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Buisness Proposal Powerpoint Template

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Proposal Powerpoint

Transcript: - Sleep apnea, snoring, and insomnia - Lung, liver, and heart disease - Stroke, blood clots, inflamed veins - Various cancers - Additional health issues Solutions - "Freshman 15" - College students gain, on average, 12 lbs - Lack of exercise, sleep, and water - Excessive amounts of alcohol, stress, and junk food - Semi-annual health seminars - Health book - Healthier snacks made more available Health Book - No seminar equals no awareness - Students just don't care - Without health book, information is unavailable - Students may not have tools or materials to succeed - Personal health is at risk - Better access to fruits/veggies - Even amount of healthy VS unhealthy - Encouragement/promotion of healthier snacks Statistics Consequences Students gain more than knowledge - You can be unhealthy at any weight - "Freshman 15" is completely preventable - Make your health a top priority - Week-long event for students - Exposure to healthy alternatives - Boosted morale and physical health - Excessive eating in college students, leads to weight gain - Problem that continues to grow - Years of extensive research to back the issue - Integrated into school handbook - Guide for students - Personal health made easier Introduction Longterm Health Snacks by: Jonathan Lopez & Krissian Hargreaves Flaws of Solutions - Practical for institution budget - Beneficial to faculty as well - Increased student academic performance Undergrad Food Consumption Explanation Health Seminar (continued) - Majority gain between 12 - 37 lbs - 76% of females & 33% of males stress eat - less than half do at least the minimum amount of recommended exercise - 26% do not exercise at all - Cost of specialist for seminars - If seminar is not made mandatory, students may neglect to attend - Cost of handbook, not utilized - Students may not gravitate towards healthier options Conclusion Health Seminars

Buisness Proposal

Transcript: For the costs of each of the flavours we would need to sell the bubble tea at varying prices as the ingredients for each flavour have different costs. For passion fruit and other similar flavours like pineapple a good price would be £0.99 because you are selling the tea at a reasonable price and still making a profit. For the chocolate flavour a good price would be £2.50 because it is a more premium flavour and you would make a profit of 75p on each sale. by Jake, Dylan, Charlie and Daniel Where will we sell it? Customers Cost I Passion fruit- 1 passion fruit £0.40, 50g tapioca £0.10 Total Cost: £0.50 Pineapple- tinned pineapple £0.60, 50g tapioca £0.10 Total Cost: £0.60 Chocolate Milk- 150g Chocolate milk powder £1.00, milk £0.75 Total Cost: £1.75 Mango-1 mango £1.00 50g tapioca £0.10 Total cost: £1.10 Cost II How do we aim to sell / advertise Business Pitch - Flubber Tea We will aim to sell this product to all ages as it isn’t really an age restricted beverage. Anyone who likes tea will probably either already like bubble tea or want to try it. We could have different things to sell to different ages e.g. we could have large, medium or small. The usual for all ages but we could also have ‘bubble tea kids’. The kid cups could be just small and have little characters or be small and shaped like animals or monsters or characters. We could do something to all the sizes and ages too, for example we could have swirly straws or again shaped like animals or monsters or characters to appeal to the big kids. Mostly the cups and straws will just be normal like a plain, transparent cup with a lid and a big straw so it looks more professional and people can see what it looks like before they buy it. This is an all ages company so the flavours will be pretty normal and like usual teas / milkshakes but everyone would probably want to get one because we could have fruity and creamy flavours including strawberry, green apple, passion fruit, mango, lemon, watermelon, grape, peach, pineapple, banana, avocado, coconut, and kiwi. We will advertise our product using posters, billboards, social media eg. instagram, twitter and facebook. we could also take little stalls to city centres, markets and festivals to set up for people to try and buy our sweet and nutritious beverage. this is an example of our poster (right). What is Flubber Tea? We will be selling our products at big cities, where there are lots of people to have a look and some might be interested. We will go to places like Chester, Bangor, and Llandudno etc. We want people to have a taster and see how they like it. Bubbly tea is an East Asian drink of tea containing grains of tapioca and often blended with sweetener and flavourings, shaken to a froth and usually served cold with a straw. Ingredients for bubble tea: -Tapioca pearls (boba) -Condensed milk -Syrup -Fruit

Buisness proposal

Transcript: "Mandarin Facts" As Pakistan is the sixth largest producer of Mandarins and other kinds of oranges in the world. According to an estimate approx. 95 percent of the total Mandarins produced all over the world is grown in Pakistan. PRODUCT ORIENTATION: As a product-orientated firm, we have our primary focus solely on our product i.e. Mandarin juice and its quality. Our product will be available within the retail and wholesale network in Pakistan. As a newly launched product, our strategy it to create awareness about our juice and to create huge demand for it in our target market, we will be keeping its price very affordable so the kids, teenagers and youth being our target market can easily purchase them. Executive Summary Buisness Type: Name: Mandarin Juice Slogan: Feel Fresh Products: Juices Services: As we are in our introduction phase, our objective is to create awareness of our product among the target market through informative advertising. Kids, teenagers and youth being our target market Business Proposal Vision "To provide best quality juice and be the premium supplier of healthy and delicious natural drink in Pakistan." Mission Statement "To provide a refreshing experience with focus on health, taste and quality with our 100% natural drink for the Pakistani market. With our emphasis on consumer value, customer satisfaction, environment friendly and employee talent to achieve growth for our company." 1.Alveena Sheikh 5714 2.Aisha Shaikh 3.Omair Mazhar Shaikh 4.Anita 5.Mehmooda

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