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Building Brick Wall Powerpoint Template

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Berlin Brick Wall

Transcript: #Reunited Work Communist Opportunist ( As a guard I was forced to adhere to Communist laws and portray unwavering support, but I personally also believe in a free market where one can advance their position) I lived in East Berlin and I currently live in Germany Immediately after the collapse of the wall, I quickly found my sister Abygail who had found refuge with the owner of a popular theater near the wall. Knowing she was safe and under my protection again was all I needed to wake up from the sluggish state I had been in in East Berlin. Not only were we together, but I was also able to pursue the career I had been dreaming of and get recognition for it: Acting. I mean with a face like mine, how could I not star on televisions across the nation? The end of the Cold War meant a new, albeit tentative, sense of relative safety and represented a step towards a life untouched by war. I was happy to feel a growing sense of unity reemerge in Germany; even though we were thoroughly ravaged by loss and destruction, there seemed to be hope for a brighter future once again Adalbert Schmidt I'm a 24 year old guard who worked on the Berlin Wall watchtowers. I helped regulate who comes in and out of East Germany under command by the Soviet Union. Here's when I found my sister after the wall fell. She was well taken care of by the family owning the Guten Tag Theater in West Berlin and I was ecstatic to see her well. Photos like comment share like comment share By: Emely Peralta 6th pd Life in East Berlin The infamous wall represented a hindrance to new opportunities and modernization in my opinion. For all the propaganda advertising the necessity of the wall to stimulate the economy, it seemed the only thing it blocked was our income because there wasn't much work here. On the east side of the wall I was just another disposable guard because we were "equal" over here, but as I looked over to the other side, I saw a contemporary land brimming with culture and progress. I could be anyone there and I wouldn't be just another fish in a sea but a shark in a pond with individual value. I lived in a barrack during the walls reign and every morning my unit and I would report to our commander, stand on the wall keeping us from our families on the other side, go back to my bunk, and do it again the next day. It was a monotonous yet anxious life; the tedious routine of it all seemed to strip everyone's color, turning our small part of the world grey, all the while I got to wonder helplessly if my little sister was still alive after our separation. I am the only family she has and our livestock became collateral damage during the construction of the wall. However, I could never complain lest my superiors think I harbor traitorous thoughts. I witnessed people trying to cross the wall and most times i could get away with only giving them a warning instead of a bullet to the head like our commanders told us to. I, on the other hand, never tested the wrath of the Soviets by trying to cross knowing firsthand the possible and probable outcomes. @EastTheBeast like comment share Political Stance Lives In Status Update Insights on The Wall

Brick Wall Resource

Transcript: Our resource Resources •Felt bricks to cover walls Instructions •Use all the bricks to make a rectangular wall Extension: order the bricks from largest to smallest Brick wall puzzle Resources • Laminated brick walls • Felt bricks to cover the walls • White board marker • Sock for cleaning Instructions • Children write out the different fractions that each brick represents Extension: Comparing different representations of visual fractions including felt bricks, base ten blocks and a circle divided into four. Brick wall probability game Brick wall building game Brick Wall Resource Gemma Craven 20111784 Clara Stevenson 20140186 Resources •Laminated brick walls •Felt bricks to cover walls •Dice Instructions •Players take it in turns to roll the dice •The number it lands on is the number of bricks you can use to cover your wall •The first person to cover the whole wall wins Extension: Discuss what number that each line of brick/s in the wall relates too. Resources •Laminated brick walls •Felt bricks to cover walls •Dice Instructions •Players take it in turns to roll the dice •The number it lands on is the amount of bricks you can use to cover the wall however you can only cover the line of six bricks when you roll six, and the line of one brick when you roll one etc. •If you roll six and you have already covered that line you do not get to add anymore bricks to your wall. •First player to cover the wall wins Extension: writing out numbers you roll each time and compare with class Links to everyday mathematics Laminated brick wall Felt bricks Dice Fraction table

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