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Transcript: Many landlords were then tried by village courts and often executed. As many as 1,000,000 may have died Village communities were allowed to decide how lanlordism was to be dealth with. In effect, they could decide who was a landlord and who was not Agricultural Change in the 1950s and early 1960s What effects did Land Reform have? Mao may have disapproved, but he was always ready to swim with the tide if it was going his way. He could not have afforded to antagonise his strongest supporters. Bullet Point 2 Land Reform had been an aim of the CCP since the 1920s. Peasants had been the main supporters of the CCP in the 1930s and 40s and reform had already been introduced in areas controlled by the Party Agricultural production fell. Smaller units meant there was less likelihood of a surplus Land Reform From 1950, landlords were forced to give up their property which was then redistributed among the peasants Collectivisation Land Reform offered an opportunity for old scores to be settled. In the early days of the PRC, there was little by way of law and order. Treatment of Landlords Approx 1/3 of agricultural land was redistributed. Some areas, such as the north, were hardly affected The Agrarian Reform Law of 1950 emphasised that richer peasants should not be attacked, but it was all but impossible to control what happened in every part of China because it is such a vast country Village courts had no official status so they often became violent. Landlords could be executed on the spot Nature of Economic Policies Mao's main aim appears to have been to allow the richer peasants to continue to farm (as they supplied the surplus which fed the cities) while penalising rich landlords Poor peasants benefited from the break-up of estates. The Landlord class virtually disappeared This was the second stage of revolution in agriculture. The fall in production would be corrected by the creation of Collective Farms


Transcript: Mao believed that human will. All difficulties could be overcome through persistance! The Danwai became the main method of repression and control, people spied and reported on each other Also criticisms of propaganda on literature. Writers were expected to follow what the party line. Within a month, it appeared that Mao was having second thoughts. In June he accused some people of using the campaign for their own ends. South-West was ran by DENG XIAOPING GAO GANG General Took over central planning committee. Committed suicide in 1954 Human labour was in large supply however there was not a lot of technology. Mao thought you could use one to subsidise the other/counter-act the deficiencies of the other. This led to the Great Leap Forward. 1950-57: numbers of troops cut by 50% and spending on new aircraft, nuclear, rockets and atomic weapons was increased PENG DUHAI. Senior general in the Korean War. Minister of Defence Fell after criticising Mao over the GLP in 1959 Mao's governing of China! He relied in mass manual labour in order to achieve economic success The 'Antis' Ideological campaign required self-criticisms and public confessions by university faculty members and scientists etc. WIDE PUBLICITY!! Major targers in the campaign were foreigners and Christian missionaries who were branded as U.S agents Most of the critics were arrested, lost their jobs and underwent periods of re-education in labour camps Mao's political beliefs were based on Karl Marx but he interpreted them in his own way About half a million people were arrested, often for actions long in the past, and ended up in labour camps. Some were never released. 750,000 killed and 1.5 million arrested PRC got rid of foreign influence and foreigners who had dominated China since early 20thC Evolved into a massive crackdown on the bourgeoise. The victims of the campaign = estimated in their millions The Campaign Hundred Flowers Campaign At this point, Mao called an end to the campaign and BEGAN THE ANTI-RIGHTEST MOVEMENT The campaign was unlike Mao who hated criticism who hated criticism and disliked eperts and intellectuals Positive results - reduction in crime and corruption Eliminating corrupt businessmen and industrialists. "Tax-evasing, bribery, cheating in government contracts, theft of economic intelligence, stealing of state assets" Mao's Immediate Aims The South was ran by LIN BIAO Events in the Soviet Union worried Mao. Feb 1956 - Khrushchev criticised Stalin in the "secret speech". Mao thought something like this. Mao called for a great debate on the FYP but actually this was just a play to find any enemies or potential opponents. Mao used this hysteria to whip up anti-western feeling. Foeign businesses were taken over and foreigners were ttacked. GAO GANG wanted to follow Soviet FYP as opposed to the Chinese model and had a built up model/power base in industrial Manchuria Constitution of 1945 said that the CCP should follow MAO ZEDONG THOUGHT. Constitution of 1956 did not mention this. GAO GANG was forced to commit suicie in 1954 after a supposed plot to overthrow LIU SHAOQI was uncovered Enemies consisted of WAR CRIMINALS, TRAITORS, BUREAUCRATIC CAPITALISTS and COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARIES! 1954 - LIU SHAOQI delivered a report the congress in the CCP - mentioned Mao's name 104 times. At the next 1956 - he only mentioned him 4 times Immediate aim = gain control of the cities. GMD were strongest in the cities. Wanted to stamp out support for the GMD and ordered supporters to be killed! ONE PARTY STATE! Other parties were purged (1950-1952) few groups allowed to survive Mao's Authority How was China governed? Mao showed himself to be politically flexible however, all knew not to cross Mao Traditionally, the army was closely linked to the 'people'. There were very little differences in importance of rank. MAO NOW WANTED A PROFFESSIONAL ARMY! Campaign was combined with PARTY-SPONSORED TRIALS and were attended by large numbers of the public Directed at the evils of "corruption, waste and bureaucratism" This reminded them of May 4th 1919 when there was an outburst of Nationalism after Japan won some Chinese land in the Treaty of Versailles 3 'Antis' Campaign (1951) Creation of bureaus resulted in high centralisation by the CCP China was governed by the CCP. The Central Commitee was appointed by the Politburo and it had a 5 man standing team! He called a Political Consulative Conference to act as a provisional parliament Maoist slogans began appearing on walls Mao was the undisputed leader of China and Chairman of the CPC 3 most important districts Real aim was to eliminte incompetent and unreliable public officials. To bring about an eficient disciplined and responsive political system. Officials could be easily tempted to built a comfy niche for themselves instead of working for the Chinese people Mao launched the campaign in February 1957. Little criticism at first. APRIL - Mao relaunched the campaign with an editorial in The People's Daily.

Bullet Point

Transcript: Jack Ford Climax Exposition In the falling action of this story, the bodies of Doc and Greer were found. Doc was stuffed in the bathroom in his trailer. Greer was found in a secret closet in her old house where Sonny met both of them. Next, Wyatt moved back to East Canton, where his family was anxiously waiting for him to return. After his return, Wyatt went to court. He was eventually charged with aiding and abetting the escape of a fugitive from a state prison and harboring a fugitive. After this ruling, Wyatt made a deal with the DA that he would join the Army as soon as he turned 18. When the whole court case was over, Wyatt's abusive step-dad came home. He gained much more respect for Wyatt, and was actually nice to him. In the rising action, Greer gives Wyatt's dad, Sonny, Wyatt's phone number. Wyatt's dad then calls him for the first time. After talking to his, Wyatt's interest is sparked as to whether his dad is actually guilty; many of the inmates in the prison believe he is innocent. Wyatt starts to talk to his dad more and more, becoming more curious about Sonny's past and possible innocence. Eventually, Wyatt starts to visit him at the prison, and is convinced that Sonny is innocent and that he was just taking the blame to cover up for someone he cared about. Wyatt encourages Sonny to try to prove that he isn't guilty. Eventually, Sonny breaks out of prison to try to prove his innocence. He, surprisingly to Wyatt, meets up with Greer while Wyatt is buying breakfast to bring to her at her old house. When Wyatt arrives at his house, Greer, according to Sonny, has left with one of her old boyfriends. Wyatt finds out that the cops are chasing Sonny and that they don't have much time to gather evidence for Sonny's innocence. Wyatt drives Sonny to Doc's house. Doc is one of the people that Sonny supposedly committed the shooting with, but he had his prison sentence reduced for testifying for the prosecution. Bullet Point Resolution The climax of the story occurs when Sonny and Wyatt arrive at Doc's house. Wyatt was supposed to leave and let Sonny collect his evidence, but he hid in his car and watched the events unfold instead. Doc ends up getting killed in a fight with Sonny and so does his girlfriend. Sonny finds the long lost murder weapon, a pistol. This was the key to his innocence. He heads to the police station in Doc's truck to show the new evidence. On his way there, Wyatt catches up to him in his car and trys to stop him, but Sonny wants him to stay out of the situation, and nudges him off of the road. Wyatt comes back and hits Sonny's car a little harder and he flies off of the road and totals his car. When Wyatt drives over to him, Sonny gets out of his car. Sonny, furious at Wyatt, tells him that he killed Greer. After he says this, Wyatt runs at Sonny and tackles him. After a quick fight, the police arrive and Sonny holds Wyatt at gunpoint. Wyatt realizes this is not the man he had exchanged phone calls with and had visited in prison. This was a cruel and heartless man. Wyatt broke out of Sonny's grip and yelled for the cops to shoot. In an instant Sonny was dead. I chose this as the climax because this was the point in the story where the action peaked. After Sonny was killed by the police, the action died down and the story ended. Conflict There wasn't really a resolution, as there was only one page after the climax, and that would be the resolution. Falling Action Symbols The exposition of Bullet Point starts out in a town called East Canton when Wyatt Lathem, a persistent and curious 16 year old boy who loves baseball, learns that his school is cutting all of the athletics out of the budget. Hoping to continue playing baseball, Wyatt leaves his family and moves to a nearby town that has not yet cut baseball out of their budget. He moves in with a friend that also moved for the same reason. Here he meets and starts dating an eighteen year old girl named Greer. Wyatt soon finds out that his dad is serving a life sentence for a murder in the prison nearby his school- and Greer's dad is in there too. One major conflict in this story is internal and it is person vs. self because Wyatt's curiosity got him into a problem way bigger than he had ever imagined, and it evetnually ends up getting his dad killed. Antoher major conflict in this story could be considered external and person vs. person in the way that Sonny killed two people and tried to kill Wyatt in the end of the book. By Peter Abrahams Rising Action Quarter 1 Independent Novel Assignment One symbol in this story is the 'unknown number' that Wyatt's dad always calls Wyatt from in the prison. This represents the mystery surrounding his father and what he has done to get a life sentence in prison. Another symbol in this story is the house on 32 Cain Street. This house represents a missing piece of Wyatt's family history since nobody knows what happened there on the night of the murder; all that Wyatt's family knows is that the

Bullet Point

Transcript: Introduction How does Islam define success? Contents 1. Introduction.............................................................slide 2. The story of Prophet (S.A.W) and its application....slide 3. The story of and its application...............................slide 4. The story of and its application...............................slide 5. Conclusion..............................................................slide God tells us in the Quran that the inhabitants of the fire and the inhabitants of the garden are not alike. It is those who live in the garden that are the achievers, they are the successful ones. A good end that culminates in an eternal home of bliss is the reward for a successful life. How then do we define a successful life? Is it riches beyond compare, or perhaps good health, some might argue it is happiness or a stress free existence. Just how does Islam define success? “Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only a deceiving thing.” (Quran 3:185) According to the Qur’an, Allah says: The way to be successful is to fear Him, out of respect, love and remember Him in everyday life. Prayer leads to success as we hear 5 times a day “Haya ala salah” Haya alal falah”, which translates to ‘Come to Prayer’ ‘Come to Success’. A person is on the road to ultimate success in this world and the Hereafter because of his attitude, his intention, his ability to trust God's promise and Allah’s will. A good ending to this temporary state of being in an eternal home of bliss is the reward for a successful life.

Bullet Point

Transcript: Wyatt- Main character Linda- Wyatts mother Sonny- Wyatts biological father Greer-Wyatts Girlfriend Main Characters Turning Points Setting The Story Bullet Point By Peter Abrahams Bullet Point Wyatt never really thought much about his dad a criminal, a lif sentence in prison somewhere on the other side of the state. But then the economy went down and the community had to go and cut the baseball program from Wyatt's high school.Through some bad series of events Wyatt meets a goodlooking girl named Greer with a criminal dad of her own. A criminal dad who is in the same jail with Wyatt's own criminal dad. Greer arranges a meeting, and Wyatt's dad is nothing like the guy he's imagined-he's suave, and smart, and funny, and cool, and-Wyatt's pretty sure Sonny is innocent. So Wyatt decides to help him out. A decision that may possibly be the worst he's ever made in his life I feel like this is one of the best books i have ever read it was really interesting and had a lot of moments that just left you speachless.If you like books that leave you hanging after each chapter and you want to just keep reading than this is the book for you. Who Should read this book? There are two settings in this story the first is East Canton where Wyatt is in the beginnang of the book ,but quickly leaves after he gets in a fight and moves to Silver City which is the second place and its also in the 1990s The biggest turning point in this book is when Wyatt meets Greer because before then wyatt didn't want anything to do with his father. Since Greer's father was in jail too she came to visit him. She tells her dad all about Wyatt and how there going out and says that his dad is in here too. It turns out that they're actually good friends so Greers dad tells Sonny Wyatts number and they start talking. Wyatt actually doesnt want to talk to him at first but then warms up to him and learns something important about his case that could get wyatt in trouble.

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