going to work all together and have more ideas.We are going to bring more creativity to the bulletin board to mke it stand out. Next semester we are going to take ideas from different 8th graders and ask the people what they want to see and what they find most interesting.We are also going to split up the work more so when we come to school all we have to do is put it on the board. We also are going to have the bulletin board done and changed weekly. How are you going to bring creativity and innovation to the table? How are you all going to involve outside forces or people in your job? We are going to bring creativity and innovation to the table by coming up with different ideas that are our own.We can let our imagination run wild and try to visualize in our head how our ideas might turn out.We will use the internet as a source for creativity when we are stuck and need ideas. Bulletin Board Final We are going to involve outside forces or people in our job by letting them give us ideas or recommendations on what they want to see on the board.We can have take ideas from people in 8th grade and not necessarily from our leadership class.We will let them give us papers,pictures,some kind of information they want to see in the 8th grade board. Leadership 2016- 2017

Bulletin Board

Transcript: -Used in high schools, to promote students to join SkillsUSA, give them an Idea of what is possible. -Career Fair's, Conventions. -The Purpose was to create something that showed how SkillsUSA Connects students who participate to outstanding career success -Educational Value it gives students an idea just how committed the organization is to helping students get ahead in life -Tells how many people it has helped since it was started. -What it has shown me, as far as the creation of the board Benefits Of Board How it will help others -SkillsUSA teaches Teachers and students what is expected in the work field. -Giving students the skills needed to perform in their career -Champions standing together, holding hands conquering success under the arc of success -The theme "Connecting you to Career Success" is shown through the people holding hands on the path of success How it helped me Also Members who assist in construction of my board -Help cut and Place different pieces together, -Help print the different layers -Help bring the piece together, give Ideas to add to design. 1). Gathered info from 2). Used Word to put info into a research page, and organize my information. 3). Looked at old Board designs for ideas. 4). Put my ideas on Corel Draw 5). Took a Group of stick figures holding hands and incorporated it into my design, as long with them standing under a Arch. Give students an idea, while a presenter, tells the oppurtunities available Designing the board itself -Gave me a chance to create something out of my raw ideas and incorporate it into Deisgn and Corel -Helped me Get a better understanding of Corel itself. -Gave me a better understanding of SkillsUSA itself. -Helped me Think outside of the box. The Board Bulletin Board Connecting You to Career Success Benefits - Simple Design, easy to construct -It shows what SkillsUSA is about, What it has done. -Vector images - 14 pieces Simple shapes -Gives viewers some information on SkillsUSA - Construction of Board The Design Where? Purpose -Show people that a student created the bulletin board, and that SkillsUSA does give people career skills. -Help people get a better understanding of how big the organization is 1). Create something that would grab attention 2). Tell how SkillsUSA brings Success to students 3). Add supporting Information that gives people a brief understanding 4). Create 4 thumbnail Ideas 5). Take those to make 2 roughs 6). Create a Comprehensive from both Roughs 7). Fianlize

Bulletin board presentation

Transcript: Bulletin Boards 101 By Bridget Scovil and Kyle Winfrey What is a bulletin board? Bulletin boards are a fun and creative way to inform your residents of certain topics and upcoming events throughout the school year Every hall in a residence hall will have a bulletin board to be designed monthly with certain themes given by your RLC What is a bulletin board? How do I get started? Pinterest Ask friends and coworkers Need some inspiration? Where do I get started? Located across from Sparkman/ Ayers on the backside of Ramona Wood The LRC is where you can go to obtain all of the materials needed to create your bulletin boards It has many die-cuts, stencils, types of paper, borders, and much more to use Computers are also available to use for printing pictures Ramona Wood Learning Resource Center Tips for success Plan your boards before going to the LRC LRC Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM Do not try to make your board the day it is due Never let your residents fill in parts of your board without your supervision Take pictures of your finished boards for inspiration later on/rehire Not all buildings have same themes and due dates Tips for making the best bulletin boards Always be sure to sign in when visiting the RLC Remember the materials you used for making your bulletin board Avoid excessive use of the Cricut machine and laminating things Each hallway has different sized bulletin boards Some boards are attached to the wall and cannot be taken down More useful tips Don't make a board like this...

Bulletin Board

Transcript: EDUC 5012 Bulletin Board About Ms. Stonham 10 Things About Me I love music! My main instrument is trumpet, but I can also play the flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and percussion! I love animals as I have two dogs of my own I love sports, especially ringette and snowboarding I really dislike brussel sprouts I am a HUGE band geek! I believe there is always room for improvement I believe you can do anything you set your mind to- YOU CAN DO IT My favourite movie is GREASE I love what I do, and I am really excited we are here together! Always remember the golden rule- Treat others as you would want to be treated There will be no tolerance for bullying or disrespectful language toward anybody Cell phones are permitted in the classroom, however any disruptions to the class will result in confiscation Physical altercation will not be tolerated Encourage your classmates; don't belittle them Always try your best! Classroom Expectations Classroom Expectations Full time attendance and being on time is expected Be responsible and own up to your mistakes- if you have an issue come talk to me! Late assignments will be penalized at 2% a day including weekends Please be respectful and know our classroom is a safe space- let's keep it that way! More Classroom Expectations More Classroom Expectations First Offense: Warning/ talk with me after class/school Second Offense: Removal from class (to the office) Third Offense: Call home to your parents/detention Behaviour Consequences Behaviour Consequences Students will hand their assignments in on time Students will complete assignments to the best of their ability Students will ask questions (in class or privately) if they do not understand a certain concept Learning Expectations Learning Expectations

Bulletin Board Presentation

Transcript: My bulletin board shows 6 courses that can participate in SkillsUSA. It describes what it is and explains the years theme. My bulletin board conforms to the theme, which is Prepared with the skills America needs, because it shows what each course does, which will help them prepare for careers they are interested in. SkillsUSA courses: Information Tech Commercial Arts Welding Health Careers Construction Careers Automotive Technology Restate goal in own words Research: Identify Audience What SkillsUSA is What the theme is and how it relates to SkillsUSA Catalog (notes) ideas for your board Development: Produce 4 thumbnails on paper Choose two thumbnails to develop into roughs, using Corel Draw Pick a rough and develop into comprehensive adding greater detail. Critiquing: We had to again restate goal Checked our final product to see if we fulfilled the goal Made sure there was hierarchy See if our solution gave the message to audience By: Josh Omdahl Benefits Rough 1 Thumbnails This board promotes SkillsUSA and gets students attention. These promotional bulletin boards help boost attendence of SkillsUSA Any questions? Promotional Bulletin Board Purpose Process Roughs This bulletin board could be used at any High-School, so students that are interested in taking SkillsUSA will have some information about what it is. Participants in board: Josh Omdahl (me) Mr. Holland (teacher) Rough 2 Thumbnail-Rough-Final The purpose of this board is to promote SkillsUSA to students, it gives them an idea of what it is and help them decides if they are interested in participating. Where it will be used Board Description

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