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School Building Plans

Transcript: Ecologically friendly technology and planning Minimal Species Loss No loss of endangered or threatened species Keystone species preserved 90 percent removed for construction Oldest Transplanted New Hammock North of highway Untouched Easier Access Respected surrounding habitat Population and concerns very important Gopher Tortoise Scrub Jay/Habitat Wetlands Eagles Nest Biological Concerns Addison School Building Plans Superfund Site Sacred Ground Superfund Site Strippers R Us Oak Hammock Initial Budget -13.4 million 11,600,000 - School and Grounds 30,000 - Blue Prints 70,000 - Consulting 30,000 - Access Road 1,000 - Culverts 100,000 - Oak Tree Transplanting 1,569,000 - Additional Expenditures Budget Surplus - $105,400 Closing out lawsuit to move location Building removed Land restored as preserve No exposure to children Oak Hammock Social Concerns Untouched Construction may impact one mating season of Scrub jay No species loss Scrub Habitat Benefits and Extras Gopher Tortoise Wetlands/ Eagles Nest Sacred Ground Untouched and unharmed Construction coincides with spring migration of seasonal waterfowl Little to no effect on species Avoided by all construction Grants are being reviewed to remove waste Children Safe from toxins Habitat Impacts Additional $500,000 to teachers salary Night Club relocated Zone 8 Rehabilitation Old Oak Tree Transplanted New Scrub habitat Preserve/park area Highway Culverts Strippers R Us Minor interruptions to incubation period Still able to mate Pop. split avoided with culverts Keystone species intact and active Finances

Building Financial Plans

Transcript: Building Financial Plans By: Bertha Gutierrez, Amalia Gaviro, and Michael McNeill Step 1 Steps (College) Discover where your money goes (NOW!) Get a notebook or small notepad that fits in your pocket and write down everything that you buy. Step 2 Step 2 Be realistic and specific about your goals. Prepare for the unexpected with Insurance Step 3 Step 3 Set financial goals No matter your financial situation, insuring against the unexpected can help you a lot when accidents happen Step 4 Step 4 Keep an eye on your credit Once a year, check your score with three of the big credit agencies: 1. TransUnion 2. Equifax 3. Experian Worry about your expeditures, not just your income. Look at your expenditures and determine if you are spending too much on anything. Step 5 Step 5 Start Saving After saving enough for an emergency fund, start to look towards investing extra cash. A portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and cash equivalents, as well as their fund counterparts, including mutual, exchange-traded and closed funds. ... Portfolios are held directly by investors and/or managed by financial professionals and money managers. Step 6 Step 6 Begin to build a portfolio Keep track of your plan!!!!! Step 7 Step 7 Plan your exit strategies Step 8 Step 8 Plan an exit strategy for every financial goal in your plan. How to build your financial plans for teens Steps For Teens 1. Save money to spend it later. 2. Pland ahead to spend money in the future. 3. Don't spend money as much, only for the things that you really need. 4. instead save money for your future and goals. (Ex. College or University) 5. Try to develope life long money management so that you dont become bankrupt. Financial Plan What is it? In general usage, a financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's current pay and future financial state by using current known variables to predict future income, asset values and withdrawal plans. Why is it important? The Importance of having one Having a financial plan assists you in seeing the bigger picture, allowing you to set goals and stay profficient. It is also a better way to save money. You'll be able to differ what you want and want and need. Self control Saving money The Success The end result

Building Better Lesson Plans

Transcript: Gallery Walk! Improving Practice Effective LO's Are: Specific—use precise verbs and nouns Standards based—focus on highest leverage TEKS Taught—LO's are to improve student learning, not to check off a box on a form Effective DOL's Are: A tool to drive instruction—not skipped because of time! Aligned to LO—assess the objective Measurable—how will you know when students succeed? ELAR Department Meeting 8/29 Reflections and Reminders: Teachers revising LP's to meet their students' needs The joy in Ms. Ferguson's 1st period class Mr. Black's AP Seniors analyzing author's message on Tuesday Ms. Asuelime's 5th period coming up with the elements of characterization through their own synthesis of narrative writing Things I Was Inspired By This Week: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." Thank you for being at doors... keep it up! Submit LP in Dropbox under your name (by Friday is *awesome*) Close doors for 5mins after tardy bell, then keep doors open for class Clear LO's focus student learning and keep lessons purposeful so our students master important content Effective DOL's are a guide that enhances our instruction Engaging, joyful classrooms have the best learning Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance Next Steps: Clarify today's LO/DOL/MRS Ensure quality LO/DOL/MRS in next week's LP Building Better Lesson Plans Success Work with your content team to upgrade LO/DOL Add appropriate MRS to the activity Check back at your LP to read peer feedback

powerpoint template

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