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Transcript: Monterrey The bonding process is how a cow identifies her new calf and commits to caring for and protecting it. It’s a complex blend of hormonal-induced and learned behavior. Of course, experience is part of the equation. Mature cows are more apt to quickly and successfully mother their offspring than first-time heifers. Older cows tend to be more consistent mothers and have more maternal drive than heifers, but hormones are the key factor. AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIORS A common misconception widely repeated in depictions of bull behavior is that the color red angers bulls, inciting them to charge. In fact, like most mammals, cattle are red-green color blind.In bullfighting, it is the movement of the matador's cape, and not the color, which provokes a reaction in the bull. Social Structure BULL (Bos primigenius) It is estimated that 42% of all livestock-related fatalities in Canada are a result of bull attacks, and fewer than one in twenty victims of a bull attack survives. Dairy breed bulls are particularly dangerous and unpredictable; the hazards of bull handling are a significant cause of injury and death for dairy farmers in some parts of the United States Communication Santos LEARNING BEHAVIORS Maternal Behavior Cattle have a very strong herd instinct, so their social structure is established at a young age. Young calves develop preferential relationships soon after they are grouped at weaning. Preferential relationships are expressed through positive interactions such as mutual grooming ANIMAL TEMPERAMENT Sexual Behaviors Animals dont speak or talk but they have different ways to communicate like birds sing, dogs bark, the bulls have their ways like cattle do. Bulls always follow the herd thats a way they communicate they see the others. BEHAVIOR DISORDERS Adult bulls may weigh between 500 and 1,000 kilograms (1,100 and 2,200 lb). Most are capable of aggressive behavior and require careful handling to ensure safety of humans and other animals. Those of dairy breeds may be more prone to aggression, while beef breeds are somewhat less aggressive, though beef breeds such as the Spanish Fighting Bull and related animals are also noted for aggressive tendencies, which are further encouraged by selective breeding. Development of sexual behavior, puberty, and social behavior is described in bulls. Normal mating behavior is discussed, including the relative importance of visual and olfactory cues as stimuli. The influence of sexual preparation on quantitative and qualitative seminal characteristics is reviewed. Attention is drawn to the strong genetic influences on libido and mating ability in bulls. The evidence for biostimulation in cattle is examined, with the conclusion that more investigation and exploitation of this phenomenon is warranted. It is natural in the wild for the dominant female and dominant male to mate to ensure the survival of the species. Cattle are no different, they're social animals that operate in large, highly organized groups. Cattle social organizations are shown by two types of relationships, dominance-subordination and preferential It is traditional in many areas to place rings in bulls' noses to help control them. The ring is usually made of copper, and is inserted through a small hole cut in the septum of the nose. It is used by attaching a lead rope either directly to it or running through it from a head collar, or for more difficult bulls, a bull pole (or bull staff) may be used.


Transcript: Types of bullying ? talk to an adult you trust dont keep your feelings inside. ignore the bullies and after a while they will think you dont care and they will stop. facts about bullying Why do people bully? What is bullying? smayan sharma faisal al qassimi atta yousafi azhan syed khlid al moayed fares al samahiji savas polemetis marvin panganiban 7R 1.over 3.2 million people are victims of bullying each year . 2. over 160,000 students skip school because of bullying 3. 1 in 4 teachers think there is nothing wrong with bullying 4. 90% of 4th to 8th grade students are victims of bullying 1 out of 5 students drop out of school because of bullying Mean Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behavior by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or group that is intended to cause harm, distress or fear. cyber bullying is a way to bully someone through modern technology. This includes social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram whats app Be a star stand up against bullying Aggressive Spreading Rumors verbal bullying:verbal bullying is basically hurting someone without touching them; you hurt them by hurting their feelings for eg: name calling offensive remarks. 46% of bullying that occur in school are verbal. credits: Threatening .people can direct frustrations, hurt, anger and difficulty at home to you by bullying. .getting lack of attention from famiy/ friends and so they bully you to make them look cool or be popular. . watching violent movies or playing vedio games can make a person violent and try violent things. Rude Harmful what to do about bullying? Bullying Liar Physical bullying can include anything that can physically affect or harm someone physically in a negative manner.


Transcript: Chapter 11 Section 2 and 3 Northern Cities Problems in Cities The Growth of Northern Industry Agriculture Transportation Revolution New Wave of Immigrants African Americans in the North 2 events changed life in the south Slave Labor Defending Slavery African Americans in the South Restrictions The Plantation South Section 3 North wanted to ban slavery, but this just hardened southern support for slavery. 1860 there are now 4 million slaves in the united State. Southerners said that slavery was more humane than free labor, slaves would not be unemployed. Baltimore and Ohio were the firts Railroads built in 1828 Many employers would rather hire white immigrants. They will move to the Ohio valley and the Great Lake region. 2. A new invention allows South to satisfy this demand. This will lead to segregation in schools and public facilities, African Americans will form their own churches, 1816 in Philadelphia free slaves start the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Cities on east coast are becoming crowded so new immigrants moved west. Isaac Singer improved his design, the sewing machine will change clothing production. 1808 it is now illegal to import slaves into the United States. Excluded from menial jobs, children denied right to attend public school. "One finds in the streets of New York dead cats and dogs, which make the air very bad; and ashes are thrown out into the streets, which are swept perhaps once every two weks." Filthy streets, no real sewage system, and no clean water. Manufacturing Ireland was ruled by the British, and the potato was the staple food for the population. Contributions by Norbert Rillieux for refining sugar, and Henry Blair for his seed planting device that made great contributions to the South. Free slaves were often caught and sold into slavery. 1793 Eli Whitney invents cotton gin, before workers could seed a pound of cotton a day. 1790 one and a half million pounds, 1820 11 million pounds are being produced. 1790- 698,000 slaves were in the United States. Most immigrants were laying railroad track, and took low quilifying jobs. The thresher was also enhanced Louisville, German and Irish immigrants will populate this city to 43,000 by 1850. It is now larger than Washington D.C. 1800's slavery practically eliminated in the north but African Americans were still discriminated against. The thresher and the mechanical reaper would be combined to what is now called the combine. The telegraph and morse code, created by Samuel F.B. Morse. 1840 3,000 miles of railway track has been built New York's population in 1790 was 33,000 1 Million starved to death, 1 Million would leave Ireland for America. More than half of southern farmers did not own slaves, they grew corn and raised hogs and chickens. This will increase the output of cotton to 50 pounds a day. Uses long and short bursts of electricit, each letter of the alphabet has its own mix of short signals and long signals. Nat Turner will rebel in 1831 and killed 60 whites, from a vision that told him to do it. Not all southern states were the same and depended on slavery. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's population grew to 23,000 people in 1840, ten years later it would double. 1. Boom in textiles caused by industrial revolution, creates huge demand for cotton. Ireland Reaction to Immigrants Many white newspapers made African Americans look inferior. First African American owned publication was the Freedom Journal which was established in 1827. Some Americans were worried about the growing foreign population, these people were called nativists. Industrial Revolution spurs urbanization, growth cities due to movement of people from rural regions to cities. 1846 Elias How patents a machine that could sew seams in fabric. In 1856, they would run a candidate for President and he would win 21% of the vote. They would then split and dissolve over slavery. Separates grains of wheat from the stalk. In 1845 a fungus would destroy the potato crop, leading to famine. Years that follow will be called the great hunger. Railroads Most buildings were made of wook so fires were common. This will make farmers settle prairies in the Midwest quickly. This machine allow farmers to cut wheat stalk much faster than a human worker could. Cyrus McCormick invents the mechanical reaper 1830 Peter Cooper builds first American steam locomotive New York secret group called Know Nothings form a political group. 253,000 (6%) African Americans were free 1807 Robert Fulton, would use a steam engine to power a boat, named the Clermont. Kentucky court rules a slave is not treated as a person but a .....thing. The Cotton Gin Did the most to tie together raw materials, manufacturers, and markets. Looked as valued property so they need to be kept healthy and productive. John B. Russwurm one of the first African Americans to graduate from and American college. Cotton will enrich planters in the South, and bankers and shipowners in the North. German Failed revolutions against

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